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NDO – The Government has set a target aimed at promoting agricultural development in the Red River Delta as the pioneering area in the country to carry out economic restructuring and successful reform of the growth model. The development of hi-tech agriculture will be instrumental in realising these goals. However, the application of high technologies in agricultural production in the region is still facing a range of inadequacies which has not brought about the high economic efficiency that is desired. More businesses investing in agriculture Over the past three years, the Red River Delta has consistently seen heavily invested hi-tech agricultural development projects from enterprises. In Thai Binh province, TH Group has just launched its hi-tech agricultural project on producing organic vegetables and high quality rice in Dung Nghia commune, which is located in the Vu Thu district, with an investment of more than VND3 trillion on a production area of about 3,000 ha. In particular, the area for production of safe vegetables and fruits is expected to reach around 1,000 ha, while the area for rice cultivation and rice oil production is projected to reach an estimate of 2,000 ha. This is one of many agricultural investment projects being implemented in Thai Binh. The province has also distributed licences to over 33 projects with a total recorded capital of nearly VND25.7 trillion, including 11 investment projects with a total capital of over VND2 trillion and 19 feasible study projects, with a registered capital of nearly VND21…... [read more]

A Tibetan bear was rescued by the Asian Animal Foundation after being transferred by a bear breeder in the nothern mountainous province of Lai Chau. The bear is given medical aids. The bear named Rocky has recovered well and is now healthy, the foundation said. The female bear was bred as a pet for 12 years since it was young. It lived in a small cage in a garden of a hotel. Veterian doctor Mandala Ishikawa Hunter said the bear was given anesthesia so they can get her out of the cage. Doctors found the animal had problems in the joints and bones of his limbs, especially a severe injury on the back leg because of which it was unable to stretch, he said. In addition, the bear was discovered to have an abnormality in the liver. The animal was also very thin and sensitive to be touched. Dr. Tuan Bendixsen, the foundation’s chief representative, said rescuing animals in the mountainous regions always encountered more difficulties because of the hilly terrain and unexpected weather. The bear owner volunteerily transferred the bear to the Viet Nam Bear Saving Centre. Rocky is the 187th animal rescued by the foundation in Viet Nam. The animals rescued by the foundation are living in semi-natural areas of the Viet Nam Bear Saving Centre in Tam Dao District of Vinh Phuc Province.  VNS... [read more]

About $15-20 billion of state divestment, the strongly rising private sector, and at the same time, a number of investment funds planning to divest, all of these promise to significantly contribute to the development of the sizable mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market in Vietnam. Reforms help M&A landscape to shine Danang M&As help overcome delays Increasing M&A for financial institutions Inside Habeco's factory in Me Linh, Vinh Phuc province (Photo by Duc Thanh) The M&A market in Vietnam reported a record value of $5.8 billion in 2016. In the first half of 2017, there have been concerns that the market may not exceed $5 billion. However, KPMG Vietnam forecasted that the second half of 2017 will witness more sizable M&A deals. Le Viet Anh Phong, head of Financial Advisory Services of Deloitte Vietnam, said that although the first half of 2017 did not see any breakthrough M&A deals, there were numerous small- and medium-sized ones. If huge transactions involving Hanoi Beer Alcohol and Beverage Joint Stock Corporation (Habeco), Saigon Beer, Alcohol and Beverage Corporation (Sabeco), and a number of other firms are implemented as scheduled, the value of the M&A market in 2017 could easily exceed the 2016 record. Vietnam M&A Forum 2017's research team was optimistic, saying if there were a breakthrough in state divestment, the M&A market could reach…... [read more]

On August 28, VinEco officially kicked off construction of a VND1,000 billion greenhouse, the first of its kind in Vietnam, in the northern province of Vinh Phuc, which will produce organic vegetables and sprouts compliant with VIETGAP and GLOBALGAP standards. Vingroup is putting its money and tech talents into farming – the world’s oldest business – with an audacious and ambitious plan to bring high-tech agriculture to Vietnam, said a company spokesperson. Currently the company has laid plans to expand this technology into three districts of Vinh Phuc province on a total area spanning more than 24.5 hectares using technology by Teshuva Agricultural Projects (TAP) in Israel. The greenhouse is expected to be operational by the fourth quarter of the year, producing 3,500 metric tons of organic vegetables annually to be sold through Vinmart supermarkets and stores nationwide.... [read more]

The 16-year-old rower won the medal in the C1-200m category, it said. Earlier on November 5, she also scored gold in the C1-500m at the Asian Canoeing Championships. Nguyen Hai Duong, head of the national rowing team, said Phuong has been training very hard recently. After returning home, she has moved to Haiphong to compete in the National Rowing and Canoeing Sprint Championships. Born to a poor farming family in Vinh Phuc Province, Phuong began practicing rowing in 2012. Three years later, she shined at the 28th Southeast Asian Games in Singapore in June 2015 when securing a gold medal in women’s C1-200m canoeing. The gold medal was a pleasant surprise for Vietnam’s rowing team, who had not hope for any gold ahead tough competitors.... [read more]

