17 July 2017

The 46th Meeting of ASEAN National Tourism Organisations to be held in Viet Nam

(TITC) – The 46th Meeting of ASEAN National Tourism Organisations and relevant activities will take place from 24-26 July 2017 in Vinh Phuc Province, Viet Nam.

As scheduled, the 46th Meeting of ASEAN National Tourism Organisations (ASEAN NTOs) will be held from 24-25 July. At the meeting, the leaders of ASEAN NTOs will review the outcomes of the 20th Meeting of the ASEAN Tourism Ministers and other tourism meetings which were held in the framework of ATF 2017, in January 2017, in Singapore.

Also, the ASEAN Secretariat will brief on the latest status of the implementation of ATSP 2016-2025. Besides, the meeting will consider the reports of ASEAN Tourism Committees meetings held in April in Cambodia including: the 3rd Meeting of ASEAN Tourism Competitiveness Committee; the 3rd Meeting of ASEAN Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism Development Committee; the 17th Meeting of ASEAN Tourism Professional Monitoring Committee; and the 3rd Meeting of ASEAN Tourism Resourcing, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee.

Addressing at the meeting, the delegates may wish to verify the ASEAN Tourism Performance 2016/2017.

In addition, the activities conducted under GMS tourism cooperation, cooperation with tourism civil society organizations and ASEAN-China Centre, ASEAN-Japan Centre, ASEAN-Korea Centre will be presented at the meeting.  

On 26 July, there will be the 31st Meeting of ASEAN and China, Japan, and ROK (ASEAN+3) NTOs; the 2nd Meeting of ASEAN-China NTOs; the 18th Meeting of ASEAN-India Tourism Working Group.

Thanh Tam

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