VFF leader praises Baha’i community’s contributions to nation

Nhan extended the best New Year wishes to Catholic dignitaries and followers throughout the country, saying that he hopes the Catholic community will join hands with the nation in the development cause and take part in patriotic emulation campaigns, construction of cultural life in residential areas and new-style rural areas. Archbishop Nhon pledged to guide Catholic followers to uphold the tradition of solidarity and make greater contributions to the country’s prosperity.... [read more]

A meeting with the press in the New Year of the Pig was held in Hanoi on February 27 by the VFF to launch propaganda activities for the election of deputies to the 12th National Assembly in 2007. Speaking at the meeting, Vice President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Committee Huynh Dam praised the press’ role in helping people get better understanding of Party and State guidelines and policies, contributing to reinforcing the bloc of great national unity. Mr Dam stressed the need to intensify propaganda activities aimed at encouraging people to strengthen the bloc of great national unity and launch patriotic emulation campaigns called” Day for the Poor” and “Building a cultural lifestyle in residential quarters” . In addition, it is important to disseminate information about the current process of Party and administration building, and other issues related to people-to- people external relationship and international integration. Regarding propaganda activities for the 12th NA election, Mr Dam said that the VFF should help people from all walks of life to fully understand the significance of the NA election at a time of international integration so that they can select qualified people for the legislative body. VFF should mobilise the entire society to actively participate in the NA election while combating distorted allegations, smashing schemes of sabotaging the NA election and criticising violations of democracy and people’s rights to elect and run for the election, Mr Dam noted.... [read more]

At the 5th conference of the VWU Central Committee in Hanoi on January 9, Mr Manh said over the past years the Union has embraced Party guidelines and State policies and carried out diverse activities to improve the material and spiritual lives of women. He noted that many role models have been discovered and replicated from patriotic emulation campaigns and charity movements such as “Women helping each other in economic development”, “Practicing thrift to follow late President Ho Chi Minh’s example”, and “Fundraising to build houses for the poor.” Grassroots-level VWU chapters have helped women reduce poverty, develop household economies and build happy families. The Party and State acknowledge the significant contributions to national development made by the VWU and its chapters across the country, said Mr Manh. However, he pointed to several weaknesses of their movements, saying the number of poor women remains high and many women are still illiterate in ethnic and disadvantaged areas. The primary task of the VWU and its chapters is to overcome these weaknesses and promote women’s movements at grassroots level, said Mr Manh. He asked the union to work out its action plan for 2010 – the last year of Vietnam’s 2006-2010 development plan. This year will also mark the organisation of local Party Congresses, major national celebrations and international events. He also asked local Party Committees and administrations to work closely with women chapters to promote gender equality for women’s advancement. He suggested that VWU chapters make fact-finding tours of localities to…... [read more]

Vietnam’s achievements have been a source of encouragement for overseas Vietnamese to contribute to the nation, especially for the millennial anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi, said Tran Van Toi, president of the General Association of Overseas Vietnamese in Cambodia. The association also launched a patriotic emulation campaign among Vietnamese in Cambodia. Ngo Duc Thang, Vietnamese Ambassador to Thailand, affirmed that the celebration of Vietnam’s major holidays will help overseas Vietnamese remember their homeland. In 2010, Vietnam has held many important events that prove it is a peaceful and developing nation, Thang said. He believes in the bright future for the close cooperation between the two countries.... [read more]

At a conference in Hanoi on January 22 to review coordination with the Presidium of the VFF Central Committee in 2012, President Sang said joint working programmes have promoted patriotic emulation campaigns across the country, mobilised people to socio-economic development, and built a strong and transparent Party and a law-governed State of the people, by the people and for the people. He said the two sides need to hold regular meetings to contribute opinions to the draft 1992 Constitution amendments, seek measures to tackle issues of public concern, and build a social feedback supervision mechanism. The President also called on organisations and individuals to help natural disaster victims overcome difficulties.... [read more]

CẦN THƠ - Party General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng yesterday asked the Việt Nam Fatherland Front (VFF) to encourage all citizens to get involved in building the Party and strengthening the political system. Addressing the sixth conference of the VFF Central Committee in the Mekong Delta city of Cần Thơ, he said the front needs to perform well its role as a supervisor and a provider of social feedback to Party units and local authorities in fighting corruption, wastefulness and other negative phenomena. The front's chapters at all levels must renew their working methods to meet the legitimate rights and aspirations of the people, thus forging closer ties between the people and the Party and State. Trọng highlighted the responsibility of VFF and other socio-political organisations in abiding by the resolution on Party building and rectification adopted by the fourth plenum of the 12th National Party Congress. Each official, cadre, Party member and VFF chapter must fully grasp the resolution's significance for the survival of the Party and nation, and take specific steps to fight moral degradation and promote "self-transformation" and "self-evolution" within the Party, he said. One of the most important tasks is to continue strengthening national unity with a high degree of consensus on ideology and action towards the goal of maintaining national independence and sovereignty as well as socio-political stability. The Party leader said another crucial task for the VFF is getting the people involved in socio-economic development, through specific campaigns like "All people stay united to…... [read more]

