14 July 2017

Seminar spotlights ASEAN-Latin America relations

Non-traditional challenges facing both Southeast Asian and Latin America are climate change, the scarcity of water resources, natural disasters, diseases, terrorism and threats to cyber security (Source: VNA)
Aires (VNA) –
The Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI)
held a seminar on promoting relations between the Association of Southeast
Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Latin America in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on July 13.

is one of the activities marking the 50th founding anniversary of
ASEAN (August 8, 1967). 

at the seminar, Vietnam’s designated Ambassador Dang Xuan Dung said despite
geographical distance, Southeast Asia and Latin America share common and
intertwined interests in politics, security, economy, trade, culture and social

50-year history has proven that peace and stability play a key role to
development and prosperity of each nation, he said, stressing that one of the
greatest successes of ASEAN is preventing conflicts and building a peaceful,
stable and cooperative environment in Southeast Asia and part of Asia-Pacific,
helping ASEAN nations complete their economic targets and consolidate a united
and strong group.

the context of globalisation, ensuring peace and stability in a region is
interconnected with and inseparable from that in other regions, he said, noting
that any irresponsible act can cause instability and conflicts that affect not
only economies in that region but also all over the world with unpredictable

ambassador highlighted non-traditional challenges facing both Southeast Asian
and Latin America, which are climate change, the scarcity of water resources,
natural disasters, diseases, terrorism and threats to cyber security.

challenges require the two regions to intensify cooperation and coordinate
actions in a timely and effective manner, for development and prosperity in
each region.

the seminar, the ambassadors of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia and the
Philippine Consul General shared their views on cultural exchange and economic
and trade cooperation between Southeast Asia and Latin America, as well as
prospects for cooperation between ASEAN and the Southern Common Market

Sadous, Director of CARI’s Asia Affairs Committee, applauded the dynamic
development and solidarity of ASEAN while stressing potential for cooperation
between ASEAN and Latin America in general and Mercosur in particular. -VNA

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