Top legislator welcomes UNESCO leader

Attending the event were Tran Nguyet Thu, the spouse of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Nguyen Nguyet Nga, , representatives of Foreign Ministry and Hanoi, and ambassadors from ASEAN countries and other countries in Hanoi. Participants at the festival. Photo: Vietnamnet  Addressing the event, AWCH Honorary President Nguyen Nguyet Nga, who is the spouse of Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh, said that from a divided region with conflicts and poverty, ASEAN has become an area of peace, unity and prosperity, a community of self-reliance, dynamism and solidarity, a family with shared vision and a common identity. She highlighted that ASEAN is now playing a central role in the region with a rising position in the Asia-Pacific region and the world. On behalf of ASEAN countries’ embassies in Hanoi, Philippine Ambassador to Vietnam Noel Servigon said that the festival is an important event that helps improve public awareness on the diverse cultures of ASEAN members through the introduction of their music, dances, games and foods. At the event, participants enjoyed an art performance featuring ASEAN countries’ cultural identities, and joining traditional games and foods. A photo exhibition at the festival also impressed visitors with photos showing the nation and people of ASEAN. Source: VNA... [read more]

During a working session with Benyaiche Ali, Governor of Tlemcen, the Vietnamese diplomat highlighted the relations between Vietnam and other nations, particularly Algeria, and expressed his hope to bolster the multilateral cooperation between the two sides, including at local level. Vietnamese Ambassador to Algeria Pham Quoc Tru (L) meeting Benyaiche Ali, Governor of Tlemcen to promote economic and trade cooperation.  Tru pointed to the good potential for partnership between Tlemcen, which is a leading cultural, tourism hub of Algeria, and Vietnamese localities. He asked the province to coordinate with him to promote links with Vietnam’s localities. Benyaiche Ali valued the traditional friendship between the two nations, and expressed his hope to develop the relationship between the locality with Vietnam, particularly the possibility to develop twinning relations with a province or city of Vietnam. During the stay, Tru also had a working session with the provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry and local firms. The two sides briefed each other on their own potential and market, and exchanged measures to promote cooperation and connection between businesses of Tlemcen and Vietnam. The Chamber called on Vietnamese firms to invest in producing consumer goods, textiles, footwear, mechanical manufacturing, electronics, agriculture and construction in Tlemcen. He also proposed establishing links between his organization and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, adding that a delegation of local firms may attend the Vietnam Trade Fairs (Vietnam Expo) in November. Source: VNA... [read more]

At the reception, the NA Chairwoman spoke highly of the relations between Vietnam and UNESCO, saying that the cooperation between the two sides has continuously developed over time as many UNESCO’s projects are effectively operating in Vietnam. NA Chairwoman Ngan receiving UNESCO Director -General Irina Bokova. Photo: VNA The NA Chairwoman stated that Viet Nam is increasingly active in contributing to UNESCO’s operations, effectively taking on a role as a member of the UNESCO Executive Council and the World Heritage Committee - two important UNESCO bodies while also running for the post of Director-General of UNESCO. NA Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan congratulated Ms. Irina Bokova on her success in achieving her second term as Director-General of UNESCO and highly valued her contributions to leading the organization to overcome difficulties and undertake many innovative measures to improve its effectiveness and promote its influence on the global scale. The host also spoke highly of Ms. Bokova’s dedication to strengthening the partnership between Vietnam and the UNESCO. “With the motto of being a trust-worthy friend and partner as well as a responsible member of the international community, Vietnam will continue participating proactively in UNESCO’s activities in the hope of making more contributions to the organization”, emphasized the Vietnamese top legislator. Ms. Bokova, for her part, thanked Ms. Ngan for the warm reception. She said that during her visit to Viet Nam, she had talks with Vietnam’s authorities to seek measures to increase cooperation between Vietnam and UNESCO,…... [read more]

