Australia, US halt alleged dumping investigation into Vietnamese steel, polyester

NDO – The Australian Anti-Dumping Commission has decided to terminate its dumping investigation into certain zinc coated (galvanised) steel products imported from Hoa Sen Group and Nam Kim Steel JSC, according to the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The investigation into the alleged dumping of zinc coated steel exported to Australia from Vietnam, India and Malaysia and the alleged subsidisation of goods exported to Australia from Vietnam and India were initiated on October 7, 2016, following an application lodged by BlueScope Steel Limited.

The investigation found that there was no dumping conducted by the two Vietnamese steel exporters,Hoa Sen Group and Nam Kim Steel JSC, therefore the Anti-Dumping Commission has terminated the investigation on the two companies.

The investigation results also revealed that galvanised steel exported from Vietnam received countervailable subsidies but the subsidies never exceeded the negligible level.

Thus, the Commission has also decided to terminate the subsidy investigation on all exporters of galvanised steel from Vietnam.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the US Department of Commerce (DOC) has also announced its termination of anti-dumping investigations on the import of fine diner polyester staple fibre from Vietnam as the plaintiff has withdrawn the suit.

Earlier, the DOC began anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations on fine denier polyester staple fibre imported from China, India, Republic of Korea, Taiwan (China), and Vietnam.

The plaintiff only requested withdrawing the lawsuit against Vietnam (without stating the exact reason), however, investigations on other countries continue.

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