HCM City to host first fashion, technology festival

Collaboration For Survival By Phi Tuan The local advertising market remains in fragments; therefore, businesses in the sector should collaborate in order to grow The cost for securing a billboard at traffic circles in HCM City over recent years has jumped continuously, from VND100 million to VND200 million, VND500 million and VND700 million a year. The price for advertising at good sites has jumped as high as VND1 billion, and businesses have to pay in advance for three years. Such rapid increases in advertising costs result from competition between businesses for good spots, which causes space owners to raise prices.…... [read more]

Following a recent rumor that products from the Vietnamese unit of leading Philippine food and beverage firm Universal Robina Corporation (URC) had lead content, a Facebook user has accused the firm of bribing local media, resulting in strong reaction from the accused. On May 7, a test report from the National Institute of Food Control was spread on social media, saying the lead content in a sample of citric acid used by URC Vietnam stood at 0.84mg/kg, higher than the allowable level of 0.5 mg/kg. The report sparked concern amongst local consumers that the C2 and Rong Do drinks could…... [read more]

Local ad agencies should stop undercutting each other and focus on improving the quality of their services so they can compete with foreign firms in the near future, industry insiders say. An executive of an advertising company who wished to remain unnamed said there is a disturbing trend of ad firm executives leaving their jobs after gaining some experience, usually to set up their own companies. "They directly compete with their former workplaces, luring customers that they'd dealt with when working for their old firms. They usually get new customers by offering cheaper prices, not more creativity," he said. Nguyen…... [read more]

The Hanoitimes - Competition in the outdoor and mass media advertising markets has heated up as thousands of firms vie with each other in order to gain a share of the small market pie, according to industry insiders. Dinh Quang Ngu, chairman of the Vietnam Advertising Association, said that the country currently had more than 5,000 advertising firms, with total revenues reaching around US$1 billion last year. Ngu said that although outdoor advertising o­nly represented 20 per cent of total industry revenue, a large number of firms took part in this sector. As a result, advertising firms have to vie…... [read more]

Foreign advertisers are increasingly interested in acquiring local advertising companies, and online advertising is set to boom.In early July the Ho Chi Minh City-based Dat Viet VAC Holdings Group, one of the largest advertising companies in Vietnam, announced the sale of a 30 per cent stake in each of its three subsidiaries to the UK-based GroupM Inc., the world's leading media investment management operation, created by the WPP group. "It was no surprise that GroupM acquired stakes in DatVietVAC Media, TLK and Dong Tay promotions," said Mr Nguyen Manh Tuong, Managing Director of Max Communications, which specialises in PR and…... [read more]

Yahoo! unveiled yesterday its "Authorized Reseller" medallion programme in Vietnam with four initial partners to provide Yahoo! o­nline advertising solutions. The four, Admax Network Holdings Limited, FPT ADS, GapIT, and Golden Communications Group, will promote and sell various forms of o­nline advertising, including display, search, and mobile advertising solutions to companies and brands in Vietnam. These will extend to Yahoo!'s global website network as well as Yahoo! Vietnam. "The resellers will help reduce uncertainty about the internet industry by promoting standards for business and marketers to manage cost-effective advertising solutions in Vietnam," Vu Minh Tri, Yahoo!'s general manager in Vietnam,…... [read more]

Yahoo! Southeast Asia announced o­n June 11 it has selected four Vietnamese information technology companies to become its authorised resellers.The resellers will promote and sell various forms of Yahoo! o­nline advertising to companies and brands in Vietnam. The selected Vietnamese resellers include Admax Network Holdings Limited, FPT Advertising Services (FPT ADS), GAPIT, and Golden Communications Group. Yahoo!'s move is seen as a pivotal step in "Vietnamising" its services for millions of Vietnamese users to make Yahoo! the favoured launch pad for local web surfers. According to Director General of Yahoo! Southeast Asia in Vietnam, Vu Minh Tri, Yahoo! has a…... [read more]

Ho Chi Minh City has put in place a number of solutions to realize the target of receiving 5.6 million foreign visitors this year. The city. They include the release of a Code of Conduct for tourists. The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism in January released a Code of Conduct hoping to promote good relations between visitors and destinations. The document requires visitors to respect laws and regulations and local customs, help the disabled, the elderly, children, and women, protect the environment, and behave properly in public places, especially religious places. The Code of Conduct bans the destruction…... [read more]

There are many hygienic and airy dental clinics like these in Ho Chi Minh City, a crowded city which attracts the most foreign tourists in Vietnam. browser not support iframe. With modern facilities and well-trained staff, the clinics have attracted more visitors, who are overseas Vietnamese and foreign tourists who combine travel with dental care. Every year Vietnam gets about 100,000 medical tourists from many countries, including the UK, France, Australia, the US and Cambodia. Previously, tourists, including Vietnamese ones, tended to choose the Republic of Korea, Singapore and Thailand for dental caring. Now Ho Chi Minh City has emerged…... [read more]

According to the cooperation program, the committee and the national flag carrier will work together to boost investment, trade, tourism and aviation activities promotion by organizing workshops, conferences and seminars. The two sides will coordinate to publish advertising news and display media publications at communication channels of Vietnam Airlines and the city People’s Committee. In addition, they will organize tourist fairs and international tourist events in key potential markets of the city’s tourist industry; study and develop domestically and abroad tourist products and routes, air travel packages to and from HCMC; and exploit air routes.   Annually, they will…... [read more]

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