Hanoi to spend nearly VND7.8trn on a 2.2-kilometre road

Hanoi’s authorities are planning to build a new 2.2km long road that will cost nearly VND7.8trn (USD343.4m).


A new 2.2km long road that will cost nearly VND7.8trn (USD343.4m)

The new road is part of the Belt Road 1. It will be 2.2km long and 50m wide and will go along La Thanh Street, connecting Hoang Cau and Kim Ma streets. There will be two flyovers at the junction of Giang Vo, Lang Ha and La Thanh and another at Nguyen Chi Thanh and La Thanh. The project was submitted to the Hanoi People’s Committee for approval.The ground clearance, resettlement and compensation cost is estimated to be over VND6.4trn out of VND7.8trn total cost. The project will cover 160,000 square metres of which 83,000 square metres are residential land, 16,000 owned by the state and 54,000 metres are existing roads.2,044 households will have to be relocated for the project. The investment will come from the state budget and other sources. This will be the most expensive road in Vietnam with each metre cost VND3.4bn (USD149,000).In the past years, the Hanoi authorities have completed parts of the Belt Road 1 on the east-west route, connecting Nguyen Khoai, Tran Khat Chan, Kim Lien and Hoang Cau. It is said to be necessary to continue the road from Hoang Cau to Kim Ma in order to maximise the use of the Belt Road 1 and ease congestion in the city.The expanded road to Kim Ma Street, will improve urban planning and parking lots which would be combined with the project to improve the city.

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