Buffalo kills one, seriously injures another in Ha Tinh

Long Bien JSC (Lobico) is ready to transfer back the land the golf course is currently situated on at the government’s request, so long as it receives compensation for the huge investment earmarked for the project, company deputy chairman Tran Van Tinh has said. Tinh currently owns a 48.5% stake in Lobico, the owner of the 36-hole Tan Son Nhat Golf Course. The facility is said to occupy a huge space that should otherwise have been allocated to the overloaded Tan Son Nhat International Airport which is to be expanded. The airport currently receives 32 million passengers per annum, compared to its design capacity of 25 million. “If the government wants to revoke [our] project to serve eco-social development or national defense, any business should comply to the request, and we will do the same with the Tan Son Nhat Golf Course,” Tinh told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper. Even though Lobico has channeled investment worth trillions of dong into the project, Tinh said that he would not be upset if the golf course was withdrawn. (VND1 trillion = US$44.05 million) “I do not feel anything abnormal,” he said. “Businesses have to be ready to take risks, especially policy risks, on every investment and this is the case here.” Tinh added that some of the Lobico shareholders may be sad, “but things will be alright.” The Lobico deputy chairman claimed that he had nothing to worry about as the golf course has been…... [read more]

Tran Uyen Phuong, deputy general director of Tan Hiep Phat Group, Vietnam’s largest beverage company, shares with VIR’s Kim Duc the core values behind the company’s growth and its corporate social responsibility record, particularly the smart usage of water resources in production, looking for sustainable development. Tran Uyen Phuong, deputy general director of Tan Hiep Phat Group How do you perceive the current state of water environment and the importance of fresh water usage in Vietnam? Water is an essential resource in people’s lives as well as production activities. We are encountering a dearth of water resources or increasing contamination, particularly in urban and industrial zones. Contaminated water resources have become commonplace in big cities and rural areas. This can be attributed to a combination of factors: climate change implications on the global scale, industrial wastewater being discharged directly into the environment or the inefficient treatment of human or animal (cattle) waste due to backward infrastructure in remote localities. Overuse of plant protection products, such as pesticides in agricultural production, has also led to rivers, lakes, and canals becoming seriously polluted, directly affecting people’s health and production activities, and badly impacting on the nation’s economic development. Is the sustainable development target the core reason for Tan Hiep Phat’s spending hundreds of millions of US dollars on employing state-of-the art Aseptic technology for production? From early years, Tan Hiep Phat has been pursuing the…... [read more]

The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) has requested all public educational establishments to refrain from collecting fees other than tuition fees in the 2017-18 school year. MoET ask schools to impose tuition fees not exceeding the tuition fee cap regulated by the Government. - Illustrative Photo vov.vn The school year officially starts at the beginning of September. Extra fees have been a lingering problem for students at schools of all levels in Việt Nam. In many cases, extra fees imposed on students, such as fees for upgrading classroom facilities, fees to renovate school infrastructure and fees for extra classes, far exceed the actual tuition fee. According to the new request, the MoET also asked schools to impose tuition fees not exceeding the tuition fee cap regulated under Government’s Decree 86/2015/NĐ-CP, which prescribes collection and management of tuition fees of educational establishments under the national educational system. Schools are requested to abide by MoET’s policy for tuition fee exemption, reduction and support from the 2015-16 school year to the 2020-21 school year. They should set up transparent in-house expenditure mechanisms and publicise them so that staff, students and other organisations can monitor their activities, the MoET said. Localities are responsible for monitoring educational establishments under their management and can order disciplinary actions against organisations or individuals violating the regulations. Source VNA ... [read more]

