PM meets Minister-President of Hessen state, Berlin Mayor

Michael Muller, in the framework of his visit to Germany for the G20 Summit, the Prime Minister asked for Berlin support in a project to develop a bilingual German and Vietnamese language nursery and the opening of a Vietinbank branch in Berlin. 

The Mayor agreed with the Prime Minister’s proposal and pledged favorable conditions for the Vietnamese community integration while fostering their national cultural identity.

At an earlier working session with Hessen Minister and President Volker Bouffier on July 5, PM Phuc said the Vietnamese government always supports and creates favourable conditions for German investors.

He also hailed Hessen state’s support for Vietnam through the Vietnam-Germany University project and urged Hessen to assist Vietnam in implementing the next stages of the project, especially in providing curricula to train Vietnamese lecturers for the university.

At a meeting with Norbert Kartmann, Speaker of the Parliament of Hessen state, Phuc asked leaders and parliamentarians of Hessen to strengthen co-operation between the State Parliament and the Vietnamese National Assembly and People’s Councils of major cities in sharing experience in building a State of law, making laws, and managing public investment, public-private partnership, e-commerce, and urban management.

Kartmann said Hessen state will further contribute to promoting the Strategic Partnership between the two nations.

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