Ha Noi to hold Promotion Month in November

Experts in “Lessons from big deals” – the last session of the M&A Vietnam Forum 2017 predicted that the Vietnam M&A activities in 2017-2018 will be bright. Eric Solberg, CEO from EXS Capital was very positive when predicting that M&A activities in Vietnam would double or triple in the next five to ten years. Coming from Locus Capital Partner, managing partner Jacob Hoyeon Won predicted that consumer retail will be the most attractive, especially for Korean investors. Dang Van Thanh, chairman of TTC Group, and Danny Le, head of business development from Masan Group, stressed that Vietnam continues to be a capital destination of foreign investment, especially in agriculture and finance. In the real estate sector, Duong Thuy Dung, senior director, head of professional services from CBRE Vietnam, predicted that in 2017-2018, three segments which will attract most M&A will include houses for sale in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, hotels and condotels in coastal provinces, and industrial properties stretching from the north to the south of the country. The optimistic forecasts were also shared by Nguyen My Phuong, CEO of Tien Phuoc Group, with more deals and increased value. Experts also shared their experiences of success and failure of the notable deals in 2016-2017 from the perspective of independent experts as well as insiders. Challenges and opportunities in M&A activities, negotiating and signing M&A contracts, the role of advisory firms in deals, valuation, finance, and…... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Transport (MoT) has asked concerned organisations to investigate two consecutive breakdowns in which a train was derailed twice at Yen Vien Railway Station on the Ha Noi-Lao Cai railway route last Sunday and Monday. The SP2 train carrying about 120 passengers is derailed twice at Yen Vien Railway Station on the Ha Noi-Lao Cai railway route last Sunday and Monday.— Photo anninhthudo.vn The MoT asked the Vietnam Railways (VNR) to warn organisations and individuals related to the two breakdowns, and repair the damaged part of the line. The safety of the railway system must be checked, especially stations with a high density of trains. The railway sector must check all train carriages and punish any violations based on present laws. It must collaborate with the Viet Nam Railway Authority to uncover the reasons for the breakdowns and make necessary improvements. The VNR should supervise the work of railway workers who are on duty, train drivers and railway guards to ensure railway traffic order and safety. VNR has been banned from using tools and equipment which do not meet technological and environmental protection standards. The Viet Nam Railway Authority must give instructions to railway inspectors and the police to properly punish any violations in the railway sector, and give detailed measures to prevent further breakdowns. The Viet Nam Register is responsible for checking train carriages and providing information on any found to be unsafe. These should be banned from operation. On Monday, the SP2 Train…... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge – An abstract painting exhibition by artist Tran Nhat Thang, titled Mien Thanh Than (Serenity), has opened on 16 Trang Tien, in the capital city, marking Thang’s return after nearly 10 years.  An abstract painting exhibition by artist Tran Nhat Thang, titled Mien Thanh Than (Serenity), has opened on 16 Trang Tien, marking Thang’s return after nearly 10 years. — Photo: VNS The exhibition features 13 abstract acrylic paintings by the artist, which include Mien Tinh (Tranquility), Mien Gian (Fury), Mien Chon (Choice) and Mien Dich (Destination).  “At each exhibition where I had the opportunity to interact with the audience, I would tell them not to ask, and instead guess what I had painted. Abstract painting is not about a house and a tree, it is all about feelings. It is a world of images that an artist creates,” Thang said.  “In this series of six exhibitions (of which Serenity is the first), the number of paintings featured are expected to be a collection of 10 years’ worth of work. But for me, it takes nine years to arrive at a concept worth pursuing. By early 2017, I started painting. For several nights, I stayed awake, working on 10 paintings simultaneously. There were times while I was painting that I ran out of colour, which was very irritating,” Thang said. Tran Nhat Thang, born in 1972, studied at the Viet Nam Fine Arts University. From 1995 to 2009, he held 10 individual exhibitions and also participated in another…... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge – Forty-two sculptures in the themes of youth and love are on display at an exhibition in HCM City’s Van Thanh Tourist Park. Youth and love: Gia Tai Cua Me, a stone sculpture by Bach Thanh Viet, is on display at the HCM City Fine Arts Association’s exhibition for young artists at Van Thanh Tourist Park in HCM City. — Photo tuoitre.vn The works were selected from the latest collections of 22 young artists in the region who participated in the Co To Sculpture Camp, organised by the HCM City Fine Arts Association in Quang Ninh Province early this year. The works are in wood, glass, stone, aluminium, stainless steel and other media, with some works two or more metres long. Highlighted works include Nguyen Hoai Huyen Vu’s Pho (Street), Bach Thanh Viet’s Gia Tai Cua Me (Mother’s Treasure), Pham Minh Chien’s Tuoi 13 (Teenager) and Nguyen Van Chuoc’s Uoc Mo Cua Chi (Sister’s Dream). The works symbolise hope for love and peace and improved economic and cultural progress for Viet Nam.  Veteran sculptor Le Lang Bien, head of the association’s sculpture office and a member of the event’s organising board, said the young sculptors depict objects seen in daily life. “Their works are simple in design and that helps young people learn the art,” he said.  Bien said his association has worked with cultural authorities to organise art camps in an effort to encourage young artists to create work that reflects the country’s economic, educational and cultural…... [read more]