 Commander of the Vietnam Coast Guard, Lieutenant-General Nguyen Quang Dam A reporter of the Vietnam People’s Army Newspaper held an interview with Commander of the Vietnam Coast Guard, Lieutenant-General (Lt.-Gen.) Nguyen Quang Dam, and the interview is below: Reporter: Do you think the signing of the LI is a success during the Party General-Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s visit to Indonesia? Lt. Gen. Nguyen Quang Dam: It is a success, which has resulted from strong efforts of the Vietnamese and Indonesian senior leadership over the past time. The signing has also reflected the sound leadership of the Party and State, good instructions of the Central Military Commission and Defense Ministry, and great effort and innovativeness in foreign relations of the Vietnam Coast Guard. The signing is a success because the LI with its great significance and importance will serve as a basis for the two sides to deal with any remaining issues and to promote practical and effective cooperation between the two maritime law enforcement forces in the future. The deal, which has met the aspirations of both nations is expected to bring numerous benefits to Vietnam and Indonesia, contributing to maintaining stability in the seas contiguous to the two countries as well as promoting peace, stability and development in the region. Due to differences in organization and institutions between the Vietnam Coast Guard and Indonesia Coast Guard (here the force is under the President Office), the two sides did not have much cooperation…... [read more]

At Unit 871, Minister Payne talked with Vietnam People's Army cadres who are currently studying English programs under the bilateral defense cooperation between the Australian and Vietnamese governments, and met with the Vietnam Peacekeeping Center’s staff. Minister Marise Payne and delegates posing for a photo  Speaking to Vietnamese military students, she talked about her discussions with Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Minister of National Defense General Ngo Xuan Lich on the two countries’ defense cooperation. She hoped that these Vietnamese students will complete their courses before applying for higher education programs in Australia. During the visit to Commando Brigade 113, the Australian mission watched martial arts and anti-terrorism demonstrations of the brigade’s special force. Minister Payne expressed her impression on the skills and strength of troops of the Vietnamese Commando Corps. Earlier, Minister Payne paid a courtesy call to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and had a meeting with Defense Minister General Ngo Xuan Lich. During the meeting with General Lich, the two Defense Ministers discussed regional security and approaches to boost defense cooperation between the two countries in the coming time, focusing on delegation exchanges, training, counterterrorism strategies, and peacekeeping activities. On the same day, the Australian mission concluded their visit to Vietnam. Translated by Minh Anh... [read more]

It was centered at 15.4 degrees north latitude and 123 east longitude, at around 170 kilometers of the east- southeastwards of the Philippines’s Luzon Island. The strongest wind near the center gusted 75- 90 kilometers an hour.   Typhoon Pakhar will mainly move the northwestwards at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.  By 1pm today, its eye is forecast to be at 18 degrees north latitude and 118.2 degrees east longitude, at around 890 kilometers of the southwestwards of the Leizhou Peninsula of China. The strongest wind near the center can keep 75- 90 kilometers an hour. Within next 24 hours, the dangerous zone will parallel at 15 degrees north latitude and 115 degrees east longitude.  By 1pm tomorrow, around 20.9 degrees north latitude and 113 degrees east longitude, at 270 kilometers of the eastwards of the Leizhou Peninsula of China will be next position of the typhoon.   The tropical storm will quickly move the west- northwestwards at 25 kilometers an hour. It will directly impact the weather condition in the Northern provinces after entering the Leizhou Peninsula of China.  Because of a circulation of typhoon Hato, the Northern region has currently suffered downpours and flashflood.  The National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control yesterday asked Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant opened its two reservoir doors to control as well as protect reservoirs and downstream rivers. BY VAN PHUC- Translated by Huyen Huong... [read more]

NDO/VNA – Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong welcomed the establishment of the Myanmar-Vietnam Friendship Association in July this year and asked the association to assist with the implementation of bilateral agreements. He made the comment while receiving Chairman of the association U Tint Swai, in Yangon on August 26, as part of his current State visit to Myanmar. Highlighting the valuable traditional ties between the two countries, the Party chief said that Vietnam appreciates Myanmar’s support during the past struggle for national independence. He noted that his current visit aims at elevating the bilateral relations to new heights, adding that the two sides have issued a joint statement on establishing a comprehensive cooperative partnership in order to reinforce their cooperation in politics, trade, security-defence, and people-to-people exchanges, as well as at regional and international forums. Party leader Trong said that he hopes the two countries’ friendship associations will share experiences and hold people-to-people exchanges to boost the mutual understanding and amity between the two nations. For his part, U Tint Swai expressed his delight at the growing Vietnam – Myanmar relationship. He said that his association must learn from their Vietnamese partners via experience exchanges on international cooperation. He also stated that his organisation plans to admit Vietnamese investors into Myanmar as members and to work with its Vietnamese counterpart to intensify bilateral friendship activities. The chairman pledged to do his utmost towards increasing the engagement between the two Governments and their…... [read more]

