Impulse the Application of Technology 4.0 in the Education

At a time when the manufacturing industry has significant changes in productivity and labor under the influence of the Fourth Technology Revolution, sectors like “Education” are also on the “roll”.” “Paid” to get the best support from the new technology platform or continue to exploit the benefits of the “Free” products is still a big concern for school managers …

The recent conference of “Technology 4.0 in training and fostering teachers and educational administrators” in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City has attracted the attention of over 100 top universities in Vietnam, experts providing interesting opinions how virtual classrooms, inverted classes, are gradually replacing traditional classroom, a solution enhances an experience of user in an Integrated connection system with high level of data management. 

To be called Technology 4.0, modern Educational Management Systems must be able to analyze “smart” data such as the ability to detect cheating and duplication of answers in the exam, integrating the Training Program is based on Standard output capacity of the learner (CBE) and Training program based on output result of the subject (OBE). 

The advantages of the new technology will reduce a work-load of the Education system, follow up and promote the strength of each student based on results. The ability to get a good job after graduation will increases thanks to the tool collecting feedbacks from businesses based on the learning process that is digitized and planned specific charts for each individual. 

The “Giant” in Learning Management System (LMS) – BlackBoard Learning, with 29.71% of the market share, still holds the advantage of the most widely deployed new product. Followed by Canvas with 25.44%. Despite the outstanding advantage of free, Moodle is third and half of BlackBoard with 15.57% of LMS. Three “grants” in the field occupy more than 70% market share of the deployed new LMS in the period 2010 – 2015..

In 2017, BlackBoard via official partner IEG launches the “BlackBoard Education on Tour 2017” program, which Vietnam is one of the six selected countries in the Asia Pacific region. There is no official data on the market share of the Education Management System in Vietnam, but the biggest competition is between a “Free” and “Paid”. According to BlackBoard representative, a concentration on education and global 24/7 support will give this “giant” a distinct competitive advantage. 

“School managers in Vietnam will have a strong supporter, let spend all time prioritizing human training. About management system has us “ Mr.Yves Dehouck, Vice President of BlackBoard at APAC said.

In the present time, the biggest challenge for enterprises deploying Technology 4.0 is that Vietnam still not ready for “infrastructure” and “quality of human resources” , a famous expert of the world will have a talk of Education 4.0 in September in Vietnam and hope to untie new knots for this topic

Minh Tri - Hai Yen

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