Vietnam wants to develop friendship with RoK: FM’s spokesperson

Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam wishes to develop friendship with all nations involved
in the wars in the country, including the Republic of Korea (RoK), the Foreign
Ministry’s Spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang said in a regular press conference in
Hanoi on June 15.

made the statement in response to the explanation of the RoK Foreign Ministry’s
counterpart about RoK President Moon Jae-in’s remarks regarding RoK soldiers who
fought in the Vietnam war.

two countries’ leaders have reached common consensus on setting aside the past
and looking towards the future, she said.

Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Korea on June 13 affirmed that the country
cherishes its relations with Vietnam and wants to advance the ties further.

statement was made one day after the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry requested the
Korean Government not to take any action and make any comment hurting the
Vietnamese people’s feelings, in response to a speech by President Moon Jae-in
on June 6 honouring Korean “contributors” on battlefields in foreign countries,
including Vietnam.

at a press conference on June 13, the RoK Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Cho
June-hyuck said, “We cherish our relations with Vietnam very much.”

said since 1992 when the two countries established diplomatic ties, the RoK has
continued to work to advance the relations with a shared belief that the two
sides should set aside the past and look forward the future.

noted that President Moon’s comment was intended to remind of the need to
provide “appropriate” support for those who sacrificed their lives at
the order of the country.-VNA

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