Exciting New Tan Hiep Market

Tan Hiep district’s government of Kien Giang province has made consistent efforts to put the new Tan Hiep market into operation. The market is located in the middle of Sao Mai-Tan Hiep urban area which has been more exciting than ever. Nearly 300 kiosks are quickly filled. A lot of stalls and stores along the road around the area have been built. The goods are various and business scale is opening up. An unprecedented trade space has been built in Tan Hiep district.

Midnight market

A spacious, airy, hygienic, electric lighting market is essential for hundreds of small traders registered in the market. The policy of ”3 exemptions and multiple support” is the element for them to trust in the market and develop business. They can enjoy 1-year business tax exemption, 1 year free land rent, 2-month electricity and water fee exemption and some other special assistance, conditions to make it attractive for a large number of business households. 100 percent of small traders are pleased with the way of handling the issue of the local authority and investors. Mr Nguyen Thanh Lan, Director of the Tan Hiep Market Management Board, said: “Moving to the new place means that traders have to start from scratch. But the assistance policies of Sao Mai group are like leverage that encourages hundreds of traders that they can deal with in a new area”.

Indeed, the noisy atmosphere in the new market is a highlight in the morning. Local farmers bring green vegetables and fish to the market. Professional traders always set out their wares sooner. Every day, they create a new strength in Tan Hiep after only a short time in operation.

Now, no one distinguishes the new market and the old one. It is only Tan Hiep market located in the centre of Sao Mai-Tan Hiep urban area. This is a positive signal opened from the right solution of the investors.

Fulcrum for a new urban area development

Le Thi Thom, a resident of Tan Hiep Ward, said: “Since Tan Hiep market was moved to this place, we feel secure when going to the market, no longer afraid of traffic accidents.”

Around Tan Hiep market, high rise buildings, villas rise every day. Restaurant-hotel chain, mini supermarket and shops are blooming. The area of bushes has changed in a very short time. Tan Hiep market is the fulcrum to promote Sao Mai-Tan Hiep urban area towards the target of the locality.

Sao Mai-Tan Hiep urban area has a total area of nearly 20 hectares, on which construction started in mid 2012. With the aim of cooperating with Tan Hiep District to speed up the construction of rural housing, Sao Mai Group has given the idea of developing the high-end urban area model to promote the living conditions of local people. Villas, garden houses, townhouses, commercial areas, land lots are arranged to suit all customers. Tan Hiep market covers an area of nearly 1 ha which is an important core to ensure the bustling area in the future.


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