NDO – World documentary heritages in Vietnam are being introduced at an exhibition which officially opened at Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam (Temple of Literature) in Hanoi on August 26. On display are over 70 photos and archives on printing woodblocks, imperial rescripts and imperial literature on Hue imperial architecture, in addition to 16 reproductions of woodblocks produced under the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945), which have been recognised by UNESCO as world documentary heritages. Through the exhibition, visitors will be provided with information on the official names of the country, imperial examinations of the Nguyen Dynasty and the national spirit through poems on Hue imperial architecture. Each page of the printing woodblocks tells a story about the country’s names through the course of the historical periods, from the Hung Kings era to the Nguyen Dynasty. Through imperial rescripts, many issues related to education and training policies, as well as examinations held under the Nguyen Dynasty, are introduced. The imperial literature on Hue imperial architecture are presented in the form of poems in Han script which were carved, enameled and applied on different materials, affirming the good cultural traditions of the nation as well as the pride of the beautiful country. The exhibition, co-organised by the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre and the Centre for Scientific and Cultural activities of Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam, will last until the end of September. ... [read more]

The Ministry of Finance plans to cut import taxes on auto parts, in line with the World Trade Organisation’s rules. — Photo The Ministry of Finance plans to cut import taxes on auto parts, in line with the World Trade Organisation’s rules. Its WTO commitments require Viet Nam to maintain a tax level on import auto components between zero per cent and 30 per cent. Officials say the tax changes will also serve domestic interests. Speaking at a press conference at Smart Industry World 2017 in Ha Noi on Wednesday, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai said the import tax cuts would bolster auto production in Viet Nam by leveling the playing field between imported vehicles and vehicles made in the country with imported parts. “Automakers said that they had not received much support from the State, but the Government’s coming document will create fair play for businesses,” Hai said, according to “Automakers and auto assemblers only need to be treated as fairly as auto importers.” The automakers have invested thousand, even dozen thousand billions of dong , but there is still an unreasonable thing that the import tax on auto parts is higher than that of complete built-up units, said Hai. In a draft document currently being sent to relevant ministries, sectors and associations to collect ideas, the finance ministry presents two methods for implementing the tax cuts, which will apply to parts that are used…... [read more]

In what has become a regrettably familiar scenario in the country, authorities have responded belatedly to angry protests by reducing and canceling toll at yet another booth, this time in the Mekong Delta Province of Tien Giang. The Cai Lậy toll booth opened two weeks ago with fees set at VNĐ35,000 ($1.5) to VNĐ180,000 ($7.8), depending on the type of vehicle. The Cai Lậy toll booth opened two weeks ago with fees set at VNĐ35,000 ($1.5) to VNĐ180,000 ($7.8), depending on the type of vehicle. For a two-lane road running just 12km, the rates were palpably high, and they evoked very angry protests. Consider that a 40km stretch on the Trung Lương-HCM City Highway with six lanes only costs VNĐ40,000 ($1.7). Others pointed out that the location of the toll booth on National Highway No.1 to recoup investment on a 12km alternative route was not appropriate. Drivers using the road protested by using small currency notes crumpled or soaked in water. The notes were also put in bottles. It took a lot of time for toll collectors to count the cash. Before the Transport Ministry intervened with price adjustments, the investor, Highway 1 Tiền Giang Investment Co Ltd, had to let vehicles go through for free from the evening of August 13. Under yesterday’s intervention, the new fee range, applied from August 21, will be VNĐ25,000 (US$1.1) to VNĐ140,000 ($6.1). The Transport Ministry also said that the toll will be halved or completely removed for vehicle owners living in four…... [read more]

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