Binh Thuan coal plant mud dump to be repurposed

The authorities of Binh Thuan Province has suggested building sea embankments from the mud that was supposed to be dumped into the sea to construct the Vinh Tan 1 Coal Power Plant.

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Binh Thuan Party Secretary Nguyen Manh Hung said after the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment gave its approval to dump nearly 1 million cubic metres into the sea near Hon Cau Marine Protected Area, it has faced large opposition from locals and scientists.

It had asked for directives from the Secretariat, Central Economic Commission and Central Party Office. The provincial authorities were also notified that the Power Generation Corporation 3 was asking to dump 2.4 million cubic metres of “stuff” into the sea.

Hung said, “We then proposed to use the mud to build embankments to fight erosion and sea encroachment. We want to deal with this properly, objectively and scientifically. We have reported to the prime minister and concerned agencies.”

He went on to say that by building embankments, the substances will be “locked” in one place.

Nguyen Tac An, vice head of Vietnam Marine Science and Technology Association, and Nguyen Huu Quy, chairman of Binh Thuan’s Nature and Environment Protection Association agreed that mud and sand can be used in sea encroaching and artificial island projects.

“The encroachment projects must be located far from the estuaries, aqua-farms and areas with busy economic and tourism activities. Our foremost concerns about the power plant right now are pollution caused by emission, coal slag and discharged water.

Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology is also co-operating with other agencies and scientists to conduct an independent report on the environmental impact.


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