ROSATOM helps Vietnam build nuclear energy technology centre

Novovoronezh nuclear power plant of Russia (Source: Sputnik)

Hanoi (VNA) – The Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation (ROSATOM)
has signed a memorandum of understanding with Vietnam on the construction of a
Centre for Nuclear Energy Science and Technology (CNEST) in Vietnam during the
recent Russia visit by President Tran Dai Quang.

The deal is expected to help Vietnam access modern and reliable nuclear
technology from one of the world’s largest nuclear technology providers.

Vietnam and Russia signed an inter-governmental agreement on cooperation
in building CNEST in Vietnam in 2011, and inked a framework agreement in 2014.

The centre will have a nuclear reactor designed by Russia, a
multifunctional cyclotron, a R&D lab and a technology complex, as well as modern
nuclear facilities.

CNEST is expected to be a hub for research and development with the main
task of research and application of nuclear technology for the interest of
society. Its nuclear research will also serve various sectors, including
material science, industry, agriculture, health care and other important civil
areas. The centre also aims to train human resources for the sector.

Each year, radioactive isotopes produced by the centre are expected to
be used to treat about 10,000 patients suffering cancers and cardiovascular
diseases and other fatal diseases.

They will also be used to diagnose cancer, lung, endocrine and mental
diseases on about 15,000 patients every year.

At the same time, CNEST will develop advanced technology in analysing
underground water and soil samples, boosting the mining sector.

The nuclear reactor of the centre is set to have a longevity of at least
50 years. It will be regularly upgraded during operation, which is expected to
increase its life cycle. The CNEST will also be expanded with additional labs
and new facilities.

All equipment of the centre will meet nuclear safety requirements,
ensuring that the centre’s operation does not affect the environment or
neighbouring countries.

Over the past 50 years, ROSATOM has developed technologies and equipment
for many centres, with 58 nuclear reactors erected in Russia. The firm installed
nearly 20 percent of total research nuclear reactors in the world.

ROSATOM has pledged to provide Vietnam with proven technologies which
have been used in the building of more than 120 nuclear reactors around the

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