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Vietnamese language preserved abroad Delegates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also attended the event, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Overseas Vietnamese (OV) from Poland, Germany, Laos, France, the US, the Czech Republic and Russia. Delegates emphasised the role of OV’s in preserving and developing the country’s culture and language. With about 4.5 million OVs globally, the community has not only shown solidarity, but also advertised Vietnam’s landscape and people all over the world. Nguyen Thanh Son, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, noted that economic integration and cultural exchange have many impacts on multi-faceted aspects of life. According to culturist Huu Ngoc, second and third generations of OVs are appearing. He proposed to establish Vietnamese cultural houses in foreign countries to preserve Vietnam’s cultural values for the next generation of OVs. Delegates also raised the question about clarifying concepts of national values under the circumstances of modern life and urbanisation that are having great influence on Vietnamese lives.... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge - If I were to choose one person to accompany visitors on their first trip to Viet Nam, my choice would be Huu Ngoc. If I were to choose one book for those about to visit Viet Nam or those unable to visit, my choice would be Huu Ngoc's Viet Nam: Tradition and Change. At age ninety-eight by Western counting (ninety-nine accord¬ing to Vietnamese), Huu Ngoc is among Viet Nam's most famous general scholars. Born with limited eyesight, he reads by holding a text three inches from his near-sighted eye. Yet with his unusual linguistic ability, prodigious memory, and his longevity, he is among Viet Nam's keenest observers of traditional Vietnamese culture and recent history. For twenty years, Huu Ngoc wrote a Sunday column in French for Le Courrier du Vietnam (The Viet Nam Mail). An Eng¬lish version appeared as "Traditional Miscellany" in Viet Nam News, the national English-language newspaper. He collected 1,255 pages from these essays into Wandering through Vietnamese Culture, the only English-language book to win Viet Nam's Gold Book Prize. Viet Nam: Tradition and Change is a selection from the many treasures in Wandering through Vietnamese Culture. Huu Ngoc was born on Hang Gai (Hemp Market) Street in Ha Noi's Old Quarter in 1918, when Viet Nam did not yet have its own name on world maps. At that time, the French name for Viet Nam was Annam, which was also the French name for one of Viet Nam's three regions-Tonkin (Bac Ky, the Northern…... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge – Master of Culture Huu Ngoc's life is a bridge that connects Vietnamese culture with the world. Though he is nearing his 100th year, he still has a great passion for writing and research. Huu Ngoc was born in 1918 in Bac Ninh Province. He has a profound knowledge of French, English, German, and ancient Chinese. Ngoc wrote regularly for more than a decade for the column "Chronique" in Le Courier du Vietnam and Vietnam News. Each of his pieces is a little story that takes the readers from one surprise to another in the rich Vietnamese culture. He is a culturist whose research covers Vietnamese culture, Oriental culture, and the cultures of Western countries. Born and raised in Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh province, a cradle of Vietnamese culture, Huu Ngoc showed a great passion for culture from a young age. Later, he had many opportunities to travel, which gave him an opportunity to introduce Vietnamese culture to international friends. Ngoc has given talks about culture to thousands of foreigners who have shown a special interest in the formation, development and characteristics of Vietnamese culture. Mr. Huu Ngoc said "The most important thing is to talk about culture in an interesting and informal way. I still remembered talking to a group of 100 Australian education officials about Vietnamese culture. Afterwards they said they really loved Vietnam. It is necessary to adopt the presentation to different listeners. Specific examples and comparisons between cultures are the keys to making it…... [read more]

