Live online exchange with Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017 representatives

5 breathtaking beauties from Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017 have graced us with their presence at the VIR office to have a live chat with followers and fans, answering queries and telling us of their experiences.

Here is a live report of the questions and answers given by our five beauties

– Miss Asia Friendship 2017 Nuttanan Naree (Thailand)

– 1st runner up Huynh Thi Yen Nhi (Vietnam)

– 2nd runner up Benedicta Heda Mercy Charis (Indonesia)

– Top 5 finalist Tinaprit Kaur Dillon Balwant Singh (Malaysia)

– Top 10 finalist To Mai Thuy Duong

Photo by Huy Pham

Bui Duy Khanh (30), businessman

Good afternoon, now that the Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017 competition is over, what are the most precious lessons you have learnt from the experience?

1st runner up Huynh Thi Yen Nhi (Vietnam)

The most important thing I have learnt is that if you have a dream, you have to fight for it, no matter what. Through this contest I could prove that I can do it.

I have brought glory to my family and Vietnam by winning the 1st runner up position in Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017. To me this was not about the contest, it was an experience and exchange with the other girls who represented their countries in front of the entire ASEAN community. I have learnt so much of other cultures by befriending and sharing with these enthusiastic girls.

Tran Nhat Quang Minh, Ho Chi Minh city, chef

Welcome to Vietnam. What do you think about Vietnamese people? Have you explored Vietnamese food? What dishes did you like the most?

2nd runner up Benedicta Heda Mercy Charis (Indonesia)

Vietnamese people are simple and kind, they are extremely hospitable and attentive to their guests. Personally, since the first moment people have been friendly and treated me as a member of their families. I could feel they wanted to make me feel as welcome and comfortable as if I were home.

This was the first time I have tried Vietnamese food and found it to fit my taste surprisingly well. Your food contains a lot of vegetables and even the fried dishes are very good. For example, the chicken fried in honey, was heavenly, along with other street food. I also loved the seafood and oysters in Phu Yen.

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