Vietnam’s former capital to install security cameras across entire city

VietNamNet Bridge – The General Supervision Centre will be established by the end of this year to connect with and manage present camera systems. Ha Noi will integrate all CCTV cameras for better efficiency in the near future. — Photo According to a representative of the Ha Noi Department of Information and Communications (DoIC), CCTV systems of one-stop shops at local agencies are managed by district authorities but have not been connected on a city scale. Ha Noi will, therefore, integrate all CCTV cameras for better efficiency in the near future. The main public CCTV systems are set up at the headquarters of the National Security Guard Force, Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum Command, Ha Noi City Police and Voice of Viet Nam. Besides this, there are private security cameras at hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. However, those systems are not fully invested and utilised, according to DoIC. “Ha Noi has 400 public CCTV cameras and plans to have 4,000 more. An integration centre to direct and save data with superior technology is essential. We are developing a plan by the General Supervision Centre for Vo Chi Cong Street and will inaugurate the project’s first phase by the end of 2017,” Nguyen Duc Chung, head of Ha Noi People’s Committee, said. He added that to build a centre with the latest innovations, Ha Noi was calling for investment from the private sector. Also, the DoIC will review all public CCTV systems in the city in the aftermath of a case…... [read more]

TOKYO: The escapee is female, weighs 55kg and has a "gentle" disposition - but a history of running away. Shibukawa Animal Park's giant tortoise, which has escaped for the second time in less than two weeks. (Photo: Shibukawa Zoo) A Japanese zoo said Thursday (Aug 3) it was searching for its giant tortoise, which has escaped for the second time in less than two weeks. The reptile, measuring about 1m in length, was captured on security cameras as she wandered out of the main entrance of Shibukawa Animal Park in western Japan's Okayama prefecture on Tuesday morning, according to zoo staffer Yoshimi Yamane. The tortoise "won't immediately die because it will eat grass available around the zoo, but we're all very worried", Yamane told AFP. "She's quiet and gentle," Yamane said, adding that the zoo has received no reports of sightings of the approximately 35-year-old tortoise. Tuesday's escape was the second time in less than a fortnight that the fleet-footed reptile, which is allowed to walk freely inside the park during opening hours, fled the zoo. Yamane said it was found walking down the road 150m away from the zoo on Jul 21. "I spotted her on the way to the zoo. I stopped my car and asked my colleagues to help," she said. "She can walk faster than we can ever imagine." Source AFP ... [read more]

Da Nang authorities plan to install security cameras in the Son Tra Nature Reserve as a part of security camera project launched in the city in 2015. A monkey is killed by a motorbike rider when it tried to cross the road in Son Tra Mountain.  Camera systems will be set up in different sites in the Son Tra Mountains to help security forces respond quickly to traffic accidents or public disorder in the reserve. The city hopes the camera system will curb illegal actions and littering at the reserve. The 4,400ha reserve hosts about 10,000 visitors each month, but there are no check-points in the area to supervise local residents and tourists entering the reserve, allowing for easy access. In 2015, three red-shanked douc langurs, an endangered primate species, were killed by illegal hunters. At least 10ha of forest was illegally logged in the reserve in 2016, and more than 2,000 traps were dismantled by rangers and volunteers.  According to latest reports from the city, more than 16,000 cameras have been installed on streets and outside of living quarters, trading centres, industrial parks, markets, restaurants, hotels, bars and offices in the city since 2015. All camera systems were operational in 2016 in preparation for hosting the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) Summit in the city on November 5-11.  VNS... [read more]

Border police search for heroin traffickers They were Amodia Tiresita Palacio, 61, Santos Nelia Rongavilla 50, and Javier Engarcia Ebalany, 50, according to Cong An Nhan Dan (People’s Public Security) newspaper. Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Ba Tuan, a senior official at the airport, said the trio aboard a flight from Bangkok arrived in Hanoi in late April with an incredulous and doubtful expression on their faces. Afterwards, the customs officers found the big amount of drugs packed in yellow plastic bags hidden at the bottom of their luggage to dodge the security cameras. Amodia Tiresita Palacio told investigators that she was hired by an African man to smuggle the drugs into Vietnam and would receive as much as US$3,000 for each successful delivery.... [read more]

The man, identified only as T, claimed that he is a friend of the artist's who admires his works and that he took the item for keepsake. The arrest was made on March 16, two days after the artwork disappeared from the Le Ba Dang Art Foundation in Thua Thien-Hue Province. Dinh Thi Hoai Trai, director of the foundation, said it happened when most staff members were away for a requiem ceremony for the artist. Police later identified T thanks to a security camera installed at the place. The item, titled Gom 9 (Pottery 9), is measured 19 centimeters by 28 cm with delicate carvings. It is one of nine pottery pieces that Dang made during a visit to the Phuoc Tich Pottery Village in Thua Thien-Hue in 2009. Dang gifted it to the provincial authorities in 2012, according to Le Thi Ngoc Vien, deputy director of the Le Ba Dang Art Foundation. The artist passed away in Paris on March 7 at the age of 94 . Dang was born in 1921 in Bich La Dong, a village in the central province of Quang Tri neighboring Thua Thien-Hue. He left Vietnam for France to study fine arts in Toulouse at the age of 18. He studied for six years until his first exhibit in 1950. He gradually rose to fame in the 1960s. Dang expressed himself through a variety of media, including painting, watercolor, sculpture, jewelry and graphic works. He was ranked as one of the most famous painters…... [read more]

