HCM City announces vehicle ban in many streets

The HCMC Department of Transport has announced that all vehicles will be banned in many streets in Districts 1 and 4 starting August 8 for celebration activities of ASEAN’s 50th founding anniversary.

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HCMC will ban all vehicles in many streets on August 8 to celebrate ASEAN’s 50th founding anniversary. In the photo is Nguyen Hue walling street in downtown city 

From 6 a.m.-8a.m., vehicles will be prohibited in Ton Duc Thang street (from Dong Khoi street to Khanh Hoi bridge), Nguyen Tat Thanh street (from Hoang Dieu street to Khanh Hoi bridge) and Vo Van Kiet street (from Ho Tung Mau street to Ton Duc Thang street).

Substitute route from District 4 to District 1 will be Nguyen Tat Thanh-Hoang Dieu-Doan Van Bo-Calmette Bridge-Calmette street-Tran Hung Dao-Le Loi-Pasteur-Ly Tu Trong-Ton Duc Thang.

From District 1 to District 4, drivers can move in Ton Duc Thang-Me Linh square-Hai Ba Trung-Le Thanh Ton or Nguyen Du-Nam Ky Khoi Nghia-Nguyen Thai Binh or Nguyen Cong Tru-Calmette street-Calmette bridge-Doan Van Bo-Hoang Dieu-Nguyen Tat Thanh.

In the evening, all types of vehicles will be banned from travelling in Le Thanh Ton street (from Dong Khoi to Pasture street). 

They can choose two other routes comprising Le Thanh Ton-Dong Khoi-Ton Duc Thang-Ham Nghi-Pasture-Le Thanh Ton and Le Thanh Ton-Hai Ba Trung-Nguyen Du-Nam Ky Khoi Nghia-Le Thanh Ton.

Drivers must follow traffic sign boards or instructions by traffic regulators and police force.


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