Indonesia to auction off geothermal power projects

Speaking at the forum, the Vietnamese Ambassador to Indonesia briefed those in attendance on the state of affairs of Vietnam-Indonesia relations. Representatives from the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) in turn made presentations touting Vietnam’s advantages and attractiveness as an investment destination, highlighting the huge economic potential in the tourism sector. Representatives from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) accentuated the Indonesian government’s support policies towards small and medium-sized enterprises, especially tourism businesses. The event, widely covered by The Jakarta Post and Antara News agencies, attracted leading Indonesian businesses in the fields of tourism, restaurants, and hotels.... [read more]

In its recent annual administrative review, the US department chose Indonesia as a benchmark country to calculate anti-dumping margins on Vietnam’s frozen fish fillet exports instead of Bangladesh which is used for the calculations seven times previously. Accordingly, the new tax rates were adjusted to increase more than 10 times, from just several cents per kilo to several dollars per kilo. The VASEP expressed its indignation over the DOC’s sudden benchmark country replacement and claimed the US decision was unreasonable. According to the VASEP, the DOC relied on the Indonesian government’s study of its Tra fish prices based on information from just several localities of the country, resulting wider margins. In the previous seven administrative reviews, Indonesia was not chosen as a model for tax calculations as it had no sufficient pricing and financial data. In fact, Indonesia imports frozen Tra fillets, mainly from Vietnam, and it does not export Tra fish products to the world market. The VASEP and its Tra fish businesses will take necessary legal measures to protect the fishery industry and ask the DOC to correct its decision according to US laws and WTO agreements. The VASEP proposed that the DOC maintain Bangladesh as the reference country for calculating prices of Vietnamese Tra fish products.... [read more]

Mr Dzung made the statement on May 29 in response to media workers’ questions about Vietnam’s assistance to Vietnamese students studying in Yogyakarta city. “We closely followed the powerful earthquake on May 27 which caused great human and material losses for people in Yogyakarta city, Indonesia. The Vietnamese Government and people have sent condolences to the Indonesian Government and earthquake victims”, said the FM spokesperson. The Foreign Ministry has also asked the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia to actively co-operate with Indonesia’s functional agencies and intensify necessary measures to evacuate Vietnamese citizens to safe areas, Mr Dzung said. “We believe that under the leadership of the Indonesian Government, as well as active assistance from the international community, people in the earthquake-hit areas will overcome the negative consequences caused by the natural calamity to stabilise their lives”, he added.... [read more]

PM Dung highly valued Ms Tobing’s contributions to strengthening relations between the two countries during her working term in Vietnam. He affirmed that co-operative relations between the two countries will develop strongly, contributing to peace, stability and development in the region. Vietnam and Indonesia share common views on both regional and international issues, said Mr Dung. On behalf of the Vietnamese Government and people, PM Dung thanked the Indonesian Government and people for supporting Vietnam’s nomination as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, and for helping Vietnamese fishermen during natural disasters. However, the PM said that the current bilateral co-operation does not meet the potential for co-operation.... [read more]

Mr Dung reiterated the long-lasting relationship between the two countries and said that the Vietnam-Indonesia Joint Declaration on the Framework of Friendly and Comprehensive Partner Entering the 21st century signed in 2003 has laid an important legal foundation for bringing bilateral relations to a new height, particularly in the fields of economics, trade and investment. He said the two countries have great potential for economic and trade cooperation, noting that bilateral trade reached US$1.7 billion last year and nearly US$1.5 billion in the first six months of 2007. Mr Dung witnessed the signing of a cooperative document between the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam and Indonesia, as well as business deals between the two countries’ groups. Earlier, Mr Dung had talks with Indonesian Vice President Yusuf Kalla who spoke highly of the effective cooperation between Vietnam and Indonesia at bilateral and multilateral forums. The Vice President expressed his belief that bilateral ties will further develop in all areas in the interests of the two nations and for peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world. Mr Dung congratulated the Indonesian government on its achievements in national development and construction and reaffirmed Vietnam’s consistent policy of developing cooperative ties with Indonesia. On August 9 Mr Dung will call on the Vietnamese Embassy in Jakarta, receive representatives of several leading Indonesian business groups, and visit the ASEAN Secretariat where he will deliver a speech to mark the 40th anniversary of the group.... [read more]

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa told reporters on the sidelines of the 17th ASEAN Summit and related meetings on October 28. Indonesia will take over the ASEAN Chairmanship from Vietnam next year, and the country will continue to deploy initiatives and proposals put forward at the 17th Summit, the FM said. As a result, the Indonesian government will create opportunities to enhance cooperation in achieving ASEAN’s vision and successfully building an ASEAN Community by 2015, Mr. Natalegawa said. The Indonesian diplomat described the participation of the US and Russia at the East Asia Summit (EAS) as “dynamic equilibrium” with ASEAN acting as the hub. According to FM Natalegawa, “Connectivity in ASEAN is a prerequisite, a requirement before having a wider connectivity”. There are more than 700 projects in ASEAN to promote internal connectivity as well as projects to boost regional connectivity within the EAS, he said. He also emphasised that ASEAN must not lose its leadership in the face of increased participation of powerful countries in the region.... [read more]

