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Sugi Ryotaro, Akikawa Masafumi, Rimi Nastukawa, Shimatani Hitomi and the band W-inds will perform with Thanh Lam, My Linh, My Tam, Ho Quynh Huong, Trong Tan and Tan Minh in the first-ever spectacular music show at the National Convention Centre. The show will be broadcast live on Vietnam Television and rebroadcast later on the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK). Addressing a press briefing in Hanoi on May 23, Vietnam-Japan Special Friendship Ambassador Sugi Ryotaro, who is also Japan-Vietnam Goodwill Ambassador to Vietnam, affirmed that the gala provides a chance for the two countries to promote cultural exchange in line with their strategic partnership. “We hope that this special music gala will help Vietnamese people better understand Japanese culture and music, as well as promoting mutual understanding between the two nations,” said Mr Ryotaro. Nguyen Sanh Chau, head of the UNESCO Department under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that relations between Vietnam and Japan have developed well through regular exchange visits between the two countries’ leaders. He said the organisation of the music show is testimony to their determination to promote cultural exchanges. At the briefing, Japanese artists said that they will try their best to make the show a success. Singer Akikawa Masafumi said that Vietnam and Japan have a special relationship which will be further strengthened through broadcasts by the two countries’ national TV channels. The appearance of W-inds, the most popular boy band in Japan, took centre stage at the press briefing. The band, which began performing in…... [read more]

Pornpen Hantrakool, a former expert in Vietnamese history from Thailand’s Fine Arts University, said she visited Vietnam for the first time in 1989, when the country was still very poor. Since then, Pornpen has returned to Vietnam a few more times to do research and has seen so many changes in the country. “New airports have replaced the old ones. Many high-rise buildings are taking shape. Trade services are more bustling and people more dynamic than before,” said Pornpen. “A live innovation atmosphere prevails over the whole country. Vietnam’s fast economic growth is vividly shown in statistics.” Pornpen remarked that the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam laid down correct policies for boosting the national economy and turning Vietnam into an industrialized country. However, Pornpen proposed that Vietnam develop culture and arts in parallel with economy. Pornpen said she greatly admires late President Ho Chi Minh and intends to write a book about him. “President Ho Chi Minh embodies the Vietnamese intelligence. He is a culturologist,” said Pornpen. “He knew how to utilize history, culture and people in the most useful way. He lives forever in the hearts of not only Vietnamese people but also of mankind. The world praises and highly values him, who always matched his words with his acts. Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts on socialism are imbued with internationalism; they are not reserved for a single country. Ho Chi Minh is an internationalist.” Another scholar, Vittaya Supatanakul, remarked that the Vietnamese economy has grown…... [read more]

This year’s event, the third of its kind in Vietnam, is expected to continue catching the attention of local audiences through national TV channels. Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2012 organizing board has signed a contract with Cosmopolitan magazine to bring contestants to the US, the world’s biggest kingdom of fashion, for shooting an episode. Under the contract, the contest winner will also appear on the Cosmopolitan cover and receive a cash prize worth VND200 million from the popular magazine. The first episode of the program will be broadcast live on VTV3 channel at 20:00 on Sunday, August 19, 2012. Here are some photos of the contract signing ceremony: Tra My to show off skills at Top Model Worldwide Vietnamese model competes at Top Model of the World Vietnamese models on international catwalk... [read more]

Vung Tau mass fish dead caused by lack of oxygen A lack of oxygen was the main cause to the recent mass death of more than 250 tonnes of farmed fish along the Cha Va River in the southern province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau according to local authorities in their report released Monday. In their report announced at a meeting yesterday by director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Tran Van Cuong, investigation results of tested water samples showed that heavy rains had brought a large amount of water into the river and made the saline and oxygen levels decreased. "Fish then stopped eating and died en mass," Cuong said. The report said that some 254 tonnes of farmed fish of 90 households in Long Son District had died en mass since October 10 with an estimated loss of VND 29 billion (USD1.31 million). Farmers had laid out their dead fish on part of Highway 51 in Vung Tau City on October 13 to protest, demanding compensation from local seafood processors for polluting the water. Farmers brought their dead fish on part of Highway 51 in Vung Tau City on October 13 to protest, demanding compensation from local seafood processors for polluting the water of the Cha Va River. The farmers claimed that farmed fish along the Cha Va River have been dying in mass amount due to the polluted river which has recently turned black with a foul smell. The claims are similar to last September's…... [read more]

Launching VTV5 Tay Nguyen aims to reflect comprehensively on life and the socioeconomic situation in the five provinces of the Central Highlands Region. Meanwhile, the channel also helps to meet the demand for information on the culture of minority ethnic groups in the region. The channel promises to become an important channel to disseminate the Party’s line and the State’s policies among people from all walks of life. At first, the VTV5 Tay Nguyen channel will spend four hours per day broadcasting programmes in eight ethnic minority languages from the Central Highlands Region, viz. E De, Ba Na, Gia Rai, M’Nong, Co Ho, Gie Trieng, Xo Dang and Chu-ru. Additionally, the channel will televise news in Vietnamese. Audiences can track the VTV5 Tay Nguyen channel via the digital terrestrial transmission and cable transmission systems in the Central Highlands provinces or VTV5 Tay Nguyen online through handheld devices with VTVGo application. The same day, the terrestrial digital broadcast station was inaugurated. The Central Highlands includes Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Lam Dong provinces.... [read more]

