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Trinh Xuan Thanh makes public appearance on TVThe Saigon Times Daily An image of Trinh Xuan Thanh captured from VTV's news broadcast last night - PHOTO: HCMC – Trinh Xuan Thanh, former general director of PetroVietnam Construction Corporation (PVC), made his first public appearance in the prime-time evening news program broadcast last night by Vietnam Television (VTV), admitting he had voluntarily turned himself in to police. National television station VTV’s footage showed Thanh’s handwritten letter admitting his wrongdoing. He said he turned himself in to the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security due to his unstable life overseas as well as his anxiety and regret over his wrongdoing at PVC when hiding abroad. “I decided to leave the country and hide in Germany without careful thought. My family, relatives and friends encouraged me to come back to Vietnam to plead for leniency,” Thanh’s letter wrote. He also took his responsibility for the huge losses at PVC and its subsidiaries. On Wednesday, the German foreign ministry accused Vietnam of kidnapping Trinh Xuan Thanh, who it said was seeking asylum in Berlin, and of taking him home to face accusations of corruption. Germany also ordered an officer at the Vietnamese Embassy to leave Germany within 48 hours, according to local media reports. On the same day, the German foreign ministry asked the Vietnamese Government to send Thanh back to Germany immediately and would examine the Vietnamese side’s request for his extradition and Thanh’s asylum application. At a regular press conference on August 3,…... [read more]

Trinh Xuan Thanh turns himself inThe Saigon Times Daily A post on the Ministry of Public Security’s website informs the public of Trinh Xuan Thanh’s turning himself in to the police - PHOTO: MINISTRY OF PUBLIC SECURITY HANOI – Trinh Xuan Thanh, former general director of PetroVietnam Construction Corporation (PVC), on July 31 turned himself in to the investigative police agency under the Ministry of Public Security after a year of hiding overseas. The Ministry of Public Security announced Thanh, who also served as vice chairman of Hau Giang Province and held other senior positions at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, surrendered to the police, but did not elaborate on how he had returned to the country. Thanh had faced an international arrest warrant since the ministry issued it on September 16, 2016. On September 15 last year, the ministry prosecuted Thanh for allegedly violating the State’s economic regulations causing serious consequences at PVC and its subsidiaries. Then, Thanh allegedly fled the country in mid-August last year. In his positions as deputy secretary of the party committee and general director of PVC and later as secretary of the corporation’ Party committee and chairman of the board of directors from 2011 to 2013, Thanh allegedly showed irresponsibility and negligence in the leadership and management of the corporation’s operations. He was also accused of violating regulations on business administration, resulting in losses of nearly VND3.3 trillion (US$145.46 million) to the State-owned corporation. Thanh and his accomplices were also accused of causing…... [read more]

Trinh Xuan Thanh (Source: VNA)  Hanoi (VNA) – Trinh Xuan Thanh, former Chairman of the PetroVietnam Construction Corporation (PVC), gave himself up to the Investigation Security Agency under the Ministry of Public Security after nearly one year of evading international arrest warrant, the ministry reported on July 31. On September 16, 2016, the Ministry of Public Security’s Investigation Police Agency decided to launch criminal proceedings against Thanh, born in 1966 and residing at House No 24 – C2 Ciputra in Hanoi’s Tay Ho district, for alleged violations of State regulations on economic management resulting in losses of nearly 3.3 trillion VND (142 million USD) for the PVC during his leadership. After finding that Thanh had fled abroad, the ministry decided to issue an arrest warrant domestically and internationally for him. Earlier, members of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee agreed to expel Thanh from the Party with 100 percent of approval votes.     According to the Secretariat, between 2007-2013, in his positions as Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director General of the PVC, and later as Secretary of the PVC’s Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Thanh showed irresponsibility and negligence in the leadership and management of the corporation’s operation, and violated legal regulations on business administration, resulting in many wrongdoings and losses of nearly 3.3 trillion VND (142 million USD).     As the top official of the corporation, Thanh must bear the main responsibility for the…... [read more]