Chi Lan HA NOI (VNS) - The recent arrest of a Vietnamese man living in Germany for the "crime" of killing and eating a cat has stirred up a lively debate among netizens in his homeland. Mostly, the justification provided by the culprit has provoked as much outrage as the "crime" itself. Tran Qui, who has been residing in Rhineland Town for the last two years, admitted to killing and barbecueing his neighbour's cat in mid-September, attributing his action to a longing for "the tastes of home." He is now being investigated for breach of animal cruelty laws and hygiene regulations that forbid consuming pets as food. Qui could face up to three years in jail if charged and found guilty. Apart from the predictable wrath of Westerners, Qui's confession drew considerable flak from his countrymen for bringing the homeland's cuisine into disrepute. "He could not get over his personal cravings and broke the law. What is worse is that he used his nationality to justify his action," said travel and food blogger Duong Vu Hoang Anh. The sale and consumption of cat meat has been banned in Viet Nam since 1998, and there is no real evidence that cat meat is a part of Vietnamese food culture. The idea was backed by famous author and culturist Huu Ngoc. "Only a minority of Vietnamese eat cat meat. It is not a cultural dish," he said. A rapid online survey of about 3,000 people carried out by the Thanh Nien (Young…... [read more]

Overseas student sings, causes stir on YouTube A Vietnamese student studying music in the UK has recently caused a stir on the Internet with his version of several US hits. The video clip "I'm yours and Price Tag Medley" of 19-year-old Nguyen Tung Duong has gained 200,000 views and 2,000 likes from YouTube users since being posted September 8. Although the video was made amateurishly in only one day, it gets positive reviews. "Though you guy is not a professional artist, this is good. I'll be waiting for your next song," a YouTube user nicknamed haibuoitn100 commented. In the video, Duong sings two songs of singers Jason Mars and Jessi J to try to win a girl's heart. "I'm studying song writing so that I can sing my own pop - ballad and R&B songs," Duong shared his intention. Duong said singing English songs improves his pronunciation, makes him confident and become more outgoing. Born in 1992 into a family of Bat Trang ceramic craftsmen in Hanoi, Duong said he inherited his father's singing voice. In 2008, he won the English singing contest "Let's Get Loud" in Hanoi. Duong is now studying music and performing arts at Hammersmith College. Sharing volunteer stories to win prizes To recognize the important work of volunteers in local communities, the LIN Center for Community Development has launched the 2011 Volunteer Stories Competition themed 'The Power of Sharing'. The competition aims to highlight the positive impact of volunteers as they share their resources, time, expertise,…... [read more]

The book written by 89-year-old Vietnamese culturist Huu Ngoc has been republished many times in English and French. He has left for Ho Chi Minh City to meet readers and the press there. The book is the first Vietnamese work written in English to obtain the gold prize in 2006. "Wandering through Vietnamese Culture" has been hailed as a masterpiece by readers at home and abroad. Thai journalist Don Pathan comments that despite many ups and downs in Vietnam caused by foreigners for decades, Huu Ngoc succeeds in convincing readers that in the country of more than 80 million people, there still exists a flourishing and unique culture. Historian Phan Huy Le affirms that Huu Ngoc is a writer, a famous journalist for his works which introduce foreign culture to Vietnam and vice versa. In "Wandering through Vietnamese Culture" the author details daily realities in Vietnam to guide readers back to the roots to study the uniqueness of Vietnamese culture. Born in 1918 in Hanoi, culturist Huu Ngoc is the author of a number of newspapers' articles, works on other countries' culture. He is very fluent in French, English, German, and Chinese. His works include Swedish Culture, American Culture File, Outline of Vietnam's culture's portrait, Discovery of Vietnam's culture and Outline of French culture's portrait. Source: vnexpress Translated by Mai Huong... [read more]

A romantic and graceful Hanoi in the past is reflected fully and clearly via 55 large-size coloured photos which are expressed by a three-dimensional language (a technology of processing images in three dimensions) and shown at the exhibition titled "Hanoi, Visions of Time" at 29 Hang Bai Street, Hanoi. A romantic and graceful Hanoi in the past is reflected fully and clearly via 55 large-size coloured photos which are expressed by a three-dimensional language (a technology of processing images in three dimensions) and shown at the exhibition titled "Hanoi, Visions of Time" at 29 Hang Bai Street, Hanoi. Many people visited the exhibition, not only to see images of Hanoi in the past but also to access to the 3D world. Although there had been many exhibitions on Hanoi, the "Hanoi, Visions of Time" exhibition left a touching impression on viewers. Each house and each street in Hanoi is reflected lively and impressively in different angles, depths, layers and lights. Historian Duong Trung Quoc said: "The exhibition has a visual, vivid and close effect. It leaves a strong and emotional impression on viewers, especially on people who have lived in Hanoi for a long time". Viewing the 3D digital images of Hanoi of 50 years and even more than 100 years ago, people who love Hanoi and are closely connected to it will realize the eternal values of the photos. The exhibition was initiated by six boys and two girls (one of them is Lena Hermann from Germany) who are…... [read more]

