Damaged roads become hazards in Ho Chi Minh City

Several streets in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 8 have become severely degraded, posing a threat to commuter safety during the rainy season.

Multiple roads in District 8 are now distorted with countless bumps and potholes posing immense challenges for local residents.

According to the observation of Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reporters on Ta Quang Buu Street, dozens of potholes of various sizes can be spotted along a 200 meter section of the road.

Following a downpour, these holes become filled with water.

Aside from muddy water splashing in all directions whenever a motorbike runs over them, commuters can potentially stumble and fall if they do not pay enough attention.

Some people have resorted to pushing their motorbikes through the degraded street as an extra precaution.

While these ‘ponds’ pose obstacles for travelers, rainwater often flows from the street into homes running alongside it, causing chaos for the occupants.

According to Phan Van Tinh, who lives along Ta Quang Buu Street, the situation has persisted for years.

During the sunny season, the street is filled with dust, forcing locals to shut their doors the entire day.

When it rains, the road turns into a muddy swamp, Tinh said, adding that his children often come home from school with mud-stained clothes.

Similarly, several sections of nearby Cao Lo Street is also filled with rocks as a result of sloppy construction.

Ongoing repair work is currently blocking one-third of the street, exacerbating the problem.

Tran Quang Liem, another local resident, said that the street had created difficulties for hundreds of households in the neighborhood.

“I travel on this road daily to pick up my son from school. It is not aesthetic, hygienic and certainly not safe,” Liem complained.

According to Nguyen Bat Han, deputy chief inspector of the municipal Department of Transport, the agency and the city’s People’s Committee have requested the developer of Ta Quang Buu and Cao Lo Streets to fix the problem quickly.

If the firm does not comply a stern penalty will be imposed.

Vo Khanh Hung, deputy director of the transport department, said that an inspection will be carried out this week to deal with the situation and ensure safety for local commuters.

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