BKAV unveils second generation of made-in-Vietnam Bphone

There were over 47,000 computer viruses in Vietnam in 2009, up 30 percent from 2008, according to statistics from the Bach KHoa Internet Security Centre (BKIS).The most common targets of hackers include websites of internet service providers, financial companies, banks and governmental agencies. In November and December 2008, BKIS found 18 websites of government ministries and departments attacked by hackers. The director general of BKIS, Nguyen Tu Quang, said the sites were susceptible because companies lack security knowledge and fail to communicate their needs to the website builders. Quang called for more security regulations to be put in place and suggested that each department employ professional technicians to handle computer network administration and security.... [read more]

This is the view of Nguyen Tu Quang, director of the Bachkhoa Internet Security Centre (BKIS), who said Vietnam is enjoying an equal opportunity with other developing and developed countries around the world in developing information technology (IT). Moreover, Vietnamese people have a talent for developing Internet security. He highlighted Vietnam’s achievements in the IT sector, which has been widely recognized globally. In February 2009, BKIS experts detected mistakes in the security networks of several big computer makers, including Toshiba, Lenovo and Asus. Vietnam was the sole Asian representatives recently at the world’s largest security seminar, he added. Mr Quang revealed that Vietnamese IT experts were successful in uncovering the sources of attacks on websites in the US and the Republic of Korea. This success was praised by the worldwide media. The record shows that Vietnam’s anti-virus software is high-quality, better than that of many foreign countries. BKIS supplied anti-virus software free of charge from 1995 to 2005. Since 2005, the centre has commercialized its products. At present, BKIS’ anti-virus software receives 110,000 hits per day and is available in 103 countries and territories around the world.... [read more]

They included youth leader Pham Tuan Vu, university lecturer of geometry Tran Van Tan, Director General of the Ca Mau Gas company Tran Nhat Huy, policeman Vuong Trung Dung, border guard Nguyen Chi Ninh, chess player Le Quang Liem, and a secondary school pupil who won the UPU’s letter writing contest. Since its inception in 1996, the annual prize has recognized 140 young people, comprising 23 individuals in the education sector, 24 in the field of science and technology research, and 25 in defence and security. Many of the awardees have successfully advanced their careers to become role models for other youths to follow. Nguyen Viet Hoang, honoured in 2004, is the only Asian people to receive the exceptional economic scholarship from London University. Truong Dinh Anh, honouree of 1998, said he has been inspired greatly by the title. In fact, for the past 10 years, he has grown from a programmer to the position of Director General of prestigious FPT Group. Other successful recipients of the awards included Nguyen Tu Quang, who became Director General of the BKAV Internet Security Company, and Nguyen Thi Vinh, who is now Deputy Manager of the Thai Hung Trade Joint Stock Company.... [read more]

Cloud computing to revolutionise Vietnamese technology sector Best IT products and services honoured The complex, which will cover 2.3 ha, will include several buildings, including a research and development center, a software programming section and an internet security quick response center. “The new high tech complex will help us to become a leading internet security developer in the region within the next ten years.” said BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang. Quang said BKAV has already received an investment license for the project from Hoa Lac hi-tech park. The company aims to expand its business by developing other types of software, including administrative tools for the government. The 16 year-old firm, which employs over 1,100 personnel nationwide and registered an annual revenue growth rate of 30 percent, is also a prominent provider of e-signature services. Covering a total area of 1,568 ha, Hoa Lac hi-tech park is the largest in Vietnam, followed by Saigon and Danang hi-tech parks. The park has so far attracted 61 projects from domestic and international investors, including big names Vietel, VNPT, FPT, Nissan Techo and Noble. Establisher in 1998, the country’s first high tech park was planned as a model center for research and development of the IT and science sectors.... [read more]

The campaign will focus on educating computer shops on software piracy issues. Computer shops are the top priority since many personal computers are preloaded with unlicensed software, Copyright Office director general Vu Manh Chu told a recent press briefing in Hanoi. The campaign will aim to avert software piracy, by communicating to software retailers the need to respect copyright, as well as the potential consequences of software infringement. This campaign was kicked off initially in Hanoi and HCM City, intensifying the pressure on IT shops not to sell and install unlicensed software on computers before selling them to customers. Preinstalling illegal software on new computers encourages buyers to continue to use unlicensed software in the future. Many of these customers also have no idea that they have bought a computer preloaded with unlicensed software. So far this year, inspection teams have raided 21 businesses across the country, mostly in Hanoi and HCM City. They conducted a total of 111 raids last year, finding an infringement rate of 97-98 percent, according to the inspectorate of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Vietnamese law currently provides that violators of copyright are subject to a fine of VND50-500 million. While the software piracy rate in Vietnam has fallen from 92 percent in 2004 to 85 percent in 2009, it remains high, according to the Copyright Office. According to market research firm IDC, computer sales rose 41 percent during the period, with many preloaded with unlicensed software – a key factor in the…... [read more]

