Host Vietnam makes good impressions in APEC SOM3

Participants in the APEC Economic Committee meeting in Ho Chi Minh City (Photo: VNA)

HCM City (VNA) – Delegates to the third APEC Senior
Officials’ Meeting (SOM3) and related meetings, which are scheduled to conclude
in Ho Chi Minh City on August 30 after more than ten days of working, have
applauded Vietnam’s hosting of the meetings and APEC Year 2017, as well as the
country’s initiatives.

Rory McLeod, Chair of the APEC Economic Committee (EC), said the organisation
by Vietnam in 2017 has been super with well organised meetings and really good venues.

E.Sorokin, Ambassador-at-Large, Senior Official of Russia for APEC, said that Vietnam has done an excellent job as
APEC Year  2017 is going very well and

“The spirit of collaboration and search for collective actions and consensus
are there,” he said, expressing his firm belief that there will be sound and
practical debates during the ASEAN Economic Leaders’ Week in the central city
of Da Nang in November. 

Peter MacArthur, Canadian Ambassador to
Timor-Leste and Indonesia, said he and other delegates are very impressed by Vietnam’s ability, for the second time, to host APEC “very professionally, very focused and with extremely good logistical and organisational

The country’s strong chairmanship, very good logistical support and clear agenda during the SOM 3 and related meetings help move APEC economies forward in
preparation for the leaders’ meetings in Da Nang, he said.

Ambassador Robert Holleyman, President and CEO
of C&M International, LLC, said Vietnam’s hosting of APEC this year is a big
signal that the country wants to integrate with other economies in the region.

Vietnam’s initiatives in APEC Year 2017, Alan Bollard, Executive Director of the APEC Secretariat, said “Vietnam got four important priorities through the year. We have been going through
a lot of meetings to help develop all of those. We are getting to a stage now
where we have to be very specific about what APEC can deliver. It is very
important stuff in a quite complicated year, and so far it has been going very

“Vietnam’s priorities in general are about helping continue this big story about regional economic
integration and getting benefits from trade, but also now making sure that they happens all around the region and not just to
some economies or for some people,” he said.

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“Some of the priorities are quite new for us and it’s a big challenge,
but Vietnam has really focused us all on that,” he stressed.

EC Chair Rory
McLeod also held that themes
and priorities for APEC 2017 are very clear, ambitious and useful
for APEC.

Meanwhile, Tsutomu Koizumi, APEC
Senior Official of Japan, said at APEC 2017, Vietnam has provided excellent
agendas and priorities, hailing the country’s efforts to enable APEC officials
to do a good job.

started to think about the so-called “possible goals of 2020″. What
APEC needs in future is to promote economic and investment cooperation within
our region in order to inspire the rest of the world about what could be
possible in terms of global prosperity. I think Vietnam had the excellent idea of establishing a so-called APEC Vision Group
gathering persons from APEC economies to think about, promote and ask senior
officials to establish possible goals,” he said.

Canadian Ambassador MacArthur said the four priorities raised by Vietnam are aligned with these of the Canadian Government, stressing that the country’s ideas have helped other APEC members move
forward in terms of economic development.

Vietnam’s four priorities are promoting sustainable, innovative and inclusive growth; deepening regional economic integration; strengthening competitiveness
and innovation of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the digital age; and enhancing food security and sustainable agriculture
in response to climate change.-VNA

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