HCMC leaders talk with high level Cuban parliamentary delegation

On behalf of HCMC Party Unit and people, Mr. Nhan welcomed the delegation and congratulated Cuban leaders and people on their great achievements in country development and new economic model after the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party.

Mr. Nhan recalled the 1973 visit by late President Fidel Castro, the first head of state in the world visited Quang Tri province which was the fiercest battlefield during wartime, with famous words “For Vietnam, Cuba is willing to devote its blood.”

Mr. Nhan affirmed that the Vietnamese people including HCMC residents always keep in their minds the great assistance by Cuban people during the struggle for national liberation. In their hearts, Cuba is a full brother, pride and pithy revolution flag of socialism.

With that affection, Mr. Nhan believed that beside political support, the two countries will continue sharing experiences in many fields especially lessons from country renovation and development.

Mr. Juan Esteban Lazo Hernandez informed the HCMC party leader on the results of the delegation’s high level talks with the Party, State and National Assembly of Vietnam comprising his speech to the Vietnamese Parliament on June 12.

He asserted that the Cuban people are always grateful to the Vietnamese people for their wholeheartedly material and spiritual assistances for the last 25 years, especially during difficult years of the Cuban economy due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and consequences of the economic embargo imposed by the United States.

He appreciated Vietnam’s economic reform experience which has been shared with Cuba. That is one of the most important foundations for the development of the two countries’ relationship, the shaping of Cuba’s economic policies and the boosting of economic and commercial relations between Vietnam and many countries in the world.

By THUY VU – Translated by Hai Mien

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