VN ship brings in body of Greek crewman

NDO – To achieve the objective of rapid and sustainable development, the central coastal province of Quang Ngai should focus on improving the implementation of ethnic minority support policies, with a priority on poverty reduction, Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh has said. The deputy PM, who is also a Politburo member, held a working session with the key leaders of Quang Ngai province on Monday to discuss the implementation of ethnic affairs in the locality. At the working session, Chairman of Quang Ngai People's Committee Tran Ngoc Cang said that ethnic minority work has received special attention from Quang Ngai leaders across all levels, especially in poverty reduction in ethnic minorities and mountainous areas. The province has effectively implemented programmes and policies, which have resulted in positive achievements in reducing the rate of poor households. By the end of 2016, the rate of poor households in the whole province decreased to 13.5%, of which mountainous districts decreased by 4.83% (from 46.7% to 41.9%). However, the Quang Ngai leader also pointed out several weaknesses that need to be overcome, such as unsustainable results in poverty reduction, with a range of newly emerging poor and near poor households, investment resources for poverty reduction programmes has not met the set target and the limited effectiveness of several projects to reduce poverty. In the last six months of 2017, Quang Ngai strives to reduce the rate of poor households in mountainous districts by 5.54% per year, in accordance with…... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge – A series of Vietnamese art films have been released in recent years, many of which have won international prizes and been highly appreciated by film critics. However, the genre has not yet gained popularity as it has not drawn much interest from domestic viewers and has often been doomed to financial failures. Film for art or film for commercial At least five art films have been released in the second quarter of this year, including ‘Cha Cong Con’(Father and Son), ‘Lo To’ (The Lottery), ‘Co Can Nha Nam Nghe Nang Mua’ (Motherhood), ‘Da Co Hoai Lang’ (Two Fellow Countrymen), and ‘Dao Cua Dan Ngu Cu’ (The Way Station). Based on novels, drama, or inspired from documentaries, the films tell stories of people’s tragedies. However, they have not reached the expected revenue, even the film ‘Father and Son’ lost VND 5 billion (US$220,000) as its total budget was VND 18 billion (US$792,000) while its gross has been estimated at around VND 13 billion (US$ 572,000). Poster of the ‘Cha Cong Con’ (Father and Son) film by director Luong Dinh Dung An art film is typically a serious artistic film which explores the psychological developments of characters and opens up meditations and requires viewers to contemplate meaning rather than only containing entertainment factors such as cinematic skills, all-star film casts, and love or action scenes. While commercial films target to attract viewers to the cinema, art films provide a way for producers to make their individual mark on the…... [read more]

Handed over by her mother to an agent at the age of 10, Titi was crammed into a truck in the tiny West African nation of Benin and driven across the border into southwest Nigeria. Titi feared the worst. She recalled how a previous employer in Nigeria had welcomed her with a thin mat and a leather whip. "Sometimes, she beat us," said Titi, recounting the businesswoman who had flogged the girls for the smallest mishaps, such as breaking a plate. Bed had been the floor. "Sometimes, she didn't give us breakfast till after 1 p.m.," Titi, now 14, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation from Lagos, where she works for a "nicer" family - cleaning, cooking and caring for children for 18 hours a day. Titi is one of countless young girls working as domestic servants in cities across the nation, far from their own homes in rural Nigeria or neighboring countries such as Benin. Many girls are sent away by their parents who cannot afford to feed or school them, while others provide for their families - sometimes acting as the main breadwinner. Some girls, like Titi, are abused, cut off from their relatives, denied an education and left with nowhere to turn. With Nigeria facing its first recession in 25 years, rampant unemployment and booming population growth, activists fear more and more girls may be forced into housework as families plunge deeper into poverty and so-called agents seek out profits. Halting this phenomenon presents a huge challenge.…... [read more]