HCMCYU-a friend traveling with young people The consultancy and vocational guidance for youth union members in the first months of this year has proved to be very effective, says Nguyen Hoang Hiep, secretary of the Central Committee of HCMCYU. With 33 vocational training centres in operation, the number of students benefiting from job creation in 2008 increased by 30 percent against 2007. Youth unions at provincial level are now actively engaged in providing all young people with full information about job fairs and employment projects in the coming year until 2015. In the first two weeks of March alone, there were 100 job fairs and festivals nationwide, attracting 91,393 young people and 324 businesses. Nearly 20,000 youths took part in vocational training courses and 8,600 of them have landed jobs. In Ho Chi Minh City, a consultancy festival was held to help 5,458 young people borrow capital from the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies at a total of over VND13 billion. In Vinh Phuc province, 3,000 youths attended vocational training courses and two-thirds of them have been employed. In Nghe An province, the figures are estimated at 1,800 and 200, respectively. Overcoming difficulties The big problem is that many young people are not aware of the need to get vocational training based on market demand. Only a few of them are seeking career guidance through information channels established by the HCMCYU, Mr. Hiep explains. In reality, it is job centres which are responsible to provide career guidance for young people.…... [read more]

Apart from its annual funding of over VND192 billion from the central budget, Da Nang province has spent nearly VND100 billion to support more than 18,240 people on social welfare, repaired houses, and granted land to heroic mothers. In Long Nang village, Dak Glei town on July 21, the Sai Gon Liberation newspaper, the Kon Tum province’s People’s Committee and the Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam presented 50 houses to policy families and 100 scholarships to students from martyrs’ families. The Truong Son Sentiments programme will provide VND44 billion to 12 provinces and cities to build 600 houses and two monuments as well as granting 1,000 scholarships for students who are the children of martyrs’ families. Meanwhile, Vinh Phuc province has decided to allocate more than VND7.6 billion to support people on social welfare. The province also spent VND80 million to upgrade the Truong Son Martyrs cemetery, Road No 9 Cemetery and Vi Xuyen Cemetery in Ha Giang province.... [read more]

“The Japanese government is deeply moved by the solidarity and generous assistance of the Vietnamese government and people”, the ministry said. After the natural disaster, State President Nguyen Minh Triet and other government officials of Vietnam sent messages of sympathy to the Japanese government and people. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, ministers and officials went to the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi to extend condolences to the quake-hit country. In an effort to help Japan overcome difficulties posed by the massive disaster, the Vietnamese government handed over US$200,000 to the Japan Red Cross. On the occasion, fund-raising campaigns for Japanese quake victims have been launched nationwide. The central province of Quang Binh has so far collected over VND100 million and its campaign, which will go on till April 15. In the southern province of Ben Tre, the provincial Fatherland Front and the provincial Red Cross Association have presented VND1 billion to the Japanese General Consulate in HCM City and over VND500 million to the Vietnam Red Cross to aid Japanese victims. The central highland province of Dak Lak has collected over VND2.5 billion and US$20,000 from officials, agencies, enterprises, units and individuals including VND1 billion from Dak Lak Rubber Company. Police in the northern province of Vinh Phuc province have also offered VND143 million.... [read more]

29-year old patient N.V.T from Binh Xuyen, Vinh Phuc province, and 32-year old T.V.D from Thuong Tin, Hanoi, are construction workers whose eyes were burned by hydrated lime. After six months of Auto-CLET treatment, their eyesight is on the way to being recovered. Doctor Vu Tue Khanh, head of the Corneal and External Diseases Department of the VNIO, says if they were not treated with this method, their corneas will blur and they could even go blind. Significant progress Over the past two years, professors, doctors and technicians from the VNIO and the Hanoi Medical University have researched and applied stem cell transplant in eye treatments. Initially, they researched in rabbits with a project entitled “cultivated limbal corneal epithelial cells for autologous transplant in rabbits.” Based on their results, they applied Auto-CLET in the treatment of limbal stem- cell deficiency syndrome due to lime burn and gained initial success. Eyes being burned from chemicals and heat is a common eye emergency and it is not treated quickly it can result in blindness. This is the first time Auto-CLET has been used in humans to evaluate the initial results of the surgery for the treatment of chemical burns to the eyes. According to Doctor Khanh, a representative for the research group, the cultivated limbal epithelial sheet has been used for limbal stem- cell deficiency syndrome treatment in Vietnam for 10 years. Cultivated limbal epithelial sheets were grafted on to the surface of the eye and the epithelial surface was reconstructed well.…... [read more]

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Hoang Van Thang made the statement at a ceremony in Vinh Phuc province on April 26 to launch a National Week on Clean Water and Environmental Hygiene from April 29 to May 6. Thang called on all organizations and individuals to actively get involved in the program to help materialize the Party’s resolution on developing rural areas in the process of industrialization. Dr Nguyen Duy Luong, an official of the Vietnam Farmers Association, said environmental hygiene is of vital importance to both the daily life of people and the survival and development of each nation and region. He said his organization has stepped up efforts to help change people’s behaviour towards the need to save water and protect the environment.... [read more]

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