Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam NA committees strengthen cooperation

NDO/VNA – The Committees for Foreign Affairs of the National Assemblies of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (CLV) have pledged to strengthen coordination for the purpose of increasing the role of the legislatures in implementing the agreements and development initiatives signed by the three countries’ governments, based on the trilateral traditional friendship and cooperation.

The trio signed a joint declaration in the field at their sixth meeting, which wrapped up in Vientiane, Laos, on August 3.

During the two-day event, delegates discussed policies and laws relating to illegal travelling, migration and marriage of citizens in the CLV Development Triangle Area, as well as the measures needed to promote peace, security and development in the region.

They exchanged their views on stepping up their coordination to prevent drug and human trafficking, cross-border crimes and terrorism, whilst scrutinising explosives left over from war in the CLV Development Triangle.

Participants also discussed the sustainable use, management and protection of water resources and natural resources in the Mekong River region, along with measures to cope with climate change and ensure effective water and geological management in each nation.

They welcomed the joint declaration, which includes part of the content of the eighth Summit of the CLV Development Triangle Area held in Vientiane, Laos, in 2014, and the ninth Summit of the CLV Development Triangle Area in Seam Reap, Cambodia, in 2016, and other meetings between the three countries.

The three sides recognised the efforts of the joint coordination committee in building an action plan for 2030 which will connect the three economies and a development scheme for the rubber industry in 2020, along with an agreement to promote and facilitate trade in the CLV Development Triangle Area.

They supported the committee in establishing a taskforce to draft a joint tourism development plan and study the expansion of cooperation in the CLV Development Triangle Area, as well as defining priority socio-economic development projects to promote trade with development partners and financial institutions.

They expressed their support for the adoption of projects on infrastructure development in order to facilitate trade, investment, tourism and transport of goods and exchanges among the CLV people.

They suggested intensifying cooperation in infrastructure development, trade, investment, tourism, education and culture, and in combating smuggling, and various other kinds of crimes to ensure border order and security.

The trio also called for an increase in the responsibility of authorities at all levels and to develop human resources to boost people-to-people exchanges.

The seventh meeting of the CLV National Assemblies’ Committees for Foreign Affairs will take place in Vietnam in 2019.

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