Ambassadors of ASEAN beauty and friendship : Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017

‘Professional, creative and fresh’ is how the Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017 contest was described by audiences. It is not simply a beauty contest but also a celebration of culture, people and friendship and the relations between ASEAN member countries.

Following three months of preparation the Miss ASEAN Friendship contest lasted just 15 days, but in that time it made a huge impression on its audiences due to its message about humanity. The competition saw the attendance of 27 contestants from nine ASEAN countries who represented the wisdom, beauty and unique culture of each country.

Right from the beginning, the competition received a great deal of public attention through the media. This was the first time for a large-scale competition to be held in an underdeveloped province like Phu Yen. However, the province was able to deliver on every level, and during the two weeks the contestants participated together in many social activities and visited many of Phu Yen’s famous landscapes like Ghenh Da Dia, Bai Mon, Mui Dien lighthouse, and Nhan tower.

Much elaborate preparation went into all stages of the event, which saw the appearance of three famous judges and the participation of many supermodels, a beauty queen and talented producer and director. The finale on July 1st will be a festival of light and beauty thanks to the majestic stage system. Candidates will take turns to perform wearing traditional costumes, bikinis and evening gowns on colourful spaces that honour both their contemporary beauty and the beauty of every country’s unique cultural traditions. Although each country has their own identity, every performance will give a note to the friendship and solidarity among the countries of the region.

The crown belongs to only one person, but at Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017, that is not important. Every contestant is a winner. They carry the pride and responsibility of an ambassador for their country, holding hands together at the competition, to shine together and sing the song of friendship.

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