Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam deepen cultural heritage

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This was agreed by leaders of Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC), the Solidarity Front for the Development of the Cambodian Motherland (SFDCM) National Council, and Vietnam National United Front (VNUF) at their meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, last month.

LFNC President DrXaysomphone Phomvihane, SFDCM President Samdech Heng Samrin and VNUF President Tran Thanh Man met on June 25 at the Front Presidium Conference in the Vietnam capital city of Hanoi.

LFNC Vice President MsKhamchanh Phomsengsavanh held a press conference yesterday (July 12) to disseminate the outcome of the meeting.

At the meaningful conference, the three sides appreciated the implementation of a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between LFNC, the SFDMC National Council, and VNUF, which was signed in Vientiane on December 18, 2013, she said.

The presidents have shared opinions and came to a consensus on expanding the outcomes from the past three years, and on strengthening cooperation to meet the main targets, she added.

The three bodies will strengthen educating their people and the new generation on the traditional and historical ties between the three nations to be proud of the good, heart-felt relationship between them. Each nation will be encouraged about its responsibility to care for and enhance the valuable ties.

For Cambodia and Vietnam, understanding will be built among the peoples of the two countries on the success of border demarcation and to push for the installation of border markers to be completed soon.

People living along the border between Laos and Vietnam will be educated on the importance of related regulations, border markers, protocols and other laws to protect the border line and build on the areas for development and mutual assistance.

For the Laos-Cambodia border, the two countries will encourage the building of a border of peace, friendship, cooperation and development. They will also organise a meeting on border promotion.

The leaders of the fronts from the three countries also agreed on creating facilitation to fronts at all levels, especially the fronts of local communities at the border, to share experiences on culture, socio-economic and infrastructure development, disaster relief, and to participate in building borders of peace, friendship and development cooperation.

They further agreed to promote the trade of high-quality goods among villages and districts along the borders of the three countries to ensure the health, safety and economic benefit of the people.

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