Growth cannot be sustainable in APEC economies unless it is economically, financially and socially inclusive, experts said at a symposium held yesterday in HCM City. Participants take part in a symposium held yesterday in HCM City as part of the third APEC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM-3). They discussed economic, financial and social inclusion in APEC economies. - VNS Photo Gia Lộc Bùi Thanh Sơn, deputy minister of Việt Nam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and chair of the APEC Senior Officials Meeting, said: “Economic growth is important in improving everyone’s living standards, but it is not an end in itself.” “Current realities in our region show that we cannot pursue growth at any cost without knowing who will benefit from it, or how socially, economically and financially sustainable it is,” Sơn said. “It is also clear that growth will neither reach its full potential nor will it be sustainable if it is not inclusive.” To strengthen APEC’s role as a driving force of global growth, all segments of society should be brought on board, he added. While APEC has made many efforts to promote inclusion, significant gaps remain between what APEC has done and the expectations of the public, according to Sơn. “There is currently no holistic set of policies in APEC to promote economic, financial and social inclusion, while these three pillars are mutually dependent and mutually reinforcing,” he said. A…... [read more]

At the ceremony, 72 science and technology innovations selected from 141 works given by ministries, localities and VUSTA member organisations were honored. The initiatives dealt mostly with socio-economic development in remote and island areas, healthcare, and the environment.  In his address, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc called for stronger measures to promote human resource training and attract talents, including overseas Vietnamese. “Renovation and creativity will help a country secure fast and sustainable growth in the context of the 4th industrial revolution. We promise to create the best conditions for scientific and technological development.  The Government has made due investment in science and technology and creates the best possible conditions for scientists to uphold their talents and creativity," the cabinet leader said. President of the VFF Central Committee Tran Thanh Man said the book covers valuable initiatives to support the community, dealing with healthcare improvement, environmental protection, and socio-economic development in disadvantaged border, sea and island areas. Also at the ceremony, the VFF leader launched an emulation movement to promote innovation, enhance productivity, product quality for international integration among society, especially intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and workers at home and abroad. The book was published by the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA).... [read more]

Hundreds of guests lined up on August 25 evening at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Hanoi to receive the Vietnamese versions of four newly translated classic and contemporary Russian literary works (Photo: VNA) Hanoi (VNA) - Four new classical and contemporary Russian literary works have been translated into Vietnamese, making them available for local readers. The publications include Dau xanh tuoi tre (The raw youth) written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky; and the comedy in verse Kho vi tri tue (Woe from wit) written by Alexander Griboyedov, which satirises the society of post-Napoleonic Moscow. Additionally, two contemporary short story collections by several Russian writers were also translated into Vietnamese. They are Kinh nghiem tinh ai (Love experience) and Doi canh (Wings). The publication of the books is part of a long-term project, which has been jointly carried out since 2012, on translating literature from Russian into Vietnamese and vice versa, under the patronage of Russia’s President Putin, said Russian Ambassador to Vietnam Konstantin Vasilevich Vnukov at the book launching ceremony last week. The project has been carried out by the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Hanoi, the Vietnam-Russia Literature Fund and well-known Vietnamese translators. Translator Hoang Thuy Toan, director of the Vietnam-Russia Literature Fund emphasised that Russian literature has had a great influence on shaping the style of many Vietnamese writers. “Russian culture has a lasting vitality in the hearts of the Vietnamese people. I believe that the cooperation in culture and literature will be the basis for the…... [read more]

The New York-based Institute for Vietnamese Culture and Education (IVCE) has called for donations to support poor students in rural villages of Quang Ngai and Lam Dong provinces for the new school-year. Copies of the Pattie De La Conchinchine, an 1827 map printed in the six-volume World Atlas (Atlas universel) by Belgium cartographer Phillippe Vandermaelen (1795-1869), set to be auctioned to raise funds for students in Quang Ngai and Lam Dong. President of the Institute, Tran Thang told Viet Nam News that they aim to raise VNĐ200 million (US$8,800) to support 200 students in the two provinces. He said the institute will present pens from former US President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden. The American-Vietnamese man also said the institute will auction copies of the ancient map of Hoang Sa (Paracels), in the 1827-published maps of Phillipe Vandermaelen. Thang said each copy sized 40cm by 60cm will cost a donation of VNĐ1 million ($44.2), equal to a scholarship. The map, drawn by Philippe Vandermaelen, founder of the Belgium Royal Geographical Society, indicates that the central coast of Viet Nam stretched from the 12th parallel (in the area of what is now Khanh Hoa Province), to the 16th parallel (Quang Nam Province). IVCE, a New York non-profit organisation founded in 2000, aims to raise awareness about Vietnamese culture and expand the educational opportunities of Vietnamese students. It also promotes Vietnamese culture and education in the US and abroad. Donors can support at http://www.ivce.org/support.php.  VNS... [read more]

