Hanoi learns from Sofia, Lisbon’s experience in urban issues

The benchmark VN Index on the HCM Stock Exchange closed almost flat at 773.76 points Thursday morning after falling 2.2 per cent in the previous session. — Photo tinnnhanhchungkhoan.vn Shares returned to positive trading on Thursday morning as investors went after stocks that were hit by the large-scale sell-off in the previous session. The benchmark VN Index on the HCM Stock Exchange closed almost flat at 773.76 points. It tumbled more than 2.2 per cent on Wednesday and totaled a two-day loss of 2.4 per cent. The HNX Index on the Ha Noi Stock Exchange inched up 0.21 per cent to end at 101.27 points. The northern market index lost 1.2 per cent in the previous two sessions. Nearly 152 million shares were traded on the two local exchanges, worth VND2.24 trillion (nearly US$100 million). The stock market on Wednesday witnessed its strongest decline in 20 months on rising tension between the United States and North Korea and false news about the arrest of a former bank executive. This triggered a large-scale sell-off of local stocks as investors turned to less risky assets such as gold, bringing all 20 sectors of the stock market down and reducing market capitalisation by $2 billion. According to FPT Securities Company, a significant quantity of stocks was left for sale at close on Wednesday, which would pull the market down in the coming sessions. On Thursday morning, market condition recovered as investors scooped up…... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge – Doctors at Binh Dan Hospital in HCM City have performed the country’s first robotic surgery on a liver cancer patient. Binh Dan Hospital in HCM City has successfully performed the country’s first robotic surgery on a liver cancer patient. Photo courtesy of Binh Dan Hospital Doctors removed the left lobe of the liver, which contained a six-centimetre tumour, of a 59-year-old patient from the Mekong Delta province of Long An in late July, according to a hospital press release sent to the media on Wednesday. Robotic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery that uses smaller incisions than normal surgical methods. The method helps to protect the liver’s main blood vessel. The use of a robot also helps to reduce pain, bleeding, infections and the length of hospital stay. Dr Nguyen Dinh Song Huy, deputy head of the oncology centre at Cho Ray Hospital, said the centre had seen an increase in new incidences of liver cancer year-by-year, from 2,793 in 2010 to 4,069 last year. Of the figure, the male-female ratio was 4.48 to one. Most of the patients were aged 50 to 60, while the highest number of cases were from the Mekong Delta region. Huy said that hepatitis B and C were the main causes of liver cancer, with 91 per cent of 24,091 patients from 2010 to 2016 diagnosed with hepatitis. Forty-one per cent of the cases were detected at a late, incurable stage. Since liver cancer often does not show clinical…... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Transport (MoT) has asked concerned organisations to investigate two consecutive breakdowns in which a train was derailed twice at Yen Vien Railway Station on the Ha Noi-Lao Cai railway route last Sunday and Monday. The SP2 train carrying about 120 passengers is derailed twice at Yen Vien Railway Station on the Ha Noi-Lao Cai railway route last Sunday and Monday.— Photo anninhthudo.vn The MoT asked the Vietnam Railways (VNR) to warn organisations and individuals related to the two breakdowns, and repair the damaged part of the line. The safety of the railway system must be checked, especially stations with a high density of trains. The railway sector must check all train carriages and punish any violations based on present laws. It must collaborate with the Viet Nam Railway Authority to uncover the reasons for the breakdowns and make necessary improvements. The VNR should supervise the work of railway workers who are on duty, train drivers and railway guards to ensure railway traffic order and safety. VNR has been banned from using tools and equipment which do not meet technological and environmental protection standards. The Viet Nam Railway Authority must give instructions to railway inspectors and the police to properly punish any violations in the railway sector, and give detailed measures to prevent further breakdowns. The Viet Nam Register is responsible for checking train carriages and providing information on any found to be unsafe. These should be banned from operation. On Monday, the SP2 Train…... