Samsung Viet Nam to prioritise pork use

Samsung Viet Nam on Thursday officially launched the food campaign prioritising the use of pork in meal for all its 142,000 workers.

The campaign is aimed at responding to the call of the Vietnamese Government to support farmers in overcoming difficulties due to the fluctuation of pork prices since May. It contains a series of practical activities such as increasing the pork consumption in daily meal by 60 per cent for workers, providing nearly VND800 million to purchase pigs in northern Bac Ninh, Thai Nguyen and Bac Giang, organising the ’Pork Day’ and recommending to employees to use pork in their meal.

Accordingly, since May, all Samsung factories have prioritised dishes processed from pork for three meals per day. Within a month of its implementation, the amount of pork consumption in the five factories has increased by nearly 60 per cent, from 6.2 tonnes to 10.4 tonnes a day.

In addition, the Pork Day programme has strengthened the effectiveness of the campaign. Accordingly, Samsung Viet Nam will spend one day per week to put pork on the entire menus of its factories.

Samsung Viet Nam has officially deployed groups to purchase directly from pork supplying units that meet general standards, including Bao Nguyen Company, Song Cau Company, Dong Binh Agriculture Service Co-operative and Thanh Thao Pig Farm. Samsung Viet Nam has offered these units leftovers of Samsung Electronic Vietnam EV and Samsung Vietnam Thai Nguyen employees for farming. All the pigs bought will be gifted to 55 agencies and schools within the three provinces, including Social Protection Centre, Nursing Centre for People with Merits and Boarding Ethnics School.

Samsung Viet Nam will proactively carry out the communication campaign for all employees to raise awareness on collaborating and supporting Viet Nam’s breeding and farming sector.

In the upcoming period, Samsung Viet Nam will continue to work with the food supplier to create more menus using pork daily for the employees. It is expected that this action will contribute practically to help Viet Nam’s breeding households surpass the difficult period.

Shim Wonhwan, Samsung Viet Nam’s president, said “As a member of the Vietnamese society, Samsung Viet Nam has been conducting massive pork consumption campaign to ease the difficulties Vietnamese farmers are facing. Many of our employees, including South Korean expatriates and I, are actively participating in the campaign as family of farmers, and I think it makes it more meaningful to be able to donate the pigs that have grown up on the leftovers of our canteen.” — VNS

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