NDO – The Central Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention and Control and the National Committee for Search and Rescue has issued joint Telegraph No. 29 to coastal provinces and cities from Quang Ninh to Da Nang, the northern localities and concerned ministries and agencies to be ready for Storm Sonca, the fourth large-scale storm to hit the East Sea this year. According to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting (NCHMF), a tropical depression experienced in the afternoon on July 23 intensified, becoming the fourth storm in the East Sea so far this year. At 7am on July 24, the centre of the storm was approximately 17.3 degrees north latitude and 111.3 degrees east longitude, about 180km to the southeast of China’s Hainan Island. The strongest wind speeds then were between 60 and 75km per hour. In the following 24 hours, Sonca is forecast to move at 10km per hour to the west-north west. At 7am of July 25, its centre is predicted at 18.2 degrees north latitude and 108.9 degrees east longitude, in the sea area of the southern part of Hainan Island. It could continue sustaining wind speeds of 60-75km per hour. The dangerous area in the next 24 hours will be from 16.5 to 20.5 degrees north and in the west of the 113th meridian east. In the next 24-48 hours, the storm will move between west and northwest at some 15km per hour, causing landslides in the vicinity of Thanh Hoa to Quang Binh provinces and degrading…... [read more]

Parents scurrying to send their children to the many life skills classes blooming in the big cities has been a trend that has been picking up lately.  Primary school students in Hà Nội attend a four-day ’Military term’ programme during summer vacation. The programme aims to teach the basic military skills of discipline, performing activities on schedule and teamwork. - VNS Photo Hồng Lan These classes, organised during the three-month summer vacation in Việt Nam, claim to train children on important communication and survival skills that can then be applied to real-life situations. However, are these classes as effective as their numerous advertisements claim? It’s a question that has many parents worried across the cities.         Many teaching centres holding classes for children aged between 7 and 14 in important life skills have been coming up. These centres design the life skills programmes separately for each age group, and include various outdoor and indoor activities. One such life skills teacher said children would be trained in self-efficacy, ability to analyse and synthesise issues, working independently or in a team, and ability to communicate. Nguyễn Kiều Lan, a teacher at the Hà Nội Children Palace, said many parents created conditions for their children to succeed in all fields, but forget that an important skill is the survival skill, including escaping skills, knife-using skills, self-service, behaviour skills when lost, knowing to use money, and…... [read more]

The Ministry of Transport has asked seven cities and provinces to halt the operation of double-decker buses, the first of their kind that began their trial runs early this month. Local and international tourists get on the double-decker bus in Hà Nội. - VNA/VNS Photo Minh Sơn The ministry will announce a new plan for the buses after it receives guidelines from Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc. Last December, the PM agreed in principle to start a pilot project of operating double-decker buses in Hà Nội, HCM City, Đà Nẵng, Quảng Nam, Thừa Thiên-Huế, Lâm Đồng and Kiên Giang. The buses can accommodate up to 45 passengers, and would take them to the airport and various tourist spots. As scheduled, about 10 buses were to be put into operation in July. The trial would last for five years. Based on this plan, the ministry submitted documents to relevant ministries and sectors so as to run these buses. However, in late March, the ministry announced a draft decree on the pilot plan of carrying people in passenger buses to boost tourism in these cities and provinces. The decree received many opinions from concerned ministries and the local authorities of these localities. To avoid overlapping the operation of public means of transport for tourists, and ensure the traffic flow in these localities, the ministry has now decided to halt the operation of…... [read more]

An estimated 600 people, aged 18-25, gave out free hugs to friends, brothers and sisters, and strangers during an event to celebrate the International Free Hugs Day at Savico Megamall in Long Bien District, Hanoi, on July 23. Hanoians give out free hugs to share love in Int’l Free Hugs Day. The event, in its fifth year, was held by Free Hugs Hanoi under the theme “Yeu thuong xin dung de do – Free Hugs Time” (Love, don’t leave it there – Free Hugs Time). It offered an opportunity for everybody to get warm hugs from other people and spread messages of love and friendship. Mai Ngoc Tram, a member of the organizer, said the event aims to help everybody to get closer and she hopes the society would be more open on how people behave towards each other. Sharing love in such a way will help fire enthusiasm among young people and spread joy in the community, she noted. The Free Hugs Campaign was initiated in 2004 by an Australian man known only by the pseudonym “Juan Mann”. The campaign became internationally famous in 2006 after a music video on YouTube by the Australian band Sick Puppies went viral and has been viewed over 74 million times. International Free Hugs Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of July. VNA... [read more]