Complaints have continued about the waste water discharged directly onto Danang City’s beaches. At some places, the waste water has completely washed away the sand, creating a smelly stream heading straight to the sea. Beaches including My An, My Khe, Man Thai and Tho Quang have as many as 16 discharge locations. As the result, the number of tourists has dwindled. Visitors can't enjoy the scenery because of the smell and a walk along the beach proves to be difficult as the waste water runs across it. Hoang Anh Tuan, a visitor from Hanoi said his family often visited Danang during summer. However, he didn't dare to let his children go this year because of pollution. Hau, another visitor from Ninh Binh Province said the water at My An Beach last year was much clearer. Now she can't bathe. "If this continues, people will never return to Danang," she said. Nguyen Quoc Quang, a local in Tho Quang Ward, said recently, he always felt itchy after being under water for too long. Many locals also stopped going out to the beach because of the pollution and hope that the local authorities will deal with it soon. According to Mai Ma, head of Danang Drainage and Waste Water Treatment Company, four waste water treatment plants including Phu Loc, Son Tra, Ngu Hanh Son and Hoa Cuong had been built since 2000 in a waste treatment project. However, they are only able to deal with nine discharge locations. The Department of Natural…... [read more]

The talks between the Hanoi delegation and Sofia officials (Photo: hanoimoi.com.vn) Hanoi (VNA) – Hanoi officials exchanged experience in various fields with the administrations of Bulgaria’s Sofia and Portugal’s Lisbon while visiting the two European capital cities from August 5 to 10. The delegation, led by Chairwoman of the municipal People’s Council Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, visited relic sites and museums in Sofia to learn about preservation of relics and urban planning. At a meeting with the investment and equitisation agency of the Sofia municipal council, the two sides introduced their respective cities’ strengths.  Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Quoc Hung lauded Sofia’s economic, social, tourism and health care development, adding that he wants both sides to bolster cooperation in all aspects, particularly tourism, health care and construction. On August 7, Chairwoman of the People’s Council Ngoc met with Sofia officials led by Chairman of the City Council Kaloyan Pargov. The two sides shared experience in running municipal councils and committees, as well as these agencies’ functions in local socio-economic development tasks. Ngoc said her delegation’s visit to Sofia aimed to exchange experience in operating local administrations and to promote tourism cooperation. They agreed to make mutual visits, boost the popularisation of the cities’ tourism potential and organise cultural days in the future. Hanoi and Sofia will step up investment promotion to call for more Bulgarian businesses to invest in Vietnam and its capital city, and suggest Vietnamese investors…... [read more]

