Developing Industrial, Export Processing and Economic Zones towards Quality and Sustainability

Mountain, river and famous scenic landscapes make An Giang a leader of hospitality industry in the region. Every year, the province welcomes 6 million tourists, earning a big source of income for the local economy. Many companies are active in tourism industry, including An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company (An Giang Tourimex) with a leading role and impact on tourism and travel business in the province. Strong brand and spectacular leap After nearly 40 years of unremitting efforts, An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company has built up its strong and prestigious brand in tourism - travel, restaurant and luxury hotel segments. An Hai Son-Kien Giang Hotel, Tourist Service Centre, Tuc Duc Hill Resort-Tri Ton, Ben Da Nui Sam Hotel, Long Xuyen-Cuu Long Hotel, Dong Xuyen Hotel and its representative branch in Ho Chi Minh City are its typical assets created by the company in tourism business in the past 40 years. Not only that, for the past four decades, An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company has also expanded into the food industry with six rice mills. An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company is staffed by enthusiastic, devoted and professional employees, enabling it to obtain great successes in tourism and food businesses. Having experienced the country’s economic development periods from self-subsistence to integration into the global economy, An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company has fulfilled the mission of a State-owned enterprise. Marking its 38 years of construction and development, the firm made a…... [read more]

The "green garden” project was launched on 13 July 2017. It aims to develop the province’s standards of agro-tourism by making use of local agricultural resources for the maximum benefit and on a sustainable basis. The project is also intended to stimulate the local economy and provide employment opportunities for local residents. Toward this aim, seven agro-tourist sites with good potential in all districts have been selected for further development. They have been beautified, with the installation of guide posts and necessary facilities to impress visitors. At the selected sites, tourists are welcome to local orchards that grow many crop varieties, such as melon, mangosteen, durian, longkong, banana, pineapple, and rice. Several activities will be arranged for visitors, such as the tapping of rubber trees and the arrangements of fruit buffets. Nang Talung, or shadow puppetry, which is a famous southern traditional art, will also be staged, as well. Nang Talung may be performed during all festive occasions in the southern region. About 700 kilometers south of Bangkok, Phang-nga is adjacent to the internationally-renowned Phuket Island. It is attractive to adventurous holiday-makers, because the province offers many interesting activities, such as canoeing, scuba diving, island cruising, hiking, and trekking. Phang-nga is recognized as one of the provinces with many natural wonders for eco-tourists. Various eco-tourist sites in this province are well worth visiting. Today Phang-nga has grown significantly and it also hosts more and more visitors each year. Many visitors…... [read more]

Never before has Pleiku, the capital city of Gia Lai province attracted so large a number of visitors from inside and outside the country. More than 1,600 delegates and guests, hundreds of Vietnamese and foreign reporters and thousands of tourists have gathered in Gia Lai to welcome the first Ethnic Minority Congress of Great Unity in Tay Nguyen and the reception of a certificate from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) recognising the Gong Culture as a world oral and intangible cultural heritage. The two-day congress which was honoured by the presence of State President Tran Duc Luong, President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Pham The Duyet and many other Party and State leaders wrapped up successfully on March 29. More than 500 representatives from different ethnic minority groups in the region and delegates from southern cities and provinces attended the congress, a vivid demonstration of great national unity between Tay Nguyen ethnic groups and people from all parts of the country. The congress listened to State President Tran Duc Luong’s keynote speech, which dealt with main orientations for building and reinforcing the great national unity bloc among Tay Nguyen ethnic groups in the coming period. It reached a high consensus on the report presented by VFF President Pham The Duyet and highlighted the substantial contributions by Tay Nguyen people to the two struggles against French colonialists and US imperialists as well as to the cause of national construction and defense over the past 60 years.…... [read more]

