12 July 2017

Virtual tour of Hanoi Opera House launched

The virtual tour of the Hanoi Opera House offers visitors a brand-new experience and an insight into different aspects of the renowned building (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – A virtual tour of the Hanoi Opera
House was launched in Hanoi on July 12, offering visitors a brand-new
experience and an insight into different aspects of the renowned building.

The 15-minute tour features a full motion video,
capturing different angles of the landmark with French music playing on
background and audio guide in Vietnamese, French and English.

It provides the visitors with information on the construction
of the house, its unique architecture, the development of modern Vietnamese theatres
and music in the early 20th century, and life and works of famous dramatist Vu
Dinh Long and the first director of the Hanoi Opera House, Claude Bourrin.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Director of the Hanoi
Opera House Nguyen Thi Minh  Nguyet said
the landmark is the most outstanding among architectural heritages of France in
Vietnam as well as Indochina. It has become an important cultural space in the
development of the country’s theatre industry, she noted.

The virtual tour is part of an effort to open the Opera
House and bring it closer to the public, she added.

Ngo Tu Lap, Director of the International Francophone
Institute – the tour’s developer, said this digital project reflects the
integration of technology and culture. It uses latest technological solutions
and features cultural studies by well-known experts and artists from Vietnam
and overseas, he stated.

It will be used for the preservation and promotion of the
building and as a teaching aid for students in architecture, music, theatre and

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