Vietnamese and German artists to open studio to public

Artists Nguyen Quoc Thanh and Lukas Zerbst will open their studio in Hanoi Creativity City to the public starting this Sunday, for seven days.

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German artist Lukas Zerbst. 

Visitors can view two site-specific installations by Zerbst and Thanh’s explorations and the visualising process. A collaborative visual art project by the two artists, it has been curated by Bui Kim Dinh and was set up in February.

Interested in spaces, myths and legends, for Thanh, the city has opened new places in different dimensions of time and spaces. Zerbst’s focus is on the relationship between body and space – accessibility against inaccessibility, inside and outside of a space, and space as legal vacuum.

During the open-studio time, the artists welcome the opinions of the public as well as critics. A group discussion will also be held at 3pm on July 15 at the studio, located on 15th floor, No 1 Luong Yen Street, Hanoi.

Thanh, a resident of Hanoi, is photography, installation and performance artist, who co-founded the Nha San Collective and founded the art festival Queer Forever!

The Nha San Collective aims to build a stable structure for the growth of contemporary art in Viet Nam. Through exhibitions, projects, education and exchange, it cultivates, supports and challenges artists, creating space for new forms of expression and dialogue to thrive in the country.

Zerbst, who hails from Bremen, Germany, is a site-specific installation, performance, theatre and multimedia artist.

Curator Dinh is doctoral researcher in anthropology of art based in Gottingen, Germany. 


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