DAWU Corporation: Towards a Strong Brand Position

Seeing the rising demand for tapioca in Vietnam and the world, DAWU Corporation brought into operation five member tapioca production companies in Vietnam to unlock potential in this lucrative market and expand into the world.

Consistently increasing added value for cassava

To meet the huge market demand, DAWU has operated five member tapioca production companies: Truong Hung Co., Ltd, Truong Thinh Co., Ltd., Viet Ma Co., Ltd, Wusons Manufacturing Trading Co., Ltd and Nuoc Trong Joint Stock Company. After a long period of continuous technological development, these units are now rated the best tapioca producers in Vietnam, powered by cutting-edge technological systems imported from Germany and the Netherlands to reduce energy consumption, ensure environmental protection and enhance human health. Its production facilities are capable of turning out 300 tonnes of tapioca, 120 tonnes of modified tapioca and 100 tonnes of tapioca residues a day, and all are operated according to ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards. Being superior in quality, good for human health, DAWU tapioca products not only dominate the domestic market, but are also exported to many countries such as South Korea, the United Kingdom, Japan. China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia and Singapore. Its annual revenue has exceeded US$100 million and is expected to top US$300 million soon.

However, DAWU Corporation also faced numerous hardships on general market demand. Although cassava is considered a poverty-ending crop in Tay Ninh province, farmers use traditional cultivating methods which are proven not to bring maximum productivity. Seeing domestic and global market demand, DAWU Corporation has boldly invested heavily in technology and product diversification (modified post-tapioca) to increase the added value of cassava. Further explaining this strategic direction, Mr. Thieu added that modified tapioca is widely applied to mould engineering, paper, adhesive, food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries, thus the consumption market is very stable. To tap this fertile market, DAWU Corporation actively raised its operating capacity of five tapioca plants with a daily capacity of 300 tonnes of modified tapioca. In particular, the firm has invested in German technology-powered production lines to manufacture chemically modified tapioca (made by Truong Hung Co., Ltd) and physically modified tapioca (Truong Thinh Co., Ltd).

Nevertheless, as this is a relatively new sector and it lacks information about global and domestic market demand, DAWU Corporation faces difficulty in seeking customers and expanding markets.

Towards a multi-business conglomerate

Taking product quality as a guideline for every action, DAWU Corporation always strives to build and achieve best product quality standards, ensure food hygiene and safety, and satisfy market demand and consumer tastes. Additionally, the firm, at all times, focuses investment on human development strategies, creates an equal working environment for employees, and encourages employees to improve their skills, creativity and workmanship to master cutting edge technologies.

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