NDO/VNA – The Vietnamese Embassy and Vietnamese people in Laos offered incense in remembrance of heroic martyrs at the Laos-Vietnam Fighting Alliance monument in Keun village of Thoulakhom district, Vientiane province, Laos, on July 23. The activity took place ahead of the 70th anniversary of the Wounded and Fallen Soldiers’ Day of Vietnam (July 27, 1947). The event was attended by representatives of the Vietnamese Embassy, the associations of Vietnamese people in Laos, the Association of Vietnamese Investors in Laos, the Vientiane provincial administration, and the Lao War Veterans’ Association. Addressing the ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Ba Hung said that the two countries are celebrating 55 years since the establishment of their diplomatic ties and 40 years since the signing of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty of Amity and Cooperation. Countless Vietnamese and Lao soldiers laid down their lives for the countries’ peace, independence and special relationship, he said, adding that those enormous sacrifices nurtured peace and aspirations and created the close-knit solidarity that exists between the two countries. He pledged that younger generations of both nations will make all-out efforts to promote that special relationship and develop their respective countries. Located about 70km to the north of the capital city, Vientiane, the Laos-Vietnam Fighting Alliance monument in Keun village was built by the Lao War Veterans’ Association and the Vietnamese community in the country. It aims to commemorate 28 soldiers of the Laos-Vietnam Fighting Alliance who died while protecting the capital of Vientiane in early 1946. …... [read more]

Progress in beating back the AIDS epidemic risks being eroded by a funding shortfall set to grow under Donald Trump's proposed cuts to global health projects, experts and campaigners warned ahead of a major HIV conference. If adopted by Congress, the 2018 Trump budget could deprive some 830,000 people, mostly in Africa, from life-saving anti-AIDS drugs, according to calculations by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), a California-based health policy NGO. "We will see lives needlessly being lost," said Linda-Gail Bekker, president of the International AIDS Society (IAS) hosting some 6,000 experts in Paris from Sunday to take stock of advances in HIV science. "We're not talking about maybe a slowing down... if these (US) cuts come about we could very well see a real turnaround in terms of the progress that has been made," she told AFP. A Trump budget could lead to nearly 200,000 new HIV infections, according to the KFF. It could also leave as many as 25 million couples without access to sponsored contraceptives, which not only prevent pregnancy but also virus spread. "I cannot tell you how anxious I feel... To have the funding carpet taken from under our feet just seems such an incredible travesty," said Bekker. The United States has for years been the biggest contributor to the global fight against HIV infection, accounting for about two-thirds of funding by governments. Last year, it contributed $4.9 billion (4.2 billion euros) to global HIV projects -- 7.5 times the amount provided by second-placed donor…... [read more]

NDO – It is crucial to implement preferential policies and comprehensive socio-economic policies more effectively, for people who have made meritorious contributions, while providing education and vocational training for national contributors and their relatives. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc made the above requirement during a conference held in the central Quang Nam province, on July 22, to honour contributors to the national revolution on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Wounded and Fallen Soldiers’ Day (July 27). At the event, the leaders of Quang Nam presented a summary of the 20 year implementation of preferential policies for national contributors in the province and honoured its localities for caring for wounded and fallen soldiers since the reestablishment of the province (1997). According to the report, Quang Nam has the largest number of policy beneficiaries across the nation, with the number of revolutionary contributors accounting for more than 23% of its population. The province has more than 65,400 martyrs and over 135,000 of their relatives; over 30,500 wounded soldiers and more than 45,300 people who have made contributions to the revolution. Notably, the province has 14,795 Vietnamese Heroic Mothers (13,881 passed away) and all of them are supported by the relevant agencies, units and enterprises. Speaking at the conference, on behalf of the Party and the State, PM Phuc showed his appreciation for the results achieved by Quang Nam in the work of paying gratitude to national contributors. The province is the first locale to advance the…... [read more]

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