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge – An abstract painting exhibition by artist Tran Nhat Thang, titled Mien Thanh Than (Serenity), has opened on 16 Trang Tien, in the capital city, marking Thang’s return after nearly 10 years.  An abstract painting exhibition by artist Tran Nhat Thang, titled Mien Thanh Than (Serenity), has opened on 16 Trang Tien, marking Thang’s return after nearly 10 years. — Photo: VNS The exhibition features 13 abstract acrylic paintings by the artist, which include Mien Tinh (Tranquility), Mien Gian (Fury), Mien Chon (Choice) and Mien Dich (Destination).  “At each exhibition where I had the opportunity to interact with the audience, I would tell them not to ask, and instead guess what I had painted. Abstract painting is not about a house and a tree, it is all about feelings. It is a world of images that an artist creates,” Thang said.  “In this series of six exhibitions (of which Serenity is the first), the number of paintings featured are expected to be a collection of 10 years’ worth of work. But for me, it takes nine years to arrive at a concept worth pursuing. By early 2017, I started painting. For several nights, I stayed awake, working on 10 paintings simultaneously. There were times while I was painting that I ran out of colour, which was very irritating,” Thang said. Tran Nhat Thang, born in 1972, studied at the Viet Nam Fine Arts University. From 1995 to 2009, he held 10 individual exhibitions and also participated in another…... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge – Forty-two sculptures in the themes of youth and love are on display at an exhibition in HCM City’s Van Thanh Tourist Park. Youth and love: Gia Tai Cua Me, a stone sculpture by Bach Thanh Viet, is on display at the HCM City Fine Arts Association’s exhibition for young artists at Van Thanh Tourist Park in HCM City. — Photo tuoitre.vn The works were selected from the latest collections of 22 young artists in the region who participated in the Co To Sculpture Camp, organised by the HCM City Fine Arts Association in Quang Ninh Province early this year. The works are in wood, glass, stone, aluminium, stainless steel and other media, with some works two or more metres long. Highlighted works include Nguyen Hoai Huyen Vu’s Pho (Street), Bach Thanh Viet’s Gia Tai Cua Me (Mother’s Treasure), Pham Minh Chien’s Tuoi 13 (Teenager) and Nguyen Van Chuoc’s Uoc Mo Cua Chi (Sister’s Dream). The works symbolise hope for love and peace and improved economic and cultural progress for Viet Nam.  Veteran sculptor Le Lang Bien, head of the association’s sculpture office and a member of the event’s organising board, said the young sculptors depict objects seen in daily life. “Their works are simple in design and that helps young people learn the art,” he said.  Bien said his association has worked with cultural authorities to organise art camps in an effort to encourage young artists to create work that reflects the country’s economic, educational and cultural…... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge – Humane Society International - Viet Nam (HSI - Viet Nam) is calling on the South African government to honour its commitment to protect rhinos by refusing permits for an auction of rhinoceros horns. Illegal imported Rhino horns seized. — Photo: VNN The online auction is targeting buyers from the world’s two largest destinations for trafficked rhino horn — China and Viet Nam. The auction is being organised by John Hume, the world’s largest rhino farmer, on August 21 and the auction website has both a Vietnamese and Chinese language option in addition to English. HSI believes there is a significant risk that horns from this auction, even if purchased legally in South Africa, may end up being trafficked to Asian consumer markets by organised criminal syndicates. The South African government estimates that a rhino is killed for its horn approximately every eight hours in South Africa, largely to satisfy the black market demand in Viet Nam and China. The horns to be auctioned are "trimmed" from Hume’s 1,500 farmed rhinos, and purportedly aimed at the domestic rhino horn trade, which is now legal following a ruling in April by South Africa’s constitutional court, lifting a 2009 ban. However, in light of the suspicious language options on the site, the Vietnamese Government has reiterated in an official statement that according to Vietnamese law, rhino horn purchased at this auction cannot be legally exported to Viet Nam for commercial, medical or personal purposes. Vuong Tien Manh, deputy director of…... [read more]

