516 privileged blue car plates to be revoked: PM

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has ordered the Ministry of Public Security to  revoke 516 privileged blue number plates given to cars owned by private companies without further delay.

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One of two cars that a local business gifts to Cà Mau Province.

The ministry has been asked to submit a report before June 30.

As regulations, blue plates are supposed to be granted only to State-owned cars of particular organisations and agencies at the central level. Those cars receive traffic priority in certain circumstances.

In March, Phuc had ordered the ministry to reclaim the privileged blue plates but the ministry has not yet completed the process.

The PM has also asked all ministries and local administrations of provinces and cities to stop accepting cars as gifts from local businesses.

He has instructed the Ministry of Finance to supervise how ministries and local administrations are dealing with the cars they have received as gifts and to come up with a solution this month to address the issue.

The PM’s direction came after reports came out that Ca Mau and Da Nang had received cars worth billions of đồng as gifts from local businesses. Authorities responded saying that the cars were being used for common departmental purposes. However, the government asked all administrations to return cars gifted to them. 


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