PM urges better healthcare and administrative services

Hanoi (VNS/VNA) – Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has urged the health
sector to continue improving the quality of human resources and focusing on
improving medical ethics, while enhancing the quality of the country’s

Prime Minister chaired a meeting of key cabinet members on August 9 to consider
three development proposals from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home
Affairs and Ministry of Planning and Investment, which will later be submitted
to the Party Central Committee.

on a proposal regarding the protection, care and improvement of people’s health
and population, presented by the Ministry of Health, PM Phuc stressed the need
to learn from the progress and achievements made in the region and the world so
as to catch up with advanced technology and services.

Government is responsible for taking care of people’s health and this is a
consistent view,” PM Phuc said, adding that it was necessary to boost resources
for the sector.

with current human resources, can attract foreign patients to Vietnam for
healthcare. But on the contrary, we spend a lot of money going abroad for
medical treatment,” he noted and emphasised the need for mechanisms to build
modern medical centres that can meet international standards.

The PM
also noted issues such as health programmes for the poor and other vulnerable
groups, the roadmap for market-based health services and the creation of a
competitive business investment environment for the health sector.

the satisfaction of patients is an important measure of service quality, and
hospital rankings should take this into account,” he said. 

regard to population problems, the PM said that the project should provide
solutions for issues such as increased life expectancy but poor health after retirement,
the rapidly aging population and the quality and structure of the population.

PM Phuc
asked the health ministry to prioritise measures that improve the quality of
the population, saying that the size of the population must be in line with the
country’s sustainable development goals.

For the Ministry of Home Affairs’s proposal regarding renewal of management
mechanisms, financial mechanisms and the reorganisation of the system of public
service delivery units, the Prime Minister stressed the fundamental spirit of
financial self-reliance, staff reduction and self-management in accordance with
the socialist orientation.

the spirit of rearranging nearly 60,000 public service units, PM Phuc asked the
sector to thoroughly work on the remaining issues.

agreed with the proposal’s concept of autonomy based on the level of
self-funding and suggested that solutions must be strong enough to
revolutionise the current limitations.

Prime Minister emphasised maintaining only essential services for the

“It is
necessary to expand autonomy, having the best mechanisms and policies in place
to promote socialisation and minimise State budget spending,” he said, asking
the Ministry of Home Affairs to take on specific tasks and actions, especially
solutions regarding financial mechanisms and improving the quality of public

PM Phuc
also reviewed the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s proposal about the
establishment of a specialised agency to act as the State’s representative in
State-owned and State-invested enterprises.

asked the ministry to follow resolutions of the Party Central Committee such as
Resolution 05-NQ/TW on reforming the growth model, enhancing the
competitiveness of the economy and separating the functions of asset owners,
capital and State management functions.

requested the drafting board to urgently complete the proposal so it can be
promptly submitted to the Party Central Committee for consideration.-VNA

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