GrabBike drivers in Hanoi take industrial action to oppose pay cut

Many GrabBike drivers in Hanoi are trying to switch off the ride-hailing app or making false bookings to oppose the newly-announced pay cut.

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GrabBike drivers go on strike to oppose pay cut in Hanoi on August 14.

Grab Vietnam recently announced it would deduct up to 20% of the fares that drivers get from passengers instead of the current 15% from September this year.

A driver named Khanh said since August 7, Grab Vietnam has cut the subsidy for GrabBike drivers at peak hours. Meanwhile, the higher deduction will seriously affect their income, so he decided not to operate at peak hours to avoid losses.   

GrabBike fares are quite low, and more people were applying to work as GrabBike drivers. Drivers also have to pay the cost of petrol and phone cards by themselves.

Khanh also added GrabBike customers will receive fewer promotions, particularly those who pay in cash.

Lots of GrabBike drivers turn off their ride-hailing app or try to make false bookings as a way to oppose the new payment.

Drivers who joined the strike made false bookings and when other drivers receive the bookings, they suddenly cancel them. Then these bookings also get cancelled shortly before the drivers arrive, leaving real customers waiting and the drivers without a job.

If drivers facing more cancellations, they will get less subsidy from Grab. The false bookings will make it more difficult for customers to have their own rides.

However, GrabBike drivers who did not join the strike said that they disagreed with the way their colleagues had protested but also opposed the higher deduction by Grab.

Several GrabBike drivers called on their colleagues on their online forums to leave Grab to work for Uber, hoping for better policies.

Nguyen Thi Thu An, media director of Grab Vietnam, said that the firm had applied the 20% deduction for new GrabBike drivers in HCM City and this would be imposed on those in Hanoi from September 5.

She added that Grab had considered very carefully about the new deduction to ensure GrabBike’s competitiveness in the market. The company will also plan better bonuses for drivers.


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