Bayer and Johnson & Johnson’s blockbuster clot prevention drug Xarelto was shown to cut the risk of potentially deadly strokes and heart attacks in patients with severe atherosclerosis by 24 percent, raising the prospects of billions more in sales. FILE PHOTO: Members of the supervisory board of German pharmaceutical and chemical maker Bayer AG are silhouetted against the company's logo at the annual general shareholders meeting in Bonn, Germany, April 28, 2017. Xarelto is already approved for a number of cardiovascular conditions and prevention of strokes caused by atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heart beat common among the elderly, is the main profit driver. Now the drug could potentially be used on 30 million additional patients in its largest national markets, once regulators give their go-ahead for the atherosclerosis indication, Bayer said. That would come on top of a population of roughly 25 million patients in atrial fibrillation. In the irregular heart beat market, Xarelto is head to head with rival pill Eliquis, owned by Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb, and also competes with Boehringer Ingelheim’s Pradaxa, but none of them have been tested in the atherosclerosis setting, mainly because of concerns over side effects. The results strengthen Bayer’s drugs division, which some investors say could be drained of funding amid the planned $66 billion takeover of U.S. seeds maker Monsanto. But the trial success still leaves Bayer exposed to a major slump in sales when Xarelto’s U.S. patent runs out in 2024. So far there is no strong contender…... [read more]

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has asked the Viet Nam Environment Administration (VEA) to co-operate with Khanh Hoa Province’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment to clarify the case of 10 nix waste tankers’ disappearance.  The disappearance of Huyndai Vinashin (HVS)’s 10 nix waste tankers remains unknown. The main reason, as detected, is the company’s inability to control those ships’ routes to cement factories in the past four years, the Youth newspaper reported. Nix grains or copper slag used in ship repair were imported from South Korea. Nix waste is a hazardous material, which have to be directly transported to cement factories for treatment. However, in reality, two-thirds of HVS’s partners to process nix waste are just brokers. Unable to process used nix grains, Huyndai Vinashin signed contracts to transfer the waste to three partners as cement material at the price of VNĐ63,000 (US$3) per ton. However, there is no single regulation in the contracts that requests vehicles transporting the waste to use GPS which is supposed to help monitor the transportation and destination of the nix waste. Therefore, during the past four years, 309 tankers carrying about 400,000 tonnes of nix waste had sailed on the sea without any management. “If we see any non-cooperation from our partners, HVS will liquidate the contracts,” Kim Chang Gyu, head of Huyndai Vinashin’s General Department, told the newspaper. “Huyndai Vinashin has to hold responsible for nix grains as they are the sources of this waste,” said Hoang Duong Tung, deputy…... [read more]

Delegates at the symposium (Photo: VNA) HCM City (VNA) – Growth cannot be sustainable unless it is economically, financially and socially inclusive, APEC officials said at a symposium in Ho Chi Minh City on August 28. In his opening remarks at the “Symposium on Promoting Economic, Financial and Social Inclusion in APEC”, Permanent Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam Bui Thanh Son, who is also APEC 2017 SOM Chair, said that  economic inclusion provides access to economic opportunity for all members of society to meaningfully participate in the economic life of their economy as employers, entrepreneurs, consumers and citizens. Financial inclusion provides access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs, such as transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance, which are delivered in a responsible and sustainable way, he said.   [APEC economies share experience in engaging in RTAs/FTAs] Meanwhile, social inclusion is the process of improving the terms for individuals and groups to take part in society. Social inclusion aims to empower all members of society to take advantage of burgeoning global opportunities and enhance equity, he added. According to the Deputy Minister, equal attention should be paid to three dimensions of economic, financial and social inclusion. Effectiveness of each dimension would be reduced if the other two are not keeping pace. Conversely, enhanced effectiveness of one dimension will feed into the other two. It is therefore imperative for APEC to take a strategic and holistic approach to inclusion. …... [read more]

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