Citi named Best Corporate and Institutional Digital Bank

Sacombank opens branch in Cambodia The Vietnamese bank met all the criteria for value brands, financial performance, sustainability of revenues, the viability of retail strategy, sales capability, capacity, risk management processes and information technology, the abundance of products and services, capable of penetrating the retail market, human resources and development potential in the future. Sacombank was the only bank in Vietnam to be given the Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards by the magazine. The Asian Banker is one of the world’s leading magazines for strategic information on financial services in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. Sacombank was previously awarded the Best Foreign Exchange Provider 2012 by the Global Finance magazine in the US.... [read more]

Citi has become the first financial institution in Vietnam to launch Voice Biometrics Authentication Technology to enhance customers experience and banking security for its consumers in Vietnam. Earlier this year, Citi introduced Touch ID, a technology that uses finger print to verify customers using Mobile Banking on iPhone. With this technology, customers do not have to memorise username and password, all is needed is a fingerprint, enhancing customer experience and reducing chances of forgetting username and password. To further improve customer convenience, Citi also introduced Snap Shot feature on Mobile Banking (available on all smartphones), provides customers the quick view brief summary of all their accounts with Citi without having to logon. Now with the roll out of Voice Biometric which serves customers who call Citi call center, this technology is to replace the current system that involves remembering multiple personal identification number (PINs) and personal questions. Once again, Citi is the first and only financial institution in Vietnam and Asia to introduce this cutting edge technology into its daily banking activities. “Biometrics will play a critical part in the future of banking and Citi is paving the way locally as a premier global digital banking leader,” said Natasha Ansell, Citi country officer for Vietnam. “Call centers receive increasing numbers of calls annually, of which a large portion are manually verified. We are relentlessly focused on making it more convenient for our customers to bank with us. With voice biometrics authentication, we will make the verification process easier, faster, and…... [read more]

Global Finance Magazine announced its 2016 best digital bank awards and Citi Vietnam was recognised as Best Digital Bank for Consumer Banking and Best Digital Bank for Corporate/Institutional Banking at the same time. In the country awards for consumer banking, Citi was named best digital bank in Australia, India, Philippines and Vietnam. At a regional level, Citi was named Best Consumer Bank site. Meanwhile, the country awards for Corporate/Institutional Banking, Citi was named best digital bank in Australia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. In the regional sub categories Citi was named best digital bank for Trade Finance, Corporate Banking, Information Security, Treasury Services, Mobile Banking and Best Mobile Banking app. “These awards are a welcome recognition of our progress in digital banking and especially mobile banking services,” said Natasha Ansell, managing director and Citi country officer for Vietnam. “In Vietnam, we are seeing strong growth in client penetration and usage across our franchise. Technology and digitisation are transforming the way in which we serve our customers. Our priority is to ensure we are offering the best customer experience to our retail and institutional clients and digital banking has become a clear differentiating factor, which will continue to gain prominence in the coming years.” By Tay Lan... [read more]

ANZ has been singled out for its product innovation in the “The Innovators” special June edition of Global Finance magazine. The solutions, in particular, enable clients to automate a large amount of payments and collections. Many companies have traditionally reconciled their payments manually, physically reviewing data and matching individual transactions with their ledgers. The automated solutions thus help customers save costs, build scale, increase speed and improve accuracy. “This product innovation is not just a leading solution for the Greater Mekong; it is a market-leading cash management solution for the banking industry. This recognition reflects our efforts to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ objectives and we are proud to successfully introduce this automated reconciliation technology – which was built in Australia – to the Greater Mekong region,” noted ANZ CEO Vietnam and head of the Greater Mekong Region Dennis Hussey. “This is a strong differentiation for ANZ in an area that continues to be a challenge for many corporates,” said Aseem Goyal, ANZ head of Transaction Banking, Vietnam and Greater Mekong, adding that “our receivable management solution further demonstrates how we’re bringing leading technology from other parts of our geographic network and localising it to meet the unique requirements of our customers in Vietnam and the Greater Mekong region.” “The Innovators - Transaction Services” is Global Finance magazine’s annual listing of global firms that are engendering innovation in treasury and transaction processing. This recognition follows ANZ recently being named “Best Trade Finance Bank in Vietnam” for the second consecutive…... [read more]