Over the past five years, Hau Giang province has fulfilled its socio-economic targets and achieved an average GDP growth of 12.44 percent. In 2008 and 2009 Hau Giang led other south-western provinces in patriotic emulation movements and was awarded the Prime Minister’s emulation banner. Thousands of individuals have distinguished themselves in the fields of agriculture, industry, culture, security, and defence. They are farmers, teachers, pupils, policemen, and nuns who have overcome difficulties and made significant contributions to society. Speaking at the congress, Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan praised Hau Giang’s achievements and said the province has overcome difficulties, carried out patriotic emulation movements, developed infrastructure, effected administration reform, and stepped up investment in education. On behalf of the Party and State, Ms Doan presented the first class Labour Order and the Government’s emulation banner to Hau Giang province, other orders and awards to 31. individuals and units involved.... [read more]

Calamity is man's true touchstone. The domestic and global economic slowdown is a genuine test for businesspeople, especially females, to show off their best qualities to steer their companies through difficult times. Though businesswomen are burdened with housework, they, with their intelligence, creativity, diligence, patience, and compassion, many have reaped much success at work, raising their profile domestically and globally. The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) recently presented the Gold Rose Award to female entrepreneurs, in recognition of their outstanding performance and contribution to the community. A Gold Rose of sugarcane growers Despite her age, she still shuttles daily between her home and the office managing the company’s operation, maintaining cooperation between farmers and the company, and generating jobs for local people. Last year, the company earned more than VND100 billion in revenue and generated jobs for approximately 500 people, mostly local labourers. Quy recalls the award as a testament to the company’s effort in maintaining production and growth in difficult times. Apart from the profit target, she has joined many charity campaigns, showing her responsibility toward the community. “The current low sugar prices put growers at a disadvantage. Therefore, the most important thing for the sugarcane industry is purchasing all the material from growers to ensure they benefit from the purchase and keep growing sugarcanes,” Quy says. “The company and I myself do our utmost to stabilise material prices for farmers in order to develop our long-term and close-knit relationship.” Developing human resources a must Nguyen Thi…... [read more]

Do Thi Kim Lien, South Africa’s honorary consul in the city, said at a ceremony on April 22 that she hopes other people can join hands to help improve living conditions for more people in Ben Tre, one of the Mekong Delta provinces that are facing water shortages and saltwater intrusion. Nearly half of the 2.2 million hectares (5.4 million acres) of arable land in the Mekong Delta had been attacked by salt water and hundreds of thousands of locals are suffering from water scarcity, official figures show. On this occasion, the Honorary Consulate of South Africa also donated VND500 million (US$22,450) to the Fund for Poor People of the southern province of Tay Ninh. Also at the ceremony, Ho Chi Minh City-based VASS Assurance Corporation awarded 30 scholarships worth VND1 million each to Nguyen Dinh Chieu School, a school that serves visually impaired students in the city. Attending the ceremony, South Africa Ambassador to Vietnam Kgomotso Ruth Magau focused on the consulate’s contributions not only to diplomatic ties between the two countries, but also to the community through charity activities. In particular, the People's Committee of Hau Giang Province awarded a certificate to the honorary consult Do Thi Kim Lien for her great contributions to the province’s economic and social development in recent years.... [read more]

The Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (Vinashin) on April 30 broke the ground on the Hau Giang shipyard, one of the four shipyards in the Hau Giang industrial park in the Mekong River Delta. Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung praised the tremendous efforts made by southern Hau Giang province and 50,000 VINASHIN workers and engineers in finalising procedures and fulfilling a great volume of work to start the project at a time when the country is celebrating the 32nd anniversary of Southern Liberation Day and National Unification. Ten years ago, VINASHIN was only able of building ships with a tonnage of 10,000 but now it is capable of building ships with tonnages ranging from 50,000 and 100,000. VINASHIN orders with foreign partners have so far amounted to a value more than US$10 billion. The Hau Giang shipbuilding industry project is in line with the Party policy on the development of the marine-based economy and the Political Bureau’s resolutions on the development of the Mekong River Delta and Can Tho City, said Mr Dung. He asked VINASHIN to establish a plan to strictly control the corporation’s investment capital and development strategy to ensure quality and efficiency while focusing on training human resources to meet requirements for highly-skilled workers at large shipyards in the near future. PM Dung said the Government has planned to develop four industrial parks in the Mekong River Delta for the development of the shipping industry. They will be located in Tien Giang and…... [read more]