Whilst hotels and resorts are primarily built for leisure, many properties are seeing the strongest growth in the MICE (meeting, incentive, cooperation and exhibition) segment. In Nha Trang, luxury city hotel groups including Sheraton, Intercontinental and Best Western Havana are leading the way in MICE. Potential for MICE tourism Nha Trang, the capital of Khanh Hoa province, is the political, economic and cultural centre of the province. Long stretches of pristine sand and clear water offer sun-kissed relaxation in this bustling coastal town. Tran Phu beach fronts the Tran Phu Boulevard, a 7km-long stretch of golden sand. The beach is set against a backdrop of forested mountains and a border of palm trees and vibrant flowers and boasts a range of beach side facilities including lively bars and restaurants. According to figures from the Nha Trang Khanh Hoa tourism department, the province currently has 601 accommodation establishments, with a total of 19,936 rooms, including nine five-star hotels with 1906 rooms and 15 four-star hotels and resorts with a total of 2683 rooms. The central coastal province of Khanh Hoa aims to attract four million tourists and gross VND6.5 trillion (US$309 million) in revenue this year, representing a rise of 17% and 30% year-on-year. Nha Trang can be considered a new luxury MICE destination. The town itself is booming and looks set to become a leading luxury MICE destination in Vietnam. It is a new tourism hub with dozens of leisure and tourism opportunities ranging from day trips, spa indulgence and…... [read more]

Generally speaking, 57% of surveyed enterprises said their first-quarter business was far better than the end of last year. Nearly 88% forecast that their second quarter business will be far better than the first quarter, commented GSO head Nguyen Bich Lam. According to the GSO, the sectors forecasted to grow higher than the first quarter include medicine (82.1% of respondents), electricity equipment (69.6%), garments (65.4%), electronics (65.3%), drinks (62.8%) and foodstuff (60.7%). Some 62% of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) said their second-quarter business would be better than in the first quarter while the rate was 59.6% for foreign enterprises and 52.7% for locally-invested enterprises. Some 88.3% of respondents were expecting that their orders would increase and keep stable in this year’s second quarter. Only 11.7% said their orders would decrease in the second quarter. Stronger rises in orders during the second quarter include for medicines (80%), power equipment (66.7%) garments (61.7%), chemicals (60.7%), drinks (58.7%), paper (57.3%) and electronics (57.5%). Regarding export orders, 75.3% of respondents said their first quarter export orders had increased. Some 86% forecast that their export orders would climb higher in the second quarter. Da Lat Flower Biotechnology Joint Stock Company’s general director Nguyen Dinh Son said the company had reaped annual revenue of VND6 trillion (US$280.37 million) and currently had 5,000 hectares of greenhouses used for cultivating flowers. We intend to expand this to five times its current size. The local business and investment climate has remarkably improved, Son said. Anonymous spokesperson from locally-owned fresh milk…... [read more]

Da Lat is famous for the romantic beauty of the Central Highlands, with green pine trees, winding hilly roads and ancient villas hidden behind large shady trees. However, the city has undergone a facelift, with concrete houses replacing run-down wooden cottages and many upmarket hotels, restaurants, villas and tourist sites. Many flower farms have grown and flourished, applying advanced technologies to make a good profit. Statistics show that the city’s GDP growth rate has increased significantly in recent years, from 14.2 percent in 2005 to 16 percent in 2006 and 17.2 percent in 2008. Its budget revenue has also risen considerably from VND960 billion in 2007 to VND1,000 billion in 2008, with GDP per capita reaching US$1,000 per year. Da Lat is famous for organic fruit and vegetables Located in the eastern part of the city, Xuan Truong commune has nearly 4,000 households with 11,400 residents, most of them working in the agricultural sector. Thanks to the application of advanced technologies and crop restructuring, the commune earns between VND100-250 million/ha from farming. According to Ha Phuoc Ta, chairman of the communal People’s Committee, 15 percent of its households earn more than VND150 million a year, 60 percent pocket VND80 million or more and 20 percent get somewhere between VND50-80 million. In recent years, the city has focused on increasing its tourism/service ratio and reducing its reliance on agriculture and forestry. It has dealt with issues such as urbanisation and crop restructuring in a pragmatic manner, which has ensured social stability.…... [read more]

