Viettel’s Lao subsidiary eyes 10 per cent turnover rise in 2017

Talking about this adventurous move, Nguyen Manh Hung, Vice Director General of the military telecom company, said “voluntarily venturing into difficult circumstances will make us accept a new stream of thinking and a new line of work to become stronger”. Embarking on that business philosophy, Viettel selected Cambodia as the first destination to deploy its ambitious overseas investment plan. Setting its foot in the neighbouring country in February, 2009, it has to date gained a record number of users of its Metfone mobile phone services. After Metfone services had spread all over Cambodia, in October 2009, Viettel turned its interest to Laos, where it partnered with Lao Asia Telecom to launch the Unitel mobile phone network. At present, both Metfone and Unitel networks hold first place in terms of networking infrastructure and second place in terms of customer subscription in their countries. Most recently, Viettel has received a licence for establishing the Movitel mobile phone network in the African country of Mozambique. It plans an investment amount of over US$400 million in Movitel, which is a joint venture network with a group of Mozambique businesses, to target about 85 percent of Mozambique’s population. Earlier, the military telecom company accomplished a deal to buy a 60 percent stake worth US$250 million from the Teletalk network in Bangladesh. Viettel had already bought 70 percent of the Teleco company’s stake in Haiti at a cost of US$59 million and plans to pump another US$300 million into the market in order to become a…... [read more]

Viettel hopes to distribute more BlackBerry smart phones By Hien Nguyen - The Saigon Times Daily HCMC - The military-owned mobile carrier Viettel is pinning high hope on distributing more BlackBerry mobile devices in Vietnam after 3G services were launched in the country last week, said a senior executive from Viettel. "In 2008 Viettel signed a deal with Research In Motion, the leading smart phone producer, to distribute Blackberry in the country. With the smart phone, local mobile users can benefit from various 3G services because the BlackBerry Bold smart phone supports tri-band HSDPA high-speed networks and comes with integrated GPS and Wi-Fi," he said. Viettel targets to distribute 4,400 BlackBerry smart phones in the first two years, he said. Before Viettel offered the smart phones on its distribution channel in Vietnam, local users had to purchase Blackberry via unofficial channels and faced technology risks. Many users could not use warranty services and other unique functions of BlackBerry like Push Mail. Viettel said it offered 18-month warranty for all BlackBerry smart phones purchased from its distribution channel in Vietnam. In addition, Viettel provides retailing and technology consulting services via the website: www.// or the telephone number 08 628 802 88. Last week, Viettel and its Laotian partner Lao Asia Telecom launched 3G services in Laos. The network, called Unittel, is run by a joint venture between the two companies, in which the Viettel holds a 49% stake and the Laotian partner 51%.... [read more]

As of August 2016, Unitel, a joint venture of Viettel Global Joint Stock Company (a subsidiary of Viettel) and Lao Asia Telecom from Laos, reached $1 billion and $300 million in cumulative revenue and profit, respectively, since starting operation in September 2009, according to newswire Baochinhphu. With a network of 4,000 base transceiver stations (BTS) and 23,000 kilometres of fibre-optic cable across Laos, the company brings telecom services to 95 per cent of the population in every nook and cranny of Laos. In addition, the company has started providing 4G services since June last year. Unitel has contributed significantly to shaping the telecommunications market, boosting mobile use from 18 per cent in 2009 to 68 per cent in 2016. In addition, it generates 4,000 jobs for locals. According to an evaluation published in April by Brand Finance, an independent intangible asset valuation consultancy based in the United Kingdom, Unitel is the most effective telecommunications brand in the ASEAN. Its brand value increased by 106 per cent compared to 2015, to the current $132 million. As of mid-September 2016, Viettel’s customer base in its nine foreign markets reached 26 million, increasing its total subscribers, including customers in Vietnam, to 90 million. Regarding Viettel’s business results, in the first half of this year the company earned $493.8 million in revenue from its foreign markets, up 13 per cent on-year. RELATED CONTENTS: Viettel’s Myanmar venture moving slower than expected Viettel takes gold at 11th Annual IT World Awards Viettel invests in AAE-1 submarine…... [read more]

Authorised by the Lao State President and Prime Minister, the Lao National Defence Ministry on September 22nd awarded Labor Medals to Vietnamese experts who are working for Star Telecom Company. Accordingly, four Vietnamese experts were presented with third-class Lao Labor Orders and seven others were presented with Lao Labor Medals by Colonel Khamuan Luongvanhla, Secretary of the Lao National Defence Ministry Party Committee and Deputy Head of the Ministry’s Office, for their outstanding contributions to the growth of the Star Telecom Company since its establishment. Colonel Khamuan Luongvanhla appreciated the achievements by the Vietnamese experts in reinforcing the special relationship and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries. He stressed that although Star Telecom Company had been founded later than the other communications companies in Laos, with limited business experience and investment, the Directorate and the Vietnamese cadres and experts had made great contributions to the company’s current achievements. “The achievements are an important premise for the company’s production and business activities in the future, contributing to promoting Lao socio-economic development and increasing the traditional friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Laos and Vietnam,” he said. On behalf of Vietnamese awarded, Captain Nguyen Hong Nam thanked the Lao Party and State for awarding them the precious awards and for making favourable conditions for Vietnamese cadres and experts to successfully realise their work. He pledged to continue to fulfil assigned tasks, especially in training, and transfer of knowledge and technology to Lao staff. The Star Telecom Company is a joint venture…... [read more]