Inflation must be kept under five percent, demands Deputy PM Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue has affirmed the Government’s resolve to keep inflation at between 4-5 percent for the whole year following consecutive consumer price index (CPI) increases in the period from January to May. According to the General Statistics Office (GSO), the CPI in May rose 0.54 percent against the previous month and 2.28 percent against the same period last year. For the whole five months, the CPI has upped 1.88 percent. The agency said the CPI hike in May is the highest in the past five years, caused by the simultaneous price increase in 11 groups of goods from the previous month. Talking with the press, Deputy PM Hue said 2016 saw several factors that can push up the CPI, including rising oil prices and the upward revision of some public services such as education. The ongoing drought and saline intrusion has also pushed the prices of agricultural products higher. At a recent meeting of the Price Steering Committee, the Deputy PM urged more rapid and accurate forecast and analysis as well as closer coordination of sectors and fiscal and monetary policies in order to contain the CPI rise below five percent The Deputy PM asked relevant ministries and agencies to finalise and issue documents on price management within their realm of responsibility. For some essential goods like oil and petrol, the Deputy PM asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade to work with the Ministry of…... [read more]

Govt: Put BOT power projects on fast track A report of the Government Office said Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has told ministries and agencies to accelerate the licensing of BOT power projects involving capable investors and at the same time consider invalidating the investment certificates of delayed projects. Dung has assigned the Ministry of Industry and Trade to cooperate with relevant agencies in finding ways to handle power projects that have fallen behind schedule and take back the licenses of projects whose investors have failed to fulfil their investment commitments in line with the Prime Minister's instruction specified in the Government Office's announcement in November 2015. The ministry is tasked with reviewing the licensed BOT power projects and reporting to the Prime Minister about solutions to deal with delayed ones. Based on demand and the number of power projects in the revised Power Master Zoning Plan VII, the ministry should propose a suitable proportion of BOT power projects in the country's power structure. The Government tells the ministry to play a key role in contract negotiations over projects to be implemented under the BOT format and with Government guarantees, and conclusion of talks for power projects Nghi Son 2, Vung Ang 2, Vinh Tan 3 and Van Phong 1 this year. Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister requests the Ministry of Planning and Investment to work with the Ministry of Industry and Trade over contract negotiations for Government-guaranteed BOT power projects and the issuance of licenses for viable projects.…... [read more]

ANZ has been awarded "Best Trade Finance Bank in Vietnam" and "Best Trade Finance Client Solution in Vietnam" in The Asset’s Triple A Treasury, Trade and Risk Management Awards 2016. "This year’s awards highlight consistent and prestigious recognition for our Trade Finance capability in Vietnam, as voted by our corporate clients and industry peers ANZ," said CEO Vietnam, Dennis Hussey. "Our connectivity and commitment to Asia, including Vietnam, is a key competitive advantage and makes us relevant to clients driven by regional trade and capital flows." "Our extensive network of trade specialists have adopted a solution-led approach, built close relationships with our customers and really understand their business strategy and needs. The client solution award is a strong proof point and proud achievement for the team," Aseem Goyal, ANZ Head of Transaction Banking, Vietnam, said. This year, ANZ was also honoured by The Asset in various product areas and client segments across Australia, Singapore and Cambodia. The Asset Triple A Treasury, Trade & Risk Management Awards celebrate Asian corporations and banking institutions that have executed the most effective and innovative treasury, cash management, capital and trade finance and risk management solutions in the region. The results are based on the responses of over 700 chief financial officers and treasurers. ANZ was one of the first foreign banks in Vietnam when it opened in 1993. The ANZ Vietnam franchise supports retail and wealth customers, institutional clients, financial institutions and public sector clients. In February 2016, ANZ was named "Best Trade Finance…... [read more]

