Google Glass returns with Enterprise Edition

Google has recently revived its glasses project with a display screen as well as smart camera and internet connection. The new Google Glass Enterprise is aimed at businesses and workers.

The new Google Glass Enterprise Edition

The announcement of the new edition of Google glasses, tested by more than 50 enterprises of Google’s partner network, including General Electric, Volkswagen, and Boeing, has been posted on the personal blog of team leader Jay Kothari on July 18.

People working in various sectors, such as manufacturing, logistics, services, and healthcare, find that Google Glass Enterprise is useful in looking up information while their hands are busy, according to Kothari.

The world’s largest jet engine maker GE Aviation used the smart glasses to boost the efficiency of airplane mechanics staff by 8-12 per cent. Instead of consulting a bulky manual, mechanics are now able to access the information through Google Glass.

In order to improve the product, Google has been working with more than 30 partners over the past two years to develop custom software and enterprise tools for the glasses.

Google Glass Enterprise, an upgraded version of the Google Glass from two years ago, provides information to support and improve labour productivity.

The new Glass Enterprise version has an upgraded camera of 5-8 megapixels, improved battery life, as well as Internet connectivity functions via mobile Wi-Fi hotspots or smartphones, faster Wi-Fi processor and a function to share images or videos through Google+.

The team leader added that positive feedbacks from enterprises have boosted the decision to produce Glass Enterprise Edition for more enterprises in the future. The research team of technology lab Alphabet at Google has spent two years adjusting the device in order to meet the customer demand.

Google Glass Enterprise will have to compete with many leading technology companies, such as HTC, Sony, Microsoft, and Facebook. The new version of Google glasses will be available in the UK as well, after being tested.

By Ngan Quyen

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