Fourth Vietnam-Japan cultural exchange festival kicks off in Da Nang

A broad river that connects two other rivers, the Tien and the Hau, the Vam Nao River in the southern An Giang province has various kinds of fish, especially the precious Ca bong lau (Chinese Pangasid-catfish) and Siamese carp, each of which can weigh up to 10kg. The area also has poetic scenery with great tourism potential that has been successfully exploited by the local tourism department in recent years. Director of An Giang Tourist Farmers Centre Nguyen Thanh Tung said six local families had been chosen to participate in the agricultural tourism development project, sponsored by the Dutch Farmers Organisation (Agriterra). They receive financial support to build new rest rooms, floating bridge and stilt houses, where visitors can break their journey and rest. These local farmers, who are also the tour guides, make tourists feel at home, thanks to their good nature and great enthusiasm. Sailing along the river, the tourists can not only see the surrounding natural beauty, but also indulge in childhood activities such as fishing or picking flowers blooming above the water. It is highly recommended that the tourists should visit the region during the flood season, which is from the seventh to the tenth month of the lunar calendar. They can sail above thousands of fish that flock the river at that time of the year, and also observe the fishermen harvest netfuls of fish, while listening to old folktales. The experience evokes a strange sense of peace and freedom. The flood season is also…... [read more]

The seminar will take place in HCM City from January 9-11 with the participation of more than 120 artists and researchers. Organisers said it was an important part of the national documents submitted to UNESCO to recognise “don ca tai tu” as one of mankind’s intangible cultural heritages. Thirty-three speeches by representatives from France, Cyprus Republic, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Singapore have been sent to the orgainsing board so far. The event aims to affirm and raise awareness of the Vietnamese people and foreign friends about southern amateur music. It also calls for individuals and organisations to preserve and promote this kind of folk music, meeting the aims of the UNESCO Convention 2003.... [read more]

Traditional crafts such as weaving, carving and calligraphy will be on show, along with various types of food of the Viet, Hoa and Khmer ethnic groups. Over 40 artisans will present pieces at the event, including Muoi Xiem, who represented Vietnam at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in the US. Participants can enjoy performances of Don Ca Tai Tu (Southern Amateur Music), which is currently nominated for UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, and take part in many unique folkgames such as singing Dong Dao (children’s songs) and playing phao dat (earth firecrackers). The event helps visitors understand more about the life of ethnic communities in the Mekong Delta.... [read more]

Dong Nai Province’s spring flower market will take place at the provincial Event and Convention Center from January 20-27. The event will feature thousands of exhibits of bonsai trees, ornamental plants, orchids, cacti, apricots and peach blossoms, ornamental birds and fishes, fruit arrangements and rock gardens contributed by hundreds of artisans from various flower clubs.A special art performance will be organized with the participation of many artists on the Lunar New Year's Eve.Bien Hoa City in Dong Nai - Ho Chi Minh City neighboring province will see a series of cultural activities celebrating Tet holidays from the Lunar New Year's Eve to the 7th day of the first Lunar month, such as Nguyen Van Tri flower street, children music performance, performances of street bands and Don ca tai tu (Southern amateur music).There will be a traditional boat race and helicopter performance on Dong Nai River.... [read more]

Saigontourist presents Tet tour programs Nguyen Tien Countryside markets, flower villages and fruit farms are among the bustling places in the upcoming Tet holiday (Lunar New Year). Saigontourist Travel Service Co. is offering tours called “Traveling before Tet, bringing spring to home.” The tours especially target overseas Vietnamese who want to recall their memories of the countryside. Those short tours costing from only VND679,000 are ideal choices for those who want to travel to the southern region with their family members to enjoy the busy atmosphere before Tet and buy local specialties. Those tours are available from January 10 to 24 (from the 13th to the 27th of the 12th lunar month). They are Binh Dong Port-Phu My Hung-3D Artinus Museum-Reunification Palace-Bitexco Tower one-day tour at VND779,000 per guest which departs on January 20, 22 and 24; My Tho-Thoi Son Islet-Spring flower market one-day tour at VND979,000 per guest which departs on January 21 and 23; Cai Be-Vinh Long one-day tour at VND979,000 per guest which departs on January 22 and 24; Go Cong-Tien Giang one-day tour at VND679,000 per guest with departure on January 20 and 22; Sa Dec flower village-Lai Vung pink tangerine garden one-day tour at VND979,000 per guest which departs on January 10, 12 and 14; Sa Dec-Cao Lanh two-day tour at VND1.979 million per guest which departs on January 10, 12 and 14 and Ben Tre-Lach market-Vinh Bac flower village two-day tour at VND1.979 million per guest which departs on January 14 and 21. Attractive…... [read more]

Don ca tai tu seeks UNESCO recognition The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has asked Vietnam’s National Academy of Music to file a national dossier on “Don ca tai tu” (southern amateur music) to be submitted to UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage, reports Thanh Nien. March 2011 is the deadline for Vietnam to forward its dossier, so a film crew from the institute began a fact-finding tour in mid-November to shoot a documentary on southern amateur music in 14 southeastern and Mekong Delta provinces over two months. An international seminar on don ca tai tu will also be hosted at the Rex Hotel Saigon on January 9 in HCMC’s District 1. The seminar will feature 33 scientific studies, of which seven are from France, Cyprus, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. A singer will perform with traditional instrument musicians playing the dan co (also known as a dan nhi), the Vietnamese two stringed fiddle, dan tranh, or 16 string zither and the doc huyen cam (the monochord, which is now often replaced by the guitar). Officials say they hope the compilation of a dossier to ask UNESCO for recognition of the music as an intangible culture would protect the nation’s cultural heritage at an international level and raise the community’s awareness of the art while promoting the country’s image to attract more tourists. As ca tru (ceremonial singing) and quan ho (love duets) in the north or nha nhac (Hue royal music) in the central and gongs…... [read more]

