HCMC to seal fuel pump meters to curb tax losses

HCMC to seal fuel pump meters to curb tax losses

Van Nam

HCMC – Authorities in HCMC will start a project in September to seal fuel pump meters at gas stations citywide to prevent tax losses and fraud.

The city government on Tuesday approved a plan for strengthening the capacity of fuel tax management.

In the plan, the Tax Department of the city will propose establishing a unit responsible for issuing and managing seals in accordance with the law. Fuel trading enterprises will get a notice five days before the pump meters at their gas stations are sealed.

The Tax Department will conduct snap inspections into gas stations to make sure the seals are intact. The department will inform the Department of Science and Technology of violations and propose sanctions.

The plan is aimed at improving fuel trade and tax collections, raising awareness of compliance with regulations, creating a level playing field for fuel traders and protecting the interests of consumers.

The city currently has 532 gas stations. The city will have an additional 372 gas stations by 2030.

The Department of Industry and Trade has forecast that the city will consume 2.3 million cubic meters of fuels by 2020, 3.3 million cubic meters by 2025 and 4.3 million cubic meters by 2030.

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