The Indian national TV channel Doordashan has screened a series of Vietnamese movies. The event was in the framework of programs to promote the culture abroad, organized by the Vietnamese Embassy in India on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day (September 2nd), and to look towards the celebration of 45 years of Vietnam-India diplomatic ties (7/1/1972 – 7/1/2017) and 10 years of the Vietnam – India strategic comprehensive relationship (2007 - 2017). The films screened included “Em Be Ha Noi” (The Little Girl of Hanoi) by director Hai Ninh, “Con Chim Vanh Khuyen” (Passerine Bird) by Nguyen Van Thong, “Bao Gio Cho Den Thang Muoi” (When Will October Come) by Dang Nhat Minh, and “Canh Dong Hoang” (The Wild Rice Field) by Nguyen Hong Sen. The event aimed to mark the Vietnam visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 2nd-3rd, at the invitation of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. Earlier, nine Vietnamese films were screened in New Delhi during a Vietnamese Film Festival held in India in May./. Compiled by BTA... [read more]

VietNamNet Bridge – The national television of Vietnam (VTV) has been involved in a scandal after broadcasting a reportage that included arranged scenes. On May 3, a video clip entitled "The broom to sweep vegetables" was aired on the program "Morning Coffee with VTV3" of VTV. According to the clip, some vegetable growers in a commune in Thanh Hoa province used a bamboo broom to sweep through vegetable fields in order to scratch leaves to make buyers believe that the vegetables had been eaten by worms, meaning that the vegetable were safe. As safe food is the top concern of Vietnamese people today, the clip attracted public attention. Because of the clip, vegetable farmers could not sell their products. However, on May 11, a four-minute video clip was shared on the Internet featuring a woman, who is believed to be a VTV reporter, standing in the meeting hall of Vinh Thanh commune, Thanh Hoa province, offering an apology to vegetable farmers and local authorities for making up the story and arranging some scenes in "The broom to sweep vegetable". She wished to have a chance to redeem her mistake, by returning to the commune on May 12-13 to shoot a video clip to prove that the vegetables planted here are safe. On May 11 VTV suspended the reporter, who is said a probationer named Pham Thi Phuong and sent an apology to Vinh Loc district and the people who were in the video clip. Earlier, VTV officials listened to Phuong’s…... [read more]

A charity TV show aimed at helping needy farmers in Vietnam has found a new host, after the former one Minh Beo was arrested on child sex charges in the U.S last month. Luc Lac Vang (Golden Rattle) seeks out needy households in rural areas throughout Vietnam to give farmers cows and an initial capital investment to start raising cattle. The show, aired every Sunday on national TV channel VTV, was greatly impacted after the former host Minh Beo was apprehended on charges of sexually abusing a minor in the U.S. on March 25. The April 17 episode of Luc Lac Vang will be on air without Minh Beo, but the next show on Sunday the 24th will be led by a new host, Chi Trung, the show’s producer announced on Tuesday. Trung, a seasoned play actor and comedian based in Hanoi, will take charge of the ceremony in which the sponsored cattle are handed over to the selected farmers. Lasta, the show’s producer, said late last month that they had "suffered huge damage" after the arrest of Minh Beo. The producer has been forced to edit footage omitting scenes that include Minh Beo while seeking a new host. Born in 1961, Chi Trung is also deputy director of the Tuoi Tre (Youth) Theater in Hanoi. He was recognized as Meritorious Artist, an honorary title for local distinguished artists, in 1997. Besides hosting Luc Lac Vang, Minh Beo also runs a theater under his name in District 11, Ho Chi…... [read more]

Tran Khanh Vy has gone from a YouTube sensation with videos showing that she can speak multiple languages to a new idol for young Vietnamese thanks to her multilingual talent. th grader based in the north-central province of Nghe An stole the show after she was featured in an English-speaking talk show broadcast on a national TV channel on Saturday. The footage of the show has been shared widely on Facebook, with a wave of admiration for the small girl who talked confidently and naturally with the host entirely in English. Vy impressed not only students of her own age, but also a lot of older people in a country where English fluency is achieved by only a few. The 17-year-old was invited to the 8 IELTS show aired on VTV7, the education channel of national broadcaster Vietnam Television, as a girl "who speaks seven languages." It was the inaugural episode of the 8 IELTS show, a program meant to help locals achieve high scores in the internationally recognized test of English language proficiency. Source: VTV7 A student at Phan Boi Chau, a school for gifted students in Nghe An’s capital city of Vinh, Vy began finding fame with several videos filmed and posted on YouTube by her classmates, showing her speaking English, French, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, and Italian fluently. She can also speak in the accents of both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Speaking with 8 IELTS host Phoebe Tran, Vy quickly revealed that she is actually…... [read more]

HA NOI (VNS) - Environmentalists and city authorities are puzzled over reports that a herd of leopards is living on an islet in the Hong (Red) River in the capital city. Local people interviewed on a national TV channel said they saw many wild animals that looked like domestic cats wandering around the islet and in nearby areas looking for food and water. Pham Van Son, who has been living near the islets for many years, said the animals looked much larger than domestic cats and had spotted coats. They usually came in groups to visit his garden at night and never caused any noise or chaos, Son said. Trần Quang Phương, an official from Cuc Phuong National Park's Wild Animals Rescue Centre in the northern Ninh Binh Province, was very surprised at the reports as he said leopards were facing a serious risk of extinction. He said the reports were really good news if they were true as, at the moment, the number of such wild animals were very limited in Viet Nam as well as in the world. Phuong told Tri Thuc Tre newspaper that the centre would send a group of scientists to the islet to study the situation, and would conduct all necessary emergency activities to protect the animals if they were confirmed to be leopards. Right after watching the news, the city's Forestry Management Unit also said it would send a group of researchers to the areas to search for evidence of the wild animals.…... [read more]

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