Indonesia wants Vietnam to invest in seafood processing Addressing the ceremony, Le Ton Thanh, Chairman of the Vietnam-Indonesia Friendship Association in HCM City, said Vietnam and Indonesia have closely cooperated in dealing with common regional concerns, including East Sea related issues. The two countries have also assisted each other to increase their role in ASEAN as an important politic-economic entity in the region, he said. Thanh proposed that Vietnam and Indonesia further promote cooperation in the field of agriculture, fishing, food security, education, culture and tourism, as well as infrastructure development. Bambang Tarsanto, the Indonesian ConsulGeneral in HCM City, said that trade turnover between the two countries reached US$4.7 billion in 2011, up 53 percent on 2010. He believes that it will reach the set target of US$5 billion in 2015. The Indonesian Government will also grant Darmasiswa scholarships for 23 outstanding Vietnamese students in the 2012-2013 period, offering the opportunity to study Bahasa Indonesia arts, music and crafts, he said.... [read more]

A ceremony was held at the headquarters of the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia, on January 9 in which former Thai Foreign Minister Surin Pitsuwan formally handed over the secretary general post to Le Luong Minh, former Deputy Foreign Minister for Vietnam. Addressing the ceremony, Pitsuwan thanked ASEAN members, especially host nation Indonesia and the ASEAN Secretariat for their cooperation that helped him fulfill all tasks in his capacity as ASEAN Secretary-General. Pitsuwan reviewed ASEAN’s and the ASEAN Secretariat’s outstanding achievements over the past five years, highlighting their efforts in strengthening solidarity, cooperation and integration within the bloc, and working towards the establishment of a common community by 2015. He stressed that these achievements have enhanced the central role of ASEAN within the region and in shaping the structure of East Asia. He also affirmed the role and status of ASEAN in the international arena, especially amid economic turmoil. He emphasised the results from close cooperation between partner countries which have improved ASEAN’s profile internationally, a particularly timely development in the current context of economic growth gradually moving from the West to the Asia-Pacific. In addition, it has also helped narrow the development gap between ASEAN’s six original member nations (Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines) and four new members (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar). Pitsuwan has also affirmed the inevitable path of integration of ASEAN nations towards a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous community. In his speech, Le Luong Minh expressed his thanks to Foreign Minister Natalegawa and…... [read more]

The Indonesian Food and Beverage Association (Gapmmi) on June 19 released a report that the country spent US$5.51 million on imports of food and beverage from Vietnam in the reviewed period. The association said the country’s imports of food and beverage from other ASEAN nations continue increasing in recent months thanks to the lifting of taxation following the regional free trade agreement (AFTA) and efforts by the Indonesian government and relevant agencies in fighting smuggling. Malaysia continues to be the largest exporter of the staples to Indonesia with an export value of US$20.6 million, an increase of 76.17 percent, making up over 23 percent of Indonesia’s food and beverage imports. Indonesia also imported US$7.48 million worth of foods and beverage from Singapore in the period, a year-on-year increase of 29.1 percent.... [read more]

"We are the largest economy in Southeast Asia," Widodo said through a translator. "And Indonesia intends to join the TPP." US Trade Representative Michael Froman said the United States would keep sharing information about the TPP, which will set common standards on issues ranging from workers' rights to intellectual property protection. "As we have said from the beginning, TPP is intended to be an open platform to which other countries who are able and willing to meet the standards can potentially accede," he said at a business summit hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce. More broadly, Indonesia had work to do on cutting red tape, addressing barriers such as local content and local packaging requirements, eliminating import and export restrictions and protecting intellectual property rights, Froman said. President Widodo finalized more than US$20 billion worth of US deals during his trip, including a US$500 million infrastructure investment from Coca-Cola and up to US$1 billion from General Electric for Indonesia's energy and healthcare sectors, according to the Indonesian embassy in Washington. Both deals were for a five-year period. Indonesia's state oil firm Pertamina, and Corpus Christie Liquefaction, a subsidiary of Cheniere Energy, also finalized a shale gas deal valued at US$13 billion. Widodo and Obama also discussed climate change, strengthening Indonesia's maritime security powers and forest fires in Indonesia. The Indonesian government said earlier on October 26 Widodo would be cutting short his trip to the United States in order to address the "haze crisis" caused by forest fires. Widodo…... [read more]

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