Domain Speculation, Causes And Solutions By Minh Ha Given the staggering growth of the Internet, disputes over domain names have been headaches for years but have yet to be thoroughly tackled by local users At the beginning of 2009, socbay.com of Naiscorp Information Technology Services Joint Stock Co., or Naiscorp, was attacked by hackers. The attack forced the search website to halt operation for only one day but a larger number of its customers turned to other suppliers. Because of this problem, Naiscorp was undervalued for the poor information confidential level, which has eroded its prestige. A representative of an enterprise trading in agro-products reported his company had received complaints from clients as its stolen international domain name had connected automatically with black websites. Declining to elaborate on specific loss figures, the representative only stated that his firm had changed all its domains into .vn for better management. Recently, Bkav Corporation has had no choice but to pay VND2.3 billion to re-purchase the international domain Bkav.com from an American company which had registerested the domain earlier. The firm’s general director Nguyen Tu Quang explained his business over 10 years ago had bought only the local Bkav.com.vn without having any intention of developing itself into an international brand. The above three cases are only among a series of troubles relating to domain names, featuring disputes over international domains, mainly .com, and the ignorance of domestic enterprises of domain posession as the most two popular characteristics. What are the causes? Many corporate…... [read more]

DDoS website hacker arrested By Van Oanh - The Saigon Times Daily HANOI - The Anti-Hi-Tech Crime Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security and the Bach Khoa Internetwork Security Center on Friday detained a high school student in the central province of Quang Nam on charges of attacking some websites in the past few days. "The attack comes from a thoughtless mind and we can easily trace the hacker like previous cases," said Vu Ngoc Son from the center. Tran Van Hoa, head of the Anti-Hi-Tech Crime Bureau, affirmed to take strong measures against such criminals while Internet violations have recently increased. "Following the draft law to be passed by the National Assembly next month, people using computer software to illegally control others' computer programs and networks would result in a fine of VND20-200 million or prison terms from one to five years," Hoa said. To deal with the attack, Nguyen Tu Quang, director of the center, advises enterprises to create an urgent defense system that provides selective access service for preventing all abnormal users, then inform police and IT specialists to find the saboteur as soon as possible.... [read more]

PC software piracy rate remains at 85% in 2008 By Tu Tam - The Saigon Times Daily HCMC - Software piracy in Vietnam resulted in US$257 million losses to the software industry last year, as the illicit trade remained high at 85%, according to the latest study released on Tuesday by the Business Software Alliance (BSA). Dao Anh Tuan, contracted representative of BSA in Vietnam, said in a statement that piracy was still rampant in the consumer market despite improvement in the corporate sector. "While efforts of the Anti-Piracy Partnership between the BSA, Vietnam Software Association (VINASA) and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism was successful in driving corporate end-user software piracy down, the growth of the consumer market had effectively negated the positive ground gained in the corporate sector," he said. As such, there is an urgent need to ensure greater cooperation between enforcement authorities and copyright owners to effectively strengthen protection for software copyright, he explained. Nguyen Tu Quang, CEO of Bkis, said that piracy of his company's software copyright may have resulted in huge losses for his business as well as reduced tax revenues for the government. "The high piracy rate affects software companies' development on one side, and the whole economy on the other side," said Quang. "Let's take Bkis as an example. If we can get legalization from 20% of all current users of our antivirus software, which is estimated at five million, at around US$20 per software unit, then Bkis will have additional…... [read more]

First Vietnamese software firms join BSA By Van Oanh - The Saigon Times Daily HANOI - Bach Khoa Internet Security Center, or Bkis, and Lac Viet Computer Joint Stock Co. have become the first Vietnamese firms to join the Business Software Alliance (BSA) whose members include leading IT firms Microsoft, Apple, Cisco and Adobe. Tuan noted that BSA only admitted potential enterprises with strong brands and widely used products. The recognition also marks an important step in Vietnam's efforts to raise awareness on software copyrights and intellectual properties. Vietnam still witnesses a high number of copyright violations that hurt the development of software makers and the economy, said Bkis general director Nguyen Tu Quang. If 20% of five million users in Vietnam pay copyright fees for the Bkis anti-virus software, Bkis would earn US$20 million more each year, he said. Bkis and Lac Viet will participate in BSA activities in the country and advise the Government on a software copyright protection strategy. BSA will provide anti-pirate investigation training for inspectors of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.... [read more]

Educational PC ViOlympic debuts By Van Oanh - The Saigon Times Daily HANOI, HCMC - Elead Joint Stock Co. has joined forces with the management board of the ViOlympic project and BKIS Center to debut the educational personal computer (PC) model named ViOlympic. ViOlympic is the sole model in the domestic market that is exclusively installed with ViOlympic software used as a trainer for the contest, which is offered by FPT Visky Joint Stock Co. The application for ViOlympic includes Myeqtext software allowing users to type mathematical formulas conveniently to learn math more effectively and be well-prepared for the contest. The PC is also unique for what BKIS Center has developed for it: the licensed antivirus software BkavPro 2009 with an additional firewall system named Parental Control. The firewall system can help parents monitor their children while they are surfing the net and keep them away from unwholesome websites by setting up a password for unhealthy internet access, said BKIS director Nguyen Tu Quang. The new model is available in both desktop and laptop versions with prices at VND4.6 million, VND7 million and VND8.9 million for desktops and VND9.8 million and VND11.4 million for laptops. Authorized distributors of ViOlympic are those under the Education Publishing House including Nation Books Joint Stock Co., Danang Education Books Joint Stock Co. and HCMC Education Books Joint Stock Co. who will be responsible for sales in the Northern, Central and Southern regions respectively.... [read more]

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