The Master of Culture Huu Ngoc was born in 1918 in Hanoi. Even though he has exceeded the benchmark of seventies, he still marches on and keeps writing steadily. His life is just like a bridge that spans the national culture with the world, and the world with Vietnam. The Master of Culture Huu Ngoc was born in 1918 in Hanoi. Even though he has exceeded the benchmark of seventies, he still marches on and keeps writing steadily. His life is just like a bridge that spans the national culture with the world, and the world with Vietnam. Pages with distinctive cultural colors With a profound knowledge and conversant with French, English, German and ancient Chinese, he has, for more than 50 years of penmanship, made contributions to the rich treasure of national culture. His books include " A Sketch of French Culture", " the North European Skies ", " Swedish Culture", " Archives of American Culture ", " Key to Know and Understand Laos ", and many others. He has also written regularly over more than a decade for the column "Chronique" on Le Courier du Vietnam - Dimanche and Vietnam News. His articles are light and immense, but imply so many things, interesting and beautiful, of a culture. He always bases himself on the historical sources to bring forth from myths and legends, fetes and festivals, culinary art and spiritual life to the fateful affairs of the nation. Each of his writings is a little story that takes…... [read more]

A chaotic stampede is seen at a spring festival in Hanoi.  The ministry has requested government directions on its initiative, and will unveil the first draft of the decree before 2018 should the plan be given the green light, said Trinh Thi Thuy, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Elaborating on its decision, the ministry said some local festivals have recently been criticized for their violent and offensive content. Chaotic stampedes, brutal rites, widespread panhandling and price-gouging have been named among the issues yet to be solved of many traditional festivals across Vietnam. Meanwhile, a lack of legal documentation governing the organization of festivals has posed a challenge to authorities in cracking down on them, the ministry pointed out. In its upcoming draft decree, the ministry will look to sort current and future festivals into four categories, which are traditional festivals; festivals celebrating historical and revolutionary events; culture, sports and tourism festivals; and festivals originating from other countries. For traditional festivals, organizers will be required to notify relevant authorities at least 20 days prior to their commencement. Other festivals will require a permit, and only those without brutal rituals or violence will be allowed. Applications for a permit must include historical evidence of the origin of the festival, according to the ministry’s plan. No more than two donation boxes will be allowed at each worshipping site inside any festival ground to avoid commercialization of the traditional activity. Adequate…... [read more]

NDO – It cannot be denied that tourism promotion contributes significantly to the good growth of tourism of Vietnam's tourism in recent years. However, the field is facing many difficulties due to low professionalism, limited funding. Since the beginning of the year, Vietnam has welcomed nearly 7.5 million international visitors, up 29% over the same period last year. The total revenue from tourism was estimated at over VND307 trillion, up 26%. With this growth, Vietnam tourism industry is expected to achieve 30% growth in international visitor arrivals in 2017. In order to achieve growth in the past two years, other than simplifying immigration procedures for foreigners, diversifying and improving the quality of tourist products, strengthening management, and cleaning business environment, there is no small aspect when it comes to the tourism promotion of Vietnam. With the investment of the tourism industry and the coordination of all related levels and branches, the promotion of tourism in Vietnam has been step by step changed and expanded the scale. Many programmes and events are held across the country and abroad. The programmes have introduced tourists to the image of Vietnam’s landscape, people and potentials, as well as tourism products, opened opportunities for investment cooperation, affirmed the position of tourism in the region and the world. Tourist promotion activities are also more and more diversified, taking full advantage of information technology. Electronic marketing (E-marketing) via Internet has brought information on Vietnamese tourism to 340,000 viewers on Youtube and millions of visitors through Vietnam's travel…... [read more]

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