Deputy Nguyen Hong Dieu from southern Hau Giang province said that the Government stopped exports at a time when the average price of rice from the Mekong Delta stood at between VND5,500 and VND6,000 per kg. Following the restrictions on exports, prices fell to below VND4,000 per kg in June this year. Mr. Dieu said exports were stopped as world prices were increasing. He asked Minister Phat how the ministry was helping farmers to overcome financial difficulties. Mr. Phat replied that when domestic rice prices accelerated, the Government had to issue control policies to avoid too much impact on consumers. He said that the world price in April this year was nearly four times higher than the average price in 2007. The Government directed two food processing corporations to buy nearly 800,000 tonnes of rice to help farmers. Deputy Le Thanh Liem from southern Long An Province said rice exports had been stopped for the wrong reasons and asked who would take responsibility for it. Mr. Phat acknowledged his personal responsibility for making incorrect predictions about rice prices and said he was willing to be punished by the National Assembly. Stormy issue Deputy Nguyen Minh Thuyet from northern Lang Son province said in recent years storms over Hanoi had not caused any human casualties, but this year 22 people had died. Minister Phat replied that there were still shortcomings in storm and flood control but localities had tried their best to minimize losses. Deputy Nguyen Dinh Xuan from south-western Tay…... [read more]

Addressing the conference held in Hau Giang province on December 28, Deputy PM Hung appreciated the localities’ efforts to overcome difficulties to record a rather high growth rate and ensure security and national defence. The Deputy PM suggested that the localities implement the Government’s economic stimulus packages right in the first quarter of 2009. He urged the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to work with the provinces to scrutinise their production plans in 2009, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to help farmers seek outlets for farm products. He also asked banks to extend debt payment deadlines for farmers and businesses. Deputy PM Hung stressed the need to implement housing projects for ethnic minority groups, considering it a key task in 2009. It was reported at the conference that the Mekong delta region posted an estimated increase of 12.6 percent in total production value over the last year. Total development investment capital is estimated at US$6.2 billion, representing 42 percent of the region’s GDP and a year-on-year increase of 18 percent. The region is expected to obtain an industrial production value of US$5.4 billion this year, up 20 percent, and fetch an export turnover of almost US$5.1 billion, up 22 percent. The average GDP per capita is estimated at US$890, up 28.7 percent but still lower than the country’s average of US$1,030. More than 358,000 jobs were generated and the poverty rate fell by 1.6 percent to 11.2 percent.... [read more]

At a meeting with the Standing Committee of the Hau Giang provincial Party Committee, Party leader Nong Duc Manh showed his keen interest in the local living standards and appreciated the significant achievements the province has recorded over the past few years with its average GDP growth rate reaching more than 12 percent. Mr Manh stressed the need to study and implement a resolution on agriculture, farmers and rural development in order to add fresh impetus to the local economy. The resolution is an important step forwards resolving issues related to agriculture, farmers and rural development which are a key factor in the process of national industralisation and modernisation, Mr Manh said. He noted that the three factors – agriculture, rural development and farmers – have a close link, in which the farmer plays a key role in the development process. The main goal is to bring a better material and spiritual life to the people. The Party leader emphasised the need to develop a new rural model by building schools, markets and residential areas and upgrading transportation and irrigation networks. However, it is essential to preserve cultural values and uphold the tradition of assisting each other and protecting the environment, he added. The Party General Secretary praised Hau Giang province’s efforts to ultilise new varieties of strains and increase its competitiveness, and asked the provincial authorities to shift the agricultural and economic structure to increase the value of agricultural products. He also stressed the important role of the Party…... [read more]

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