ANZ has been named as “Best Trade Finance Bank in Vietnam” in the World’s Best Trade Finance Providers Awards 2016 by Global Finance magazine. ANZ Vietnam CEO Dennis Hussey said: “The prestigious award recognises ANZ’s market leading position and our team’s expertise in Trade Finance services. More importantly, the recognition reflects our customers’ confidence in banking with us”. “With an extensive network of trade specialists, the ability to connect and build close relationships with customers across 34 markets, as well as a strong commitment to Asia and Vietnam in particular, we deliver our customers with the best trade finance solutions in market,” said Aseem Goyal, ANZ’s head of Global Transaction Banking, Vietnam and Greater Mekong. This year, ANZ was also honoured by Global Finance as Best Trade Finance Bank in Australia, New Zealand and Cambodia. The editorial review board of Global Finance selected the best trade finance providers based on input from industry analysts, corporate executives and technology experts. In addition, a poll of Global Finance’s readership was conducted in order to increase the accuracy and reliability of the results. Criteria for choosing the winners included: transaction volume, scope of global coverage, customer service, competitive pricing and innovative technologies. These awards have become a trusted standard of excellence for the global financial community. ANZ was one of the first foreign banks in Vietnam when it opened in 1993. The ANZ Vietnam franchise supports customers from the Retail & Wealth, Consumer Finance, Institutional client group, Financial Institution & Public Sector. ANZ…... [read more]

Standard Chartered Bank is boosting its online banking services in Vietnam and around the world to better serve client needs. Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam illustration photo This move is in-line with the fact that clients and customers today expect maximum simplicity in their transactions from the comfort of their homes or through their smartphones. They also expect their transactions to be processed efficiently, error free and with the highest level of security, while banks have to strike a balance between client needs and regulatory requirements. "The biggest obstacle for banks is their mindset. The new digital generation thinks and behaves very differently than we did in the past. Internet, smartphones and social media have revolutionised the whole paradigm of banking and payments," said Standard Chartered Vietnam's CEO Nirukt Sapru. Investment and growth into digital banking is now at the top of Standard Chartered's agenda worldwide and in Vietnam. This focus was recognised when the bank was named Best Consumer Internet Bank in Vietnam for the third consecutive year by Global Finance Magazine, a world leading economic and financial publication. "This clearly established Standard Chartered as the leader in the digital arena. Vietnam is a fast growing country with a young, literate, and internet savvy population. It is only natural that they have online and mobile conveniences. As a result of this insight, we invested early in the right capabilities," Sapru explained. Standard Chartered Vietnam reported that it has consistently upgraded its digital platform for online and mobile banking, SMS, and…... [read more]

Citi Vietnam has been recognised as "Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank in Vietnam by Global Finance magazine's 2014 World's Best Internet Banks competition, for the third consecutive year. The bank has won this award on the merit of first-class electronic banking solutions that are simpler and more accessible, and giving clients greater visibility and enhanced decision making abilities anytime and anywhere. "Internet banking has revolutionised how most businesses operate in Vietnam, and third consecutive Best Corporate/ Institutional Internet Bank award signifies our stronghold in this essential segment," said Dennis Hussey, managing director and Citi country officer for Vietnam. He said the award was an excellent recognition of the Citi's commitment to be the leading digital bank and its dedication to deliver world-class technology to corporate and institutional clients in the country. Winners for the Global Finance awards were chosen among entries evaluated by a world-class panel of judges at Infosys, a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing. In addition to Vietnam, Citi swept another 13 country awards in "Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Banks", including Australia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand, as well as the "Best Investment Management Services" and "Best in Mobile Banking" in the regional sub-categories. Coupled with that, Citi won country awards in the "Best Consumer Internet Banks" category in Australia, China, India and Thailand, and regional sub-category awards in "Best Web Site Design" and "Best SMS/Text Banking". "Consumer preferences are changing, and a generational shift in behavior is…... [read more]

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