Logo of the Hanoi Sales Promotion Month. Up to 500 retailers and businesses will attend the Hanoi Sales Promotion Month 2017 in November. (Photo: baocongthuong.com.vn) Hanoi (VNA) – Up to 500 retailers and businesses will attend the Hanoi Sales Promotion Month 2017 in November, allowing consumers access to a wide range of discounted products at about 1,000 locations. At a conference on the event, Vice Director of the municipal Department of Industry and Trade Tran Thi Phuong Lan said it will lure both retailers and enterprises in food, banking, healthcare and education. Various promotional events will be held by the industry and trade department during the month. As part of the activities, a three-day tourism promotion festival will be held in the Octagonal House at the city’s Ly Thai To Park. Themed “Hanoi-a cultural destination”, the event aims to promote tours with discounts in the city in November. Meanwhile, the traditional “Golden Days” will be observed in 50 locations across the city where discounts from 20 percent-50 percent will be available. Also, the Online Golden Week will offer products and services with discounts of up to 50 percent, held following the Golden Days event. Four “Startup with businesses” zones, a highlight of the Hanoi promotion month, will connect enterprises and students to enhance the startup movement in the city. Final-year students in economics and marketing will develop sales initiatives at the zones. The promotion month finishes with a golden promotional exhibition, featuring 250…... [read more]

While Vietnam stipulates strict advertising policy for products or services in certain areas, Google is offering a much lenient rule that allows bad products to reach consumers through deceptive online ads. In Vietnam, one has to provide papers or quality certificates for their products if they want to advertise medicines or healthcare products or services. However, it only takes 30 minutes to complete procedure to launch an ad campaign on Google. A Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reporter has gone undercover as a food supplements seller and called a Google hotline in Vietnam, asking to create online ads on the Internet search giant. The reporter was told that he only needs an international bank card and a website to display the ads to run a campaign, and was asked to select a campaign option for the keyword-based ads. Fooled by Google ads Vietnamese newspapers often ask for licenses or papers related to the products being advertised before accepting ads for such products. However, the Google representative told the Tuoi Tre reporter that he did not have to do so with the online ads. It only takes 30 minutes to create an ad campaign with Google, which will allow the advertised websites to appear on the first result page when a related keyword is searched. The lax policy has allowed dubious services or poor-quality products to be advertised online, so long as the sellers are willing to pay. Many local consumers have in fact been fooled by…... [read more]

The opening of the Trinh Cong Son Pedestrian Street near the West Lake in Hanoi will be delayed until October due to opposition from local people. Brick kiosks being built Trinh Con Son Street is near the lotus pond and Ho Tay Water Park so it is expected to attract a large number of visitors. In order to pedestrianise the street, the local authorities are building brick kiosks for various activities and souvenir shops. However, the implementation and public awareness programmes should be carefully considered. Many people have opposed the decision, saying that the kiosks are going to block the pavement and affect the use of public space.    According to the locals, they approved of the pedestrian street idea but they are more concerned about the implementation and how their daily lives are affected, especially pollution and social order problems. Many suggested to put up mobile kiosks that can be taken apart and assembled for the weekend only. Vice Chairman of Tay Ho District Nguyen Dinh Khuyen said the district and Nhat Tan Ward authorities would have a meeting with 300 households to present their side. Khuyen believed an agreement between residents and the authorities could be reached. The opening of Trinh Cong Son, Au Co 432 Alleyway and Lac Long Quang 612 Alleway will be pushed back from August 19 to October. Dtinews... [read more]

Enthralled: A policewoman discusses traffic safety with primary school students in Hanoi. (Photo: VNA) Hanoi (VNA) - Traffic culture among Vietnamese youths is the theme of a national film festival on traffic safety launched on August 9 by the National Traffic Safety Committee, the Department of Traffic Police and Toyota Motors Vietnam in Hanoi. Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Quang Nhat, from the Department of Traffic Police, said the festival focuses on the role of youths in ensuring traffic safety, traffic law compliance among youths and the education on traffic culture in families and schools. According to Major General Tran Son Ha, director of the department, the film festival was first held in 1996. After nine editions, the festival has attracted the participation from organisations and individuals nationwide. “It is considered as one of the effective channels to popularise the laws among the citizens and encourage them to obey traffic safety laws. By means of the images and sounds which are illustrated in various forms like documentaries or musicals, the TV programmes about traffic have left thorough impacts on the viewers as well as effects in limiting violations, preventing traffic accidents and significantly contributed to ensuring traffic safety and order,” he said. Speaking about this year’s theme, the director added that forming traffic culture among Vietnamese youth demonstrates the strategic vision of a developing society. “Each youth not only has to directly improve their own traffic culture but also become an active communicator of traffic safety in their…... [read more]

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