Under an agreement signed between the German Technical Cooperation Agency and the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA) on June 2, the project will focus on increasing social support and improving the management capacity of local staff to reduce poverty in some of the country’s 61 poorest districts until 2012. The first phase began in March 2006 at a cost of US$2.8 million and covered a dozen communes in the six districts of Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa and Dak Lak provinces. It helped to develop the people’s local economies and ensure social welfare. The latest project will help poor households to improve their standards of living and its pilot programme will be added to the national anti-poverty drive and social policies. During the signing ceremony, MoLISA deputy minister Nguyen Trong Dam said that he highly appreciated Germany for having the world’s most modern social security system. Vietnam could learn from German’s experiences and improve its social security system. The main consultant for the project, Ellen Kramer, said that during the economic crisis, a strong social welfare system was vital to help the vulnerable and needy. The agency would help the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences establish a social security strategy for the next decade, she said.... [read more]

Lieutenant General Vo Trong Viet, political commissar of the Command of the Border Guard Force, gave an insight into the close bonds between border guards and the public in an interview granted to VOV. VOV: What have been the major achievements since this day was first observed 21 years ago?Lieu. Gen. Viet: A mass movement on border defence and security has been created, bringing into full play the combined strength of the army and civilians living in border areas. The key point is that border guards and local people have worked closely together to defend the national borders. VOV: Could you brief us on activities carried out by the Command?Lieu. Gen. Viet: The most successful initiative, I think, has been one in which people have been assigned to manage and defend border areas and markers themselves, as well as maintaining security in their place of residence. No one can defend borders more effectively than the local people. So the command has signed agreements with border localities to encourage the people to defend the national borders, markers, and forests. VOV: What have you done to maintain political stability, develop the local economy and improve people’s lives as key factors in defending the national borders?Lieu. Gen. Viet: The Government always pays special attention to people’s social security. An important task is to raise the people’s political conscience. To do this, it is border guards who disseminate Party guidelines and State policies to the people to help them distinguish between the good and…... [read more]

FES chairperson Anke Fuchs stated this during a meeting the same day in Hanoi with VGCL Chairman Dang Ngoc Tung. She also said that the FES would continue to develop its legal advisory system to provide support for the lead agency in defending workers’ rights and training on preparing and negotiating collective labour agreements for VGCL’s senior officials. Chairman Tung thanked the FES and the FES Office in Hanoi for cooperatiing with the VFCL and its provincial chapters and for their assistance in building the capacity of Vietnamese labour union workers. With this training, the FES has helped to improve knowledge and skills of labour union officers from central to provincial levels, which is particularly important as the local economy is shifting to a market-based economy, which consists of many new, fast-growing sectors such as non-state and foreign-invested sectors, Tung added. He also praised the FES for its assistance in setting up a network of legal advisory centres and offices in Vietnam and providing training in negotiating skills for local labour union officers. The FES, he added, had fulfilled its function as the link that connects union movements in Vietnam with those in Germany and the rest of the world. The FES Chairperson is attending the 20th anniversary of the FES Office in Vietnam . The FES is a non-governmental organisation that works to promote political participation, social justice and democracy. It was named after Friedrich Ebert, the first democratically elected president of Germany and established in 1925, the year…... [read more]

Under the agreement, the two sides will promote close cooperation in preparation for their connection. They will also focus their cooperation on information and experience exchange, especially in urban planning and development, natural and environmental protection, real estate management and trade centre development in the 2010-2012 period. In the field of education, the two districts agreed to assist the relationship between Lichtenberg’s Alexander Puschkin school and Hoan Kiem’s Viet Duc high school. The signing of the agreement was part of Mr Khoi’s working visit to Germany. At the signing ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador Do Hoa Binh highlighted the important role of Mayor Emmrich in helping the Vietnamese community of about 4,000 people in Lichtenberg – the largest Vietnamese community in Berlin or even Germany. Mr Binh also spoke of these Vietnamese expatriates’ efforts to integrate into local society and their considerable contributions to the local economy and culture. Many of their children excel in studies and receive high appreciation from Germans.... [read more]

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