Sol Art director Dang Chau Anh develops chorus art in Vietnam

The invitation came from the Germany-based Interkultur Foundation which has regarded her as a successful art instructor for Vietnam’s SolArt Choir. The only Vietnamese representative will work together with other jury members from Indonesia, Myanmar, the US, and the Philippines. The coming event, entitled “Sing 'n Joy Manila”, will see the participation of 45 choirs from many countries, including Vietnam, with the aim of healing the wounds caused by recent natural disasters in the host country and help local people improve their spiritual life. As a teacher of the Vietnam National Academy of Music, Dang Chau Anh has won great applause from international experts. She has been invited to judge many prestigious music competitions, including the International Choir Competition in the ancient city of Hoi An in June 2013. Dang Chau Anh recently visited Sweden in the framework of a cultural exchange project jointly conducted by the Malmö Academy of Music and the Vietnam National Academy of Music. Interkultur plays in important role in promoting the cultural exchange, friendship and solidarity between people around the world through music festivals and contests organized in many countries.... [read more]

Reading campaign with celebrities The Saigon Times Daily A reading campaign featuring 100 celebrities of Vietnam was kicked off last week. This is the first time Vietnam has had a campaign featuring images of public figures and their thoughts about the meaning of book, reports Vietnamplus. In January, the organizing committee is introducing 40 popular characters in different fields, including mathematic professor Ngo Bao Chau, first runner-up of Miss Vietnam 2010 contest Hoang My, Nguyen Quang Thach, founder of UNESCO’s winning book program for rural areas, writer Nguyen Nhat Anh, actress Diem My 9X, Miss World Vietnam 2007 Ngo Phuong Lan, conductor Dang Chau Anh, former model/TV host Thuy Hanh, and entrepreneur Thi Anh Dao. A representative from the organizing committee said all the characters featured in the campaign have acknowledged the great contributions of books to their success. Prof. Ngo Bao Chau, a professor of mathematics who won the Fields medal in 2010, shared that he has a special corner in his house for books. “Books are beside me on any happenings in my life,” he added. Miss World Vietnam 2007 Ngo Phuong Lan had a thought that reading is not only an invaluable habit but a door to a new space of no time, no boundaries and no limit of imagination. To pianist Trang Trinh, book reading is one of the happiest things to her. “My hands can feel happiness whenever I do three things: holding hands of the ones I love, playing piano, and opening every page…... [read more]

Vietnam kids win hearts and awards in Germany Vietnam’s children’s choir, Sol Art, won three awards at the 8th International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition 2011 held in Wernigerode, Germany last week, reports Vietnam+. This year’s festival was attended by 1,200 artists of 43 choirs from all over the world. This was the first time Vietnam joined the festival but the choir, which comprised of 35 kids, won a gold medal in the traditional folk songs category. The German public took the Vietnam children into their hearts as they won a special prize for the best chorus voted by the audience and another prize for the best performance style. Chau Anh, founder of the country’s children chorus, said that the kids burst into tears when the name of Vietnam was called three times to receive the awards. She added that the chorus was very proud of seeing the nation’s folk music go down so well in Europe. She also expressed sincere thanks to composer Hoang Luong, leaders of Wernigerode and the overseas Vietnamese community in Germany. Bui Manh Cuong, Counselor of the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany, highly praised the Sol-Art performance, saying the prize for the most favorite chorus showed that Vietnam’s children chorus had won over the German’s hearts. He also expressed his deep gratitude to leaders and the people of Wernigerode, and sponsors who had created favorable conditions for the chorus to shine. Sol Art was founded in Hanoi by musician Dang Chau Anh in April 2008.…... [read more]

Hanoi-based Sol Art Center triumphs in China Students from Hanoi-based Sol Art Center brought home one special prize, one gold, two silver and three bronze medals and two consolation prizes at Tianjin Culture and Art Festival 2012 this week, reports VietnamPlus. “Among our 21 painting entries at the festival, our students won nine prizes. This year, the event attracted 1,500 global works with 15 special prizes, 29 gold, 45 silver and 57 bronze medals and 71 consolation prizes,” said teacher Dang Chau Anh from Sol Art Center. Specifically, Xin hay cuu toi (Please help me) by 11-year-old student Le Dieu My was honored with the special prize and the gold went to Cuoc song thanh binh (Peaceful life) by Tran Ngoc Quyen. Tuoi tho (Childhood) and Chinh phuc Van ly Truong thanh (Conquer the Great Wall) by Tran Thi Minh Anh, 14, and Pham Phuong Chi, 13, respectively were awarded silvers. Three bronzes went to Dang Minh Anh, 7, for Tre em xem mua roi nuoc (Children watching Water Puppet); Hoang Bao Ngoc with Chi em (sisterhood) and Vu Mai Khanh with Me va con (mother and children). Le Dieu My and Tran Thi Minh Anh came home with two consolation prizes. “Our students’ pictures have the themes of peace, nature and love for life. Each student send a message about life through their paintings,” Dang Chau Anh added. During the festival, Sol Art Center’s teachers and students also joined in performances and exchange programs with other international groups.... [read more]

