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Two hundred children aged from 5 to 15 years old took part in the final round of the contest entitled “Critical thinking through painting 2017”. (Photo Courtesy of Mathnasium Vietnam) Hanoi (VNA) - The most creative children were awarded in the final round of the contest titled “Critical thinking through painting 2017”, which was held on July 30 at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts in Hanoi. The contest was organised by Mathnasium Vietnam, a centre that aims to introduce children to new and creative methods in learning mathematics. In the final round of the contest, children had to draw paintings which include a circle, square, rectangle, logenze, trapezium and other shapes. The first, second and third prize went to children whose paintings have the most original idea, the most interesting style and the most variation in colours. Eleven-year-old Le Phuong Thao from Hanoi won first prize for her painting with the most original idea. This final round attracted the participation of 200 candidates aged 5-15, from Hanoi, Hung Yen, Hai Phong and Da Nang, out of 2,000 contestants participating since the eliminator round in mid July. Besides this, there were 10 consolation prizes for creative drawings and 10 hope prizes for the drawings that were the most amusing. Organisers said the contest aims to affirm that mathematics is not so “dry”, and that it can even be very “artistic”. Through the contest, children can develop different skills including creation and logical…... [read more]

NDO – Eighty students and young professionals from the ten ASEAN countries gathered at a four day workshop which opened in Hanoi on August 1 to discuss the most pressing issues facing economic growth in Southeast Asia. The “Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Generation: E-Community!” workshop, hosted by the US Mission in Vietnam in collaboration with Kenan Foundation Asia and the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS), aims to give participants core knowledge about the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and its impact on trade and development, as well as enhancing the leadership and soft skills of youth to give them the necessary skills to make a greater impact in their communities. Over 2,200 applications were submitted throughout the region. The participating youth were selected out of the numerous applications for the prestigious workshop based on their outstanding track record and interest in economic engagement at the community, national, and regional levels. Over the next four days, the event will feature expert panel discussions, case study challenges, and several relevant site visits, targeting to inspire and support the youth’s ability to contribute to sustainable economic growth in their communities and in the region. Speaking at the opening ceremony, US Ambassador to Vietnam, Ted Osius, stressed the important role of youth relating to regional development, saying that there are nearly 410 million people under 35 in the ASEAN region and they are going to shape policy in their own countries and in the surrounding region in the times…... [read more]

NDO - The declaration of the Government’s Decree 67/2014/ND-CP dated July 7, 2014 has not only met fishermen’s aspiration, but has also provided a sound guideline to develop the country’s marine economy and modernise the fishery sector. The remark was made by Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung at a conference held in Hanoi on August 1 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to review the Decree 67, which offers a number of preferential policies to facilitate fisheries. Under the Decree, ship-owners who are building steel or new-material ships with a total main engine capacity between 400CV and 800CV can now borrow from commercial banks a certain sum of money which does not exceed 90% of the total costs. The preferential interest rate is 7% per year, of which ship-owners are required to pay only 2% per year and the State budget would subsidise the remaining 5%. Deputy PM Dung stressed that the decree has allowed fishermen to make further investments on improving the their vessels and applying advanced technology in fishing and preserving products, thus increasing their productivity. The Government official also added that over the past three years, the document has contributed to the restructuring of the fishing industry, conserving fisheries resources, and improving the livelihood of fishermen in coastal region.. However, he also pointed out shortcomings revealed in the decree’s content as well as in the implementation of the document as some newly-built steel ships have reportedly been found…... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge - The US NAR (national association of realtors) reports that Vietnamese transferred $3 billion abroad last year to buy houses in the US.  Meanwhile, Vu Quang Viet, a former senior UN official, however, believes the amount of money transferred abroad is no less than $8-9 billion a year. In 2015, Viet said that $33 billion was transferred abroad in the 2008-2013 period The expert said it was easy to transfer money abroad through two channels. First, the managers of enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises, when importing products, can ask foreign companies to open accounts overseas and then put money into the accounts. Why do so many Vietnamese businesspeople want to leave Vietnam? Can they find better business opportunities overseas, or are they increasingly worried about the domestic living and business environment?  The account opening brings benefits to both sides: foreign companies can sell goods and the ‘lubrication fee’ is counted in the selling prices, while the managers of enterprises can keep money in accounts overseas, and no one knows about their money. The same is also applied to consultancy contracts with the Vietnamese. People are paid overseas for the consultancy they provide to foreigners. The second way is transferring money through remittance service rings. With the service, money does not go via banks and thus is not put under control. Dau Anh Tuan, head of the legal department under VCCI, in an article on Tuoi Tre, raised questions about the number of the rich people emigrating abroad. Why do…... [read more]

