International agricultural fertilisers, machinery expo opens in HCM City

The ITEX 2010 is showcasing 673 new products in 24 areas developed by scientists from various countries and territories, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, Iran, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Among the products, clay bricks and tiles by the Viglacera Ha Long company of Vietnam drew a great deal of attention for their production lines using carbon capture and storage technology, and therefore saving energy, protecting the environment and reducing production costs. The Sai Gon Packaging Joint Stock Company brought to the exposition new wrapping materials that are produced without Ethyl Acetate, a harmful solvent. The new technology is also more cost effective and friendly to the environment. The fair also devotes space to many Vietnamese pharmaceutical products and robots made by two young Vietnamese students – Phan Van Mau and Phan Van Nam, who were born in 1992. Le Duy Tien, Director of the Vietnam Fund for Scientific and Technological Creations (VIFOTEC), took the occasion to invite all ITEX participants this year to join the international exhibition on youth innovations 20010 (IEYI 2010) that is slated for December 15-18 in Hanoi.... [read more]

The breaking news has received different reactions from local scientists. The Ho Chi Minh City High-tech Park, where Khe works, will organize a conference on March 9 to clarify questions from local scientists, assess the research, and reveal technical details of the machines. While revealing further information about the machines that have been sent to the international exhibition on renewable energy, the Tokyo Big Sight Harumi, Khe said briefly that hydrogen is split from water as a fuel for the machine by catalyst material before hydrogen is burned to generate energy. “The main fuel of the machine is water that is interacted with a catalyst, a kind of nanomaterial, through endogenous reactions to split out hydrogen before it is burned to generate energy to charge the battery of the machine,” Khe explained. “The nanomaterial is produced from rice, flour and other chemicals. “This process requires no exterior source of energy because nano technology has huge endogenous energy. “Besides water and the catalyst, the machine is equipped with a battery that is produced by ourselves from cheap materials that are totally friendly with the environment,” he added. One of the machines has a 2,000W capacity, which is enough to provide electricity to a household, Khe added. Many international and domestic firms have contacted him to order the machines. However, Khe has yet to announce when the technology will be brought to mass production for commercial purposes. “We started the studies long ago. In 2006, we created the first machine to produce…... [read more]

The “Swedish green technology” seminar held by Swedish Environmental Technologies for Vietnam (SETECH), the Swedish Embassy in Vietnam and the Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment (ISPONRE) is a forum linking businesses from two countries. ISPONRE Vice Director Vu Trung Thang, said green technology often referred to as environmentally friendly technology is used and developed in order to protect environment and natural resources. The seminar and follow-up activities will help Vietnam fulfil its second goal in the green growth strategy aimed at applying and developing advanced technology to utilize natural resources effectively, reduce gas emission and cope with climate change. Swedish green technologies are also being exhibited at the International Exhibition on Environment and Energy Technology (Entech Hanoi 2014) from May 21-23. Sweden is the largest European user of renewable energy and its leading fashion retailer H&M is a pioneer in using organic cotton. Sweden is one of top five global green and clean technology developers, including Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the UK and Israel. It is also proud of having two “sustainable development city” projects – Tomorrow in Malmo and Hammarby Waterfront in Stockholm.... [read more]

Consumers are attending the Vietnam Consumer Electronics Expo 2008 (VCE’08) entitled “Better technology for a better life”, which opened at the International Exhibition Centre, 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi on April 9. The four-day event was co-organised for the first time in the capital city by the International Data Group (IDG Vietnam) and Hanoi ICT Association (HAICT). With a potential ICT market catering to more than 80 million people and a young population, Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing IT centres in Southeast Asia. According to a market research announced by GFK Vietnam, the total value of the electronics and IT retail market was estimated at about US$3.1 billion, up 29,2 percent higher compared to the previous year. GFK Vietnam said that in 2007, each Vietnamese person spent US$36.2 on electronics and IT products with Hanoi taking the lead with US$185 per capita, followed by HCMCity with US$148 per capita and Da Nang with US$117 per capita. The present trend of product consumption has led to improvements in both quantity and quality. VCE’08 took place at a time when Vietnam’s IT sector is experiencing rapid development. It provided a good chance for leading businesses to meet, share experiences and seek business cooperation opportunities, and helped consumers to access high-quality products of prestigious producers and service providers. In addition, VCE’08 served as a bridge between Vietnamese and foreign IT manufacturers and distributors to help expand business networks and open up new opportunities for cooperation among them selves. This is also an…... [read more]