Sol Art strikes gold in Germany The Saigon Times Daily The Vietnamese children’s choir Sol Art performs at the International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition in Germany - Photo: Courtesy of organizers Vietnamese children’s choir Sol Art won a gold medal for its performance in the folklore category of the International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition, local media reports. This event, held in Wernigerode, Germany, from July 17 to 21, drew 44 choirs from 18 countries around the world who competed in categories such as carols, folk and contemporary. Sol Art performed a choral harmony of three modified Vietnamese folk songs from the three regions Cong chieng Mo Nong, Lam mua and Hat hoi xuan hong, representing aspects of indigenous culture of the country. The group also took home the Audience Prize for its efforts. This is the second time Sol Art has grasped gold at the competition, repeating its success in the 2011 event. The choir was founded in 2008 by artist Dang Chau Anh. It has members aged from 6 to 16 and has staged and competed in many competitions at home and abroad. The festival is part of the Interkultur organization’s World Choir Games, which started in 1999.... [read more]

Child dancers will have the chance to work with professional Russian dancers when Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker to be performed in Hanoi this Christmas. Dozens of aspiring young dancers have participated in the audition for the roles since early September. On October 9, 50 contestants were selected for the final round which will be held at the Vietnam National Opera & Ballet after competing in various categories such as ballet, dance sport and belly dance. 13-year-old Ha Nhi already has 10 years practicing ballet and she returned from Malaysia in order to have the chance to perform on big stage. She impressed the judges with an excerpt from Sleeping Beauty. Thao Phuong, Phuong Tra and Ho Minh Quyen, all are 11 years old, also left a huge impression on the judges even though they didn't have any professional training. The contestants were also asked to perform facial expression or were encouraged by the judges to show their raw talent. Judge Luu Thi Thu Lan said, "Dancing is getting more public attention and has been commercialised with various TV shows. But those shows have too much pop factor. We want to encourage the children's passion for ballet and dancing in general through this audition." Judge Dang Chau Anh also said the contestants were very talented, so she found it difficult to choose the best dancers for The Nutcracker. "Maybe they lack perfect techniques, but audiences will love their innocence. I believe that those who are still lacking can learn fast and perform…... [read more]

Twenty kids picked for The Nutcracker ballet The Saigon Times Daily Twenty child ballet dancers will be trained for The Nutcracker ballet which will be presented in Hanoi in the Christmas season of 2016, Vietnamplus reports. These children will take the stage with popular ballet dancers from Russia. The ballet is part of a contest to find the best child dancer with the grand prize amounting to VND100 million, inclusive of a trip to Russia to visit famous ballet theaters. The qualifying round in September attracted talents at home and abroad to perform different genres of ballet, traditional dance, contemporary dance, dance sport, and belly dance. A judging panel comprising Meritorious Artist Luu Thi Thu Lan, Meritorious Artist Bui Cong Duy and musician Dang Chau Anh chose 50 contestants and then narrowed down the number to 30 for training with Vietnamese and Russian experts. Finally, the top 20 were chosen for the ballet performance.... [read more]

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People's Artist Quang Tho was once a coal miner. His favourite song, "Toi La Nguoi Tho Lo", means "I'm a Miner". He always remembers his old days as a miner when he sings it. He sings that and other songs to raise funds for miners who were affected by the floods in the northern province of Quang Ninh. HA NOI (VNS)— A music show gathering dozens of noted artists will be organised here to raise funds for victims of the recent flood in the northern province of Quang Ninh. Artists such as People's Artist Quang Tho, Anh Tuyet, Uyen Linh and Son Tung, as well as Dinh Manh Ninh, Dang Chau Anh and children's choir Sol Art, will join the show. Singer Quang Tho will sing his favourite song Toi La Nguoi Tho Lo (I'm a Miner) by composer Hoang Van to praise the locals of Quang Ninh, a land of coal mines. "It was a great honour for me to be the first person to sing this song when it was composed in October 1964. At the time, I was also a miner," Tho said. "Since then, whenever I sing it, I remember my homeland in Ha Long Bay and the coal mines filled with hard-working people. I will sing it at this show to portray my pride in the land and to empathise with the flood victims." Young singer Dinh Manh Ninh said he did not hesitate at all in accepting the invitation of the organisers to sing…... [read more]

(Cinet)- A music show gathering dozens of noted artists aims to raise funds for victims of the recent flood in the northern province of Quang Ninh on August 11. Artists such as People's Artist Quang Tho, Anh Tuyet, Uyen Linh and Son Tung, as well as Dinh Manh Ninh, Dang Chau Anh and children's choir Sol Art, will join the show. Singer Quang Tho will sing his favourite song Toi La Nguoi Tho Mo (I'm a Miner) by composer Hoang Van to praise the locals of Quang Ninh, a land of coal mines. The proceeds from ticket sales and more than VND10 billion (US$476,190) contributed by staff from PetroVietnam, Vietinbank, Electricity of Viet Nam and Viet Nam Television, as well as all donations, will be sent to Quang Ninh and Dien Bien to support families who have been severely hit by the recent floods. In the same spirit of sharing, pop singer My Linh and musician Huy Tuan will organise a charity music event on August 10 at the Hanoi Opera House. The live show, titled Sau Mua Lu (After the Flood), will feature famous Vietnamese singers, including My Linh, Tung Duong, Ngoc Anh and Ngoc Khue, as well as Duong Hong Yen, Thuy Chi and the Brothers band led by Huy Tuan. The heaviest rains to strike the country in the last 40 years, lasting from July 26 to August 3, caused serious floods in Quang Ninh. As many as 17 people lost their lives; 10,000 houses collapsed; and…... [read more]

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