Berlin, July 31 (VNA) – A ceremony was held in Cottbus city of Germany on July 30 to mark the 70th anniversary of the War Invalids and Martyrs Day (July 27).  The event, organised by the Tan Trao Society and veterans, families of war invalids and martyrs in Cottbus city and neighbouring regions, was attended by Vietnamese Ambassador to Germany Doan Xuan Hung, Vietnamese Defence Attaché Trinh Quoc Viet and the embassy’s staff.  Addressing the event, Nguyen The Hung, head of the organising board, said that war invalids and family member of fallen combatants, including those in Germany, have set good samples in the cause of national construction and development in the peaceful time.  He expressed his hope that the ceremony, together with other activities, would help young generations better understand and remember the sacrifices of heroic martyrs and wounded veterans.  Over the past years, the society has mobilised resources to build houses of gratitude for disadvantaged families at home, Hung said.  Ambassador Dao Xuan Hung called on the overseas Vietnamese community to provide practical support for needy families of fallen combatants and war invalids in Germany, and expressed his hope that they would unite with each other to contribute to the development of the strategic partnership between Vietnam and Germany.  During the event, a number of wounded veterans and families of fallen soldiers were honoured with insignias by the society.  Previously, a similar ceremony was co-organised by the Embassy and…... [read more]

A number of enterprises have taken advantage of technology used for tax collection to avoid paying taxes. Customs officials inspect fruit imported from China at the Tân Thanh border gate in the northern province of Lạng Sơn. - VNA/VNS Photo Trần Việt The Law on Value Added Tax (VAT) regulates that unprocessed, or preliminarily processed, agricultural, forestry and aquatic products imported from foreign countries are not subject to VAT. However, if these imported products are sold to individuals and small business vendors in the country, they are subject to a VAT rate of 5 per cent. In recent years, customs agencies have applied technology in tax collection, which allows enterprises to use email and digital signatures for customs and tax declarations online, as well as allowing them to write, print invoices and pay taxes by themselves without requiring submission of lists of goods purchased and sold during each tax period. A number of enterprises have taken advantage of these methods, importing unprocessed agricultural, forestry and aquatic products from China and selling them to local business vendors and individuals without paying taxes to local tax agencies, the Hải quan (Customs) newspaper reported. The process of founding fake companies to import goods and evade taxes is no longer trivial but practised on a wide scale, according to the report. Thirty-four out of 93 enterprises that imported goods through the Tân Thanh border gate last year…... [read more]

The appearance of 10 sinkholes in sweet corn fields in the province has been worrying locals for a month, but scientists say is a normal phenomenon in the karst area. One among 10 sinkholes found near Hố Hô power plant.-Photo The sinkholes appeared at a distance of 1km from the reservoir of the Hố Hô power plant in Hương Hóa Commune. Each hole is some 50sq.m. wide, 2-6m deep and shaped like a cylinder. “These worried locals a lot. For a month now, they linked these holes to supernatural phenomenon,” Nguyễn Thị Thao, the commune’s chairwoman, said. Thao, therefore, wanted related agencies to study the cause to relieve locals’ worries. The sinkholes run along the outlet stream of the reservoir and have been developing gradually since a month now. Following an investigation trip to the area, Nguyễn Đức Lý, director of the local Department of Sciences and Technology said the sinkholes were created due to normal topographical movements. “This is normal phenomenon and has been recorded in other regions in Việt Nam. It is not unusual in the karst area at this locality,” Lý said. He warned that although the holes would take time to gradually sink, locals should avoid jumping inside them to avoid dangerous and swift sinking. Lý told locals to fill the holes with soil to continue their cultivation. However, he promised a detail report…... [read more]

