AkzoNobel shows its true colours with innovative coating solutions

AkzoNobel, a leading paints and coatings company, has just introduced new products in the Dulux Professional portfolio for health and educational projects in Vietnam.

Pamela Phua, the new general manager of AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Vietnam, talked to VIR’s Trung Nguyen about Dulux Professional and the firm’s focus on sustainability.

What makes the new Dulux Professional portfolio more suitable for health and education projects?

In the current rapid development of the economy, welfare is one of our primary focuses. Healthcare and education are being improved and enhanced in terms of quality on a daily basis. The exterior and interior paint products of the recently launched Dulux Professional portfolio aim to bring elements of sustainability to healthcare and education projects. Dulux Professional Interior Anti-bacteria paint is safe and environmentally-friendly. In addition, by introducing Dulux Professional WeatherShield Creation to customers, we hope to bring new solutions to provide the aesthetic outlook of sand effects as well as unique and durable stone-like effects, while at the same time protecting the structure in all weather conditions.

Can you elaborate more on the sustainability of Dulux Professional products?

Optimising benefits for customers, along with having a positive impact on the surrounding environment, is our commitment to customers. Sustainability is in the DNA of our company. Therefore, our Dulux Professional portfolio was developed with advanced technology to provide sustainable, comprehensive, and professional solutions to every single project segment. We supply industries and customers around the world with innovative products and are passionate about creating everyday essentials, such as essential colour, essential ingredients, and essential protection. Our purpose is to help make lives more liveable and inspired.

What can you tell us about Planet Possible, AkzoNobel’s new commitment to sustainability?

Planet Possible is AkzoNobel’s commitment to doing more with less. At AkzoNobel, sustainability is business and business is sustainability. In order to secure our own business success – and that of our customers – we have to create more value from fewer resources. We have adopted a strategy of radical efficiency, which involves us working with customers and suppliers to open up infinite possibilities in a finite world.

How has AkzoNobel applied the Planet Possible commitment to its new products?

For Planet Possible, we focus on three standards:

Less Harm: We aim for sustainable development in each new formulation, reducing the volatile organic compound (VOC) content and carbon of each product, yet achieving high coverage.

High durability: The coating stays fresh-looking for longer.

Positive effects: We will keep improving and providing a variety of products with advanced functions, such as exterior paint with solar radiation and fire resistant qualities or interior paint with anti-bacterial attributes.

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