The telecom giant Viettel has made extensive investment in Laos, building a telecom network reaching all corners of the country, turning the once expensive services into a common necessity for all Lao people. Unitel, the joint venture between Viettel and Lao Asia Telecom, went into operation in October, 2009 and has quickly become the No 1 mobile operator in Laos. It currently has 2.5 million subscribers or 47 percent of the country’s market share. The company has installed 4,000 base transceiver stations (BTS) and 23,000 km of fiber optic cable across Laos to bring telecoms services to all districts in Laos and 95 percent of its population. In 2011, Viettel put into operation the Indochina Ring that connects Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, ensuring communications and serving security and defense of the three countries. The company has opened 15,000 outlets and points of sale to provide services directly to customers and has created jobs for 20,000 local laborers with stable income. In 2015, Unitel launched 4G service in Laos and increased the rate of data-using customers from 29.6 percent to 49.2 percent. In this year alone, the company contributed USD 178 million to Laos’ state budget. Through Unitel, Viettel has also made great contribution to Laos’ educational sector. The company has launched a USD 3 million program to bring free internet services to 1,295 schools within five years, while offering discount service packages to students and presenting computers and telephones to the poor. In addition, Viettel funded the construction of a…... [read more]

During an official visit to Vietnam last week by General Secretary of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and State President of Laos Bounnhang Vorachith, he and top Vietnamese leaders agreed to continue focusing on investment as a key facet of the co-operative relationship between the two countries. A visit by Laos’ top leader has cemented economic ties between the neighbouring nations - Photo: VNA A joint statement released during the visit affirmed that "All Vietnamese-backed projects in Laos must be implemented on schedule and to high standards. The connection between the two economies must be strengthened, so that the two countries can continue working together on road infrastructure and energy development projects." In a bid to increase the flow of Vietnamese investment into the neighbouring country, during Vorachith’s visit leaders from both sides agreed that priority would be placed on implementing the Vietnam-Laos Bilateral Co-operation Agreement for 2016 and the Vietnam-Laos Co-operation Agreement for 2016-2020. "Creating a scheme to link the two economies must be completed as soon as possible," said Vietnam’s newly-elected Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. According to Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment, Laos is Vietnam’s largest foreign investment market. Vietnamese investors have poured almost $5 billion into Laos thus far, with 258 investment projects employing over 30,000 workers. Key investors include Vietnam’s state-run chemical giant Vinachem, Hoang Anh Gia Lai, Viettel, Petrolimex, BIDV, and Long Thanh Golf Investment and Trading JSC. Vietnam’s largest Laos-based investment project, a facility to exploit and process potassium salt, began construction…... [read more]

Mobifone was ranked second among the top 20 most valuable ASEAN telecom brands by the UK-based brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance, Deputy General Director of the firm Nguyen Manh Hung announced on April 13. Mobifone’s brand equity has grown 76 percent from 2015, exceeding that of other major telecommunications service providers in Vietnam such as Viettel and Vinaphone. It only ranks behind Unitel, a joint venture between the Laos-Asia Telecom Company and the Viettel Global Joint Stock Company of Vietnam, with a growth rate of 106 percent. According to Hung, the outcome was attributed to Mobifone’s efforts to deliver the best in customer services. Investment in image and brand improvement was also a factor, he added. The list of the top 20 most valuable ASEAN telecom brands was made based on tracking and analysing the activities of telecom powerhouses across the region. VNA... [read more]

Unitel network, a joint venture between Viettel Global Joint Stock Company of Viet Nam and Lao Asia Telecom of Laos . — Photo baocongthuong... [read more]

Star Telecom (Unitel), a joint venture between the Laos-Asia telecom company and Vietnam’s Viettel telecom group, offered financial support to build a school in the Lao central province of Bolikhamsay at a ceremony on July 2. Chairman of the Bolikhamsay province Kongkeo Xaysongkham, Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Manh Hung, Vietnam Consul General in the central Lao region Nguyen Nam Cuong and overseas Vietnamese nationals living in Bolikhamsay were present at the event. The two-storey school is built across 250 square meters and includes six classrooms with a total investment of 500 million kip (around 62,000 USD). Over the past five years, Unitel has actively provided telecom to Lao nationals and offered free internet access for over 600 schools and health stations. By the end of 2014, the venture had provided an aid package of up to 9.2 million USD to implement social activities in Laos.-VNA... [read more]

Star Telecom, a joint venture between Viettel Global Joint Stock Company of Viet Nam and Lao Asia Telecom of Laos, has officially launched its 4G service on its Unitel network. The launch took place on June 23 in Vientiane. At first, the firm will roll out the service in four major cities and provinces of Laos: Vientiane, Savannakhet, Luang Prabang and Champasak. The new service is said to provide customers with many facilities, such as watching videos on YouTube in high definition, watching TV online and downloading data at high speed. Speaking at the launch ceremony, Star Telecom Deputy General Director Kongphet Nhongvongsitthi said the telecom service had changed significantly, using various new technologies, and the launch of 4G service was intended to catch up with the latest global trends. He said Unitel was the first and only mobile operator in Laos offering six tariff packages for 4G service with prices equivalent to 3G service. At the moment, Unitel tops the Laos telecom market with 2.5 million subscribers. With 4,000 base transceiver stations, the network covers 95 per cent of Laos. Source VNS... [read more]

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