NDO/VNA – Trinh Xuan Thanh, former Chairman of the PetroVietnam Construction Corporation (PVC), gave himself up to the Investigation Security Agency under the Ministry of Public after nearly one year of evading international arrest warrant, the ministry reported on July 31. On September 16, 2016, the Ministry of Public Security’s Investigation Police Agency decided to launch criminal proceedings against Thanh, born in 1966 and residing at House No 24-C2 Ciputra in Hanoi’s Tay Ho district, for alleged violations of State regulations on economic management resulting in losses of nearly VND3.3 trillion (US$142 million) for the PVC during his leadership. After finding that Thanh had fled abroad, the ministry decided to issue an arrest warrant domestically and internationally for him. Earlier, members of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee agreed to expel Thanh from the Party with 100% of approval votes. According to the Secretariat, between 2007-2013, in his positions as Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director General of the PVC, and later as Secretary of the PVC’s Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Thanh showed irresponsibility and negligence in the leadership and management of the corporation’s operation, and violated legal regulations on business administration, resulting in many wrongdoings and losses of nearly VND3.3 trillion. As the top official of the corporation, Thanh must bear the main responsibility for the mistakes and wrongdoings. As Thanh was responsible for the wrongdoings, law violations and losses at the PVC, leaders of the…... [read more]

Neither increased investment in the State-owned sector nor the extraction of resources will be the country’s growth engine during the years to come, the first working session between Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and the newly-formed economic advisory board heard on July 29. Progress in reforming the economy has been a race against time. Without an effective solution to actualize the government’s command and create motion within the entire bureaucracy, the primary economic targets of National Congress XII of the Communist Party of Vietnam will not be accomplished, Mr. Vu Viet Ngoan, Head of the board after leaving his post as Chairman of the National Financial Supervisory Commission, told the session. Other than long-term policies, the policy system in the short- and mid-terms need to touch on two basic matters, with the first purpose of policies being to untie difficulties, reducing fees for businesses and enhancing the effectiveness of the State economic sector. In the midst of that, drastically reforming the organization and implementation stages of the government’s directives are the decisive factor. Second to that is the renovation of the current operating structure. The bureaucracy, while being “pulled” by the Prime Minister, needs to be “boosted for efficiency” by the public and society. Associate Professor Dr. Tran Ngoc Anh from the US’s Indiana University suggested there be a monitoring system to assess the implementation of policies and government directives by ministries, authorities, and provinces. Director of Research at the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program, Dr. Vu Thanh Tu Anh, meanwhile,…... [read more]

NDO – The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) have signed a Record of Discussion (R/D) for a project aiming to support the victims of trafficking in Vietnam. The signing ceremony, held in Hanoi on July 31, was for the “Strengthening the Operation of Hotline for Counselling and Supporting Trafficked Survivors” phase II, in continuation of the “Establishment of Anti-Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Hotline” phase I which was implemented during the 2012-2016 period. In phase II, the project will help to expand the existing Child Help Hotline 18001567, operated in Hanoi, An Giang and Ha Giang provinces, to include a function as a hotline for anti-TIP, as well as strengthening the operation of the hotline during 2017-2020. Under the upcoming phase II, the connecting unit in An Giang and the newly established unit in Da Nang will be upgraded into higher level regional call centres, which, together with the existing unit in Hanoi, are expected to enhance the counselling on anti-human trafficking in the Southern, Central and Northern regions, in addition to improving the overall support for the victims of trafficking. The centres’ counsellors will be under the management of MOLISA and will be offered training in order to ensure the required expertise and support service quality. The nation-wide recognition of the hotline No. 18001567 is expected to improve the effectiveness of the projects activities. Since it began operations in October 2013, there have been nearly 10,000 calls…... [read more]

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