Vietnam Stage Day performance in Tan Binh On Vietnamese Stage Day - the 12th day of the eighth lunar month - the HCMC Stage Association will host an anniversary ceremony with a scenario designed by Meritorious Artist Hoa Ha at the Military Theatre, Tuoi Tre reports. The event is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. on September 9 with the incense-burning parade ritual from the Artist Fraternity Association located at 33 Co Bac Street in District 1 to the theatre located at 140 Cong Hoa Street in Tan Binh District. At 7:30 p.m., there will be don ca tai tu (Southern amateur music) and chau van (ritual music) shows, allowing audiences to take anniversary photos. After that, the main program will take place on stage, covering To khuc mien nho (The suite of beloved region) by Meritorious Artist Bach Tuyet, Duong Van Nga by Thoai My, Cau tho yen ngua (The poem on addle) by Tu Suong and Vu Luan. Singer Dan Truong will perform Hung thieng Au Lac (Powerful holy Au Lac). Finally, the artists and audience alike can join in by singing popular song Long ho hoi (Dragon tiger partnership).... [read more]

Visiting Spectacular Mercy Goddess Pagoda By Hong Tham Stretching a coastline of 54km, Bac Lieu Province is famous for the song “Reminiscence of Husband” by musician Cao Van Lau in the 1920s, or công t Bc Liêu, a wealthy playboy known for the way he squandered his money on gambling and women Few people know about Quan Am Phat Dai (Quan Am: Guanyin — the Goddess of Mercy), a pagoda where Quan Am Nam Hai festival takes place right in front of Nha Mat Estuary in Bac Lieu City, one of the spiritual destinations where travelers often visit on the first days of Tet, or Lunar New Year. Completed in 1975, Quan Am Phat Dai covers an area of 2.5 hectares and has many beautiful architectural works such as the main hall, houses for monks, guesthouses, a commemorative house, a ritual yard for Quan The Am, and Buddhist relics. Some buildings have been put into operation and in the coming time, this pagoda will be a solemn worship area and a tourist attraction in Bac Lieu. It takes about 10 minutes traveling by car amid an enormous area of shrimp rearing ponds full of sea breezes, bird sanctuaries, old longan orchards and the Nha Mat Bac Lieu Estuary, and tourists will arrive at Quan Am Phat Dai where they can enjoy fresh air, open space with incense scent, the murmur of sea waves and the sound of bell tolling and fading out. This pagoda offers tourists tranquility to experience and…... [read more]

Hanoi to host European food fest Southern Vietnam food festival to kick off in city By Thoa Nguyen in Hanoi and Minh Nguyet in HCMC The first Southern Food Festival in 2011 in Dam Sen Culural Park in HCMC’s District 11 - Photo: The organizers This year’s European food festival will take place at 6 p.m. on May 26 at the National Library of Vietnam, 31 Trang Thi Street in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. With the participation of Metropole Hanoi, Hilton Hanoi Opera and Melia and other hotels and restaurants, the festival gives local diners a chance to experience diverse dining styles along with entertainment activities for both adults and children. According to organizers, the special event is one of the most anticipated events for foreign and local communities. This has also become a traditional activity of the European Chamber of Commerce (EuroCham) as part of ‘Europe Days’. *This year’s three-day southern food festival with its 50 participants and 90 stands will kick off at 5 p.m. on May 25 at Dam Sen Cultural Park in District 11. The festival’s highlights are presentations on food preparation at booths which are designed in line with different regional subjects. Visitors can enjoy many artistic and cultural activities such as don ca tai tu Nam Bo (southern amateur music), traditional Vietnamese music performance and folk games. According to Le Van Hung, deputy head of the organization committee, 20 provinces and cities including Dong Nai, Khanh Hoa, An Giang, Tay Ninh and Dong Thap…... [read more]

Boating on Nhieu Loc Canal worth a try Tuong Vi By Tuong Vi - The Saigon Times Daily How can tourists enjoy Saigon? Any recommendation for them to learn more about the most boisterous city in Vietnam? A city tour starts with some scenic spots and ends with a romantic meal on board a restaurant boat. It’s a normal tour. But now, the newly launched boat tour on Nhieu Loc Canal will surely allow visitors to explore the city from a different perspective, especially at twilight. Departing from a wharf on Hoang Sa Street, travelers will spend one hour and a half paddling along 4.5 kilometers of the 10-kilometer Nhieu Loc Canal which runs through many districts. The tour allows guests to see daily life as well as many iconic structures of the city such as bridges and pagodas. The tour guide in ao dai (traditional Vietnamese dress) will explain to visitors the histories of Nhieu Loc Canal and tourist sites along the way together with the development of HCMC. On the boat, passengers will be served with coconut juice and tropical fruit while indulging themselves in cool breeze. Moreover, tourists will have a chance to enjoy don ca tai tu (southern amateur music) and harmonica performances by artists on two other boats. As night falls, travelers can float paper lanterns on the canal and make a wish. The tour can be booked via 08.35260991.... [read more]

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