Can Tho (VNA) – Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong asked the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) to encourage the public to get involved in building the Party and strengthening the political system at the sixth conference of the front’s Central Committee in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho on January 4. He said the VFF needs to well perform its role as a supervisor and a provider of social feedback in Party units and local authorities, so as to fight bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness and negative phenomena. He added that he front’s chapters at all levels must renew working methods to meet the legitimate rights and aspirations of the people, contributing to strengthening close ties between the people and the Party and State. He highlighted the VFF and socio-political organisations’ responsibility for abiding by the resolution on Party building and rectification adopted by the fourth plenum of the 12th National Party Congress. The Party chief said each official, cadre, Party member and VFF chapter must fully grasp the resolution’s significance to the survival of the Party and nation, thereby taking specific actions to fight moral degradation as well as expression of “self-transformation” and “self-evolution” within the Party. One of the most important tasks is continuing to build the great national unity with a high consensus on ideology and action, towards the common goal of maintaining national independence and sovereignty, socio-political stability and building an increasingly prosperous and civilised nation, he said. According to him, the VFF’s another crucial task is…... [read more]

The Deputy PM had separate meetings with Archbishop of HCM City Archdiocese Bui Van Doc, Cardinal Pham Minh Man – former Archbishop, and Pastor Phan Vinh Cu, President of the General Confederation of Evangelical Churches of Vietnam (Southern). Binh took the occasion to recognise the significant contributions of Catholics and Protestants to the country’s socio-economic-cultural development. He said the Vietnamese Party and State always respect and work to ensure the right to freedom of belief and religion as well as create all favourable conditions for religious activities within the legal framework. Archbishop Bui Van Doc promised to continuously encourage parishioners to follow the State laws and policies and actively participate in patriotic emulation campaigns. Meanwhile, Cardinal Pham Minh Man wished peace and prosperity for the country. Pastor Phan Vinh Cu pledged to encourage Protestant dignitaries and followers to join production activities, charity campaigns and poverty reduction efforts.... [read more]

Hanoi (VNA) – President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan has extended his best wishes to Cao Dai dignitaries and followers on the occasion of their 91st founding anniversary. In his congratulatory message, Nhan wrote the Cao Dai followers have raised the patriotism and solidarity to work with people from all social strata to defend the country over the past 91 years. Besides implementing the Party’s guidelines and the State’s laws, the Cao Dai churches have actively engaged in patriotic emulation campaigns, charitable activities, poverty reduction efforts, and rural development programmes, he said. He called on the Cao Dai dignitaries and followers to strengthen solidarity and get involved in the campaign of building new-style rural areas and civilised urban areas launched by the VFF Central Committee. The sect is also expected to make remarkable contributions to the country’s socio-economic development, environmental protection, and climate change response as well as social welfare activities and protection of national sovereignty and territorial integrity, he added. Founded in 1926 in Tay Ninh province, Cao Dai is one of the major religions in Vietnam with over 2.5 million followers, 10,000 dignitaries and 1,000 places of worship. The religion worships the Divine Eye, known as the eye of heaven and a symbol of its supreme being.-VNA... [read more]

HCM City: Progress in Integration Situated in the buffer zone of the Southeast and Southwest regions, Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is the largest metropolis in Vietnam, an economic locomotive and one of the most important cultural and education centres of the nation. In addition to economic, cultural and educational development, the traffic system has seen notable development since 1996. Synchronous infrastructure The transport infrastructure system in HCM City has been further constructed, expanded and modernised to meet local travel demand, not only for the city but also for the entire southern economic zone in the progress of development and integration. In addition to expanding and upgrading old roads, the city has planned and built a series of new roads. In particular, 12-lane Pham Van Dong Avenue, which opened to traffic in 2013, is considered the most beautiful road in Ho Chi Minh City. The road, which cost US$340 million for construction, connects Tan Son Nhat Airport with National Road 1A and National Road 1K to open up a new traffic direction for Tan Binh, Go Vap, Binh Thanh and Thu Duc districts and Binh Duong and Dong Nai provinces. While clearing slum sites, many modern roads have been constructed along canals to shorten the distance from district to district. The East-West Highway, which cost VND10 trillion for construction, runs along Ben Nghe - Tau Hu Canal and links the East and West ends of the city. It opened to traffic in 2009. Costing VND2 trillion of…... [read more]

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