Vice President praises Enterprise Association of Wounded Soldiers and Disabilities

NDO – Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh held a meeting with a delegation from the Enterprise Association of Wounded Soldiers and Disabilities at the Presidential Office in Hanoi on July 21 to mark the 70th anniversary of the Wounded Soldiers and Martyrs’ Day.

Major General Le Ma Luong, Hero of the People’s Armed Forces and Chairman of the association said that the association, along with its 600 members, have organised many practical activities in support of the wounded soldiers, policy beneficiary families, and national contributors, including providing social houses and raising support funds, among others.

Luong noted that such activities have contributed to encouraging and helping thousands of wounded and sick soldiers in overcoming difficulties as they integrate into the community.

The Enterprise Association of Wounded Soldiers and Disabilities has played a leading role in protecting the legitimate interests of wounded soldier enterprises throughout the country, Luong said.

The association chairman added that the association and its member branches are standing firm in the face of economic difficulties as they strive to create jobs for hundreds of thousands of wounded and sick soldiers, AO victims and policy beneficiaries.

Vice President Thinh expressed her appreciation for the efforts by the association in creating substantive activities in support of national contributors and disadvantaged citizens.

She emphasised that the Party and State have carried out many policies to show their gratitude and preferential treatment towards wounded soldiers, policy beneficiaries and war victims in order to help them stabilise their lives.

She told the association to continue promoting its work and to join the Party and State in attempts to improve the lives of national contributors and policy beneficiaries.

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