SEOUL: Hundreds of South Korean scientists expressed outrage Wednesday (Aug 9) after a controversial figure accused of covering up a notorious stem cell research fraud was appointed as the country's top technology official. A group of young scientists have called on South Korea's President Moon Jae-In to scrap the appointment of a controversial figure accused of covering up a notorious stem cell research fraud AFP/Ahn Young-joon Park Ki-Young was appointed to head a newly-created science centre, putting her in charge of allocating government subsidies and budgets for research projects. But a decade ago Park was a key figure in a scandal involving the fabrication of research by prominent stem cell scientist Hwang Woo-Suk. "Her name is far from innovation. The name is rather a nightmare to science and technology workers," a group of 240 young scientists said in a statement. It called on President Moon Jae-In to scrap the appointment, announced earlier this week, accusing Park of remaining "unrepentant" despite being "at the centre" of the scandal surrounding Hwang. The scientist was lauded as the "pride of Korea" after claiming to have derived stem cell lines from cloned human embryos - a world first - in two articles published in the journal Science in 2004 and 2005. But his research was later found to be fraudulent and riddled with ethical lapses. Park played a key role in supporting Hwang and…... [read more]

Hon Cau marine protected area in Tuy Phong district, central province of Binh Thuan (Photo: VNA) Hanoi (VNA) - The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) has agreed not to dump nearly one million cubic metre of waste mud discarded by a power plant into Binh Thuan province’s sea following public outcry against the plan. The MoNRE reported on August 9 that it approved a proposal by Binh Thuan authorities in which the mud and waste sand of Vinh Tan 1 thermal power plant would be dumped at Vinh Tan Port instead of the sea. Vinh Tan Port was previously picked as a landfill for the waste mud dredged by the Vinh Tan 4 thermal power plant. The MoNRE’s original decision still had to await final approval of the Government. The ministry’s u-turn came following pressure from the public and the scientific community as the news broke in June. MoNRE’s Deputy Minister Nguyen Linh Ngoc on June 23 agreed to allow Vinh Tan 1 Electricity Company, which is in charge of the power plant of the same name, to dump 918,533 cubic metres of dredged mud and sand into the sea in Tuy Phong district. The sea area in question, however, was located adjacent to Hon Cau marine protected area in Tuy Phong. It is one of 16 marine protected areas in Vietnam. The proposal prompted public protests over fears the waste could threaten the coral ecosystem and sea life in the…... [read more]

Vietnam and Mozambique have signed many agreements on investment commitments in almost all sectors, including agriculture. One important area of cooperation that the Mozambique business community wants to boost cooperation in the coming time is the agricultural sector, with a focus on cashew. Recently at the Melia Hotel there was a round table discussion between Mozambique's government agencies and Vietnamese businesses. Assessing the potential and opportunities for cooperation in the coming time, Dr Doan Duy Khuong, Vice President of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), said: "Vietnam has participated in many bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements and holds membership in many trade organisations, this is the basis for both sides to expand cooperation further in the future, through which Vietnam will be the bridge for Mozambique to access other markets such as Southeast Asia and Asia. Mozambique's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs said the Mozambique government's five-year plan identified four key areas of development: agriculture, tourism, energy and infrastructure development. Currently, Mozambique is paying particular attention to facilitate foreign investors, including Vietnamese investors, to invest and do business in Mozambique. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mozambique expressed her hope that Vietnamese businesses would boost their investment in agriculture and tourism, as well as their desire to encourage Vietnamese businesses to invest in Mozambique. The two countries have signed an agreement on investment protection and double taxation avoidance. At the same time, the Mozambique government has also applied preferential incentives to…... [read more]

An investor watches stocks move at Vietcombank Securities Company (Photo: VNA) Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - Vietnamese shares tumbled on August 9 on both local markets as investors triggered large-scale sell-offs following rising tensions between the US and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and false news about the arrest of a former banker. The benchmark VN Index on the HCM Stock Exchange plunged 2.26 percent to close at 773.66 points, extending its decline for a second session with total loss of 2.4 percent. The HNX Index on the Hanoi Stock Exchange dropped 1.19 percent to end at 101.07 points. The northern market index inched down 0.1 percent on August 8. The stock market turned chaotic when investors triggered large-scale sell-offs in all sectors with nearly 428.5 million shares being traded on both local bourses, worth 6.3 trillion VND (280 million USD). August 9’s trading figures were up 36 percent in volume and 29 percent in value compared to the previous session’s numbers. Among all 20 industries, the worst declining stocks were found in financial-banking, energy and real estate sectors. Vietnam’s stock market plunged on August 9 as investor confidence was pulled down by rising tension between the US and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea threatening to conduct military action against each other, according to Bao Viet Securities Company (BVSC). Rising tension between the two countries caused investors around the globe to drop stocks and turn to safe havens such as gold. …... [read more]

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