Mr Thang made the statement at the Vietnam Consumer Electronics Conference 2008 (VCE’08), which is taking place in Hanoi on April 8-9 with the theme “Convergence of Digital Technology: IT, Telecommunications and Electronics”. This prestigious annual conference and exhibition was co-organized for the first time in Hanoi by the International Data Group (IDG Vietnam) and the Hanoi ICT Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The conference was told that with a huge potential in the ICT market, Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing IT centers in Southeast Asia. Vietnam’s Prime Minister has recently approved Vietnam’s ICT Development Strategy for the period of 2010 – 2020, which aims to build and develop the most advanced model of e-Government, e-Citizen and e-Commerce in Asia. The current trend of product consumption has led to many improvements in both quantity and quality. High-quality products with many utilities built on advanced technology have gained increasing favor with customers. VCE’08 has taken advantage of the successful integration of the ICT & Digital Electronic industry. VCE’08 saw the attendance of many senior officials and leading IT experts from ASEAN member countries and the Singapore Business Federation. The event created a good chance for IT and electronic consumers to meet domestic and international market-leaders in the IT business, as well as service providers with hundreds of cutting-edge inventions in electronics, IT and digital entertainment. VCE’08 is aimed at linking up Vietnamese and foreign IT manufacturers and distributors, expanding business networks as well as providing…... [read more]

The international exhibition will include equipment related to offshore exploration, recovery, transport and processing. Some 1,400 companies from 53 countries will be represented at the biennial exhibition. Vietnam will participate with booths from 14 governmental agencies, O&G associations and companies. The exhibition is expected to attract 16,000 visitors from more than 60 countries, including businesspeople and government representatives. According to JP Morgan Chase&Co., a leading global financial services firm, Vietnam will see an output of 368,000 barrels of crude oil per day next year, up by 26 percent. Experts say Vietnam will be a key contributor to the international energy market, offering opportunities for both domestic and foreign O&G businesses.... [read more]

The exhibition, which will spotlight the region’s socio-economic achievements of the region has attracted 300 businesses from nine countries including German, Japan, China, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. It will also honour Vietnamese businesses and agencies at all levels for their creativity and dynamism during global integration. The 500-stand exhibition will be divided into two sections, construction and trade and industry. The international exhibition on construction, construction materials, real estate, and exterior decorations will include 300 stands representing many international and domestics businesses. Meanwhile, the trade-industry fair will have 200 stands housing local businesses and will exhibit a variety of attractive and high-quality products. Most of the products on display were manufactured in late 2008 and early 2009 and can satisfy consumer demand for building, design and interior and exterior decor. There will also be a seminar on “new construction technologies and products that will encourage businesses to develop new high-tech products to meet the modern demands for construction and urban accommodation. Also at the exhibition, Certificates of Merit, Gold Cups and Gold Medals will be granted to businesses and agencies with high-quality products that contribute to the region’s socio-economic development.... [read more]

Under the auspices of the International Exhibition on Renewable Energy, an International Conference on Renewable Energy was held in Hanoi on March 19 sponsored by the Munich International Trade Fair Group of Germany and the Vietnam Energy Institute (VEI). The conference focused on three main issues related to renewable energy development: a legal framework for renewable energy development, opportunities and challenges, and renewable energy technology and research. Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Nguyen Thanh Bien says developing renewable energy is an important part of Vietnam’s sustainable development plan because it is a safe energy. Developing renewable energy will help to generate jobs and develop rural areas. The Vietnamese Government is paying greater attention to developing renewable energy. In line with a 5-year strategy paper (with a vision for 2025) composed by VEI, the Government approved a target to increase the role of renewable energy in the country’s total energy strategy.... [read more]

The sixth Vietnam International Electrical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (Vietnam ETE) and the International Exhibition on Power Saving Products and Green Energies (Enertec Expo), which opened on July 24, have attracted businesses from Japan, India, the Republic of Korea, China, Spain, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, and host Vietnam. There will be a number of seminars and forums to be held in the four-day event, which focus on developing renewable energy in Vietnam, formulating energy saving policies, using power-saving products, and sharing Japanese and Indian experience in green energy development . Other activities will also take place, such as a communication project on the green quarter, “Moving together with green energy” program in Can Gio District, riding bikes to promote power saving and a photo contest on energy saving, green energy and environmental protection.... [read more]

In his opening speech, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh noted that the manufacturing industry plays a crucial role in economic development, and Vietnam should therefore organise technological exhibitions to further strengthen its industrial development. He laid strong emphasis on the development of the support and mechanical engineering industries in national industrialization and modernization, helping attract foreign direct investment (FDI), facilitate business operations, and create highly competitive and added value products. Anh expressed his hope that a series of manufacturing exhibitions held simultaneously in Hanoi this time will offer domestic and foreign businesses operating in the support and mechanical engineering industries the chance to meet and seek cooperative opportunities. Hanoi is scheduled to host the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo, the Japanese Monozukuri Technology Exhibition 2013, the International Exhibition on Industrial Equipment Manufacturing 2013 and the Vietnam-Japan Exhibition on Support Industries 2014 at the same time. Shouei Utsuda, President of the Committee for Vietnam-Japan Friendship Year, said the exhibition, an activity to mark 40 years of Vietnam-Japan diplomatic ties, helps visitors gain a broad view of the technologies of 32 Japanese companies operating in Vietnam. During the exhibition, which runs until September 9, Japanese businesses will introduce high technologies, and robots Honda Asimo and Murata Boy. Duangdej Yuaikwamdee, Deputy Managing Director of Reed Tradex – ASEAN’s leading exhibition organizer, said through the event Vietnamese manufacturers can find partners, expand their export markets and access latest technologies to raise their competitiveness within the global value chain. Yuaikwamdee revealed that in…... [read more]

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