Initial observations have proven that the security situation in neighborhoods where surveillance cameras have been installed has dramatically improved, said Colonel Nguyen Sy Quang, chief of staff at the municipal Department of Police. Statistics analyzed by officers in the city indicate the effectiveness of the cameras installed in the fight against crime, according to Col. Quang. One police official in District 1 highlighted the positive results brought about by the devices, saying that they have been very helpful in deterring crimes as well as assisting police probes into certain violations. The cameras prevent criminals from engaging in illegal activities given that they are afraid of being recorded, the officer said. “Offenders understand that and tend to stay away from areas safeguarded by the use of security cameras,” he continued. It is advisable that citizens have professional technicians install surveillance cameras in order to maximize their efficiency, according to the police official. Criminals’ identity revealed Several criminal cases have been solved by police officers thanks to the evidence provided by security cameras in Ho Chi Minh City. Earlier this year, one case, in which a motorcycle was stolen from an alley on Tran Hung Dao Street in District 1, video footage recorded by cameras installed in front of several residences in the alley assisted police in identifying the suspects, who were two young men, as well as providing warnings for other people living in the area. The offenders were arrested three days later after they were spotted by locals returing to…... [read more]

Ho Chi Minh City police have summoned a woman for questioning after she was found sneaking rat poison into a pot of broth in her niece’s noodle stand over land disputes. Ho Chi Minh City police have summoned a woman for questioning after she was found sneaking rat poison into a pot of broth in her niece’s noodle stand over land disputes. Investigative police officers of District 9 on Sunday questioned Ho Thi Ngoc Diep, 52, over her allegedly deliberate poisoning of her niece’s pot of noodle broth. Diep and her niece, Tran Thi Bach Tuyet, 37, had prior disputes over land ownership, according to their testimonies at the police station. According to Tuyet’s statement, she was preparing the broth for her noodle stand early Sunday morning when she rushed to buy some more spices, leaving the pot unattended. “When I returned, I found it suspicious that the color of the broth was different than usual, but Diep insisted that she had nothing to do with it when I confronted her,” Tuyet recalled. Tuyet left the pot untouched and notified local police of the suspected poisoning. Footage retrieved from a nearby security camera showed her aunt sneaking something into the pot while Tuyet was away. At the police station, Diep admitted to having put rat poison in Tuyet’s pot of broth. According to Tuyet, she serves at least 70 customers a morning at her noodle stand, all of whom could have been poisoned if she had not discovered the crime.... [read more]

Four suspects have been arrested for using guns and other weapons to rob a gold shop in the southern Vietnamese province of Tay Ninh last week. Four suspects have been arrested for using guns and other weapons to rob a gold shop in the southern Vietnamese province of Tay Ninh last week. The alleged robbers, including Le Dang Khoa, 26, Le Van Phuong, 22, Vo Tan Quoc, 22, and Nguyen Hong Khac, 30, were apprehended for their armed robbery at the gold shop in Go Dau District, a source close to Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper affirmed on Sunday night. According to preliminary reports, the gang members arrived at the store at around 1:00 pm on Friday, three of whom charged into the place with their weapons while the other stayed with their motorcycles. One of the robbers pepper-sprayed the shopkeeper, before the others broke the shop windows with their baton and swords. They then stole all the gold and jewelry at the shop and escaped. According to the store owner, she could not resist the criminals after she and her young son were attacked by the pepper spray. After hearing the woman’s scream for help, her family members and neighbors tried to pursue the suspects but were unable to catch them. About 10 taels (375 grams) of 18K gold was stolen, according to the shopkeeper. Police officers later arrived at the scene to carry out an investigation and were able to identify the culprits thanks to security camera footage from…... [read more]

A business conference, together with the Exhibition of Imaging Equipment and Technology under Canon Zen – One Stop Solution got exposure to numerous IT lovers in Hanoi’s Trinh Hoai Duc Stadium yesterday. Recognising the continuous innovation of information and imaging technology as well as striving to put forward effective solutions for businesses in the age of globalisation, Canon- a global leader in photographic and digital imaging solutions- brought to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City the event series Zen – One Stop Solution, showcasing the company’s remarkable equipment and technology this December. Gaining warmly support and encouragement from city attendees, Canon’s Zen - One Stop Solution event now comes to Hanoi with a burning desire to bring out the most cutting-edge technology trends for enterprise applications and operations. In particular, with the participation of seasoned experts from FPT Telecom, Microsoft Vietnam, Canon Marketing Vietnam, and more, Zen - One Stop Solution contributed a range of pioneering ideas and valuable solutions to solve thorny problems in business controlling costs, optimising management system, increasing work productivity and improving competitiveness ability. Accordingly, in the event, Canon Marketing Vietnam had introduced One Stop Solution – a brand new application that would help monitor the activities of both multi-functional devices and document management software in businesses. With Canon’s One Stop Solution, local enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, can manage work more efficiently thanks to the optimal tool operating business activities. This new comprehensive solution is expected to fully meet demand of the management, minimizing…... [read more]

District 5 has become Ho Chi Minh City’s first administrative unit to have a control center where all security camera videos in the area are gathered and analyzed. District 5 has become Ho Chi Minh City’s first administrative unit to have a control center where all security camera videos in the area are gathered and analyzed. The center, located inside the headquarters of District 5 Police, currently operates a network of 240 cameras installed across the district’s 15 wards. Footage from the cameras is displayed simultaneously on 20 monitors at the center, which is also equipped with digital maps and a face-recognition system to quickly identify suspects. A program installed on the center’s computers can also give out warnings of those trespassing on residential areas and public buildings, or any suspicious gathering of large groups at night. Upon receiving an alert call or warning from the system, officers on duty will be able to view close-up footage of the location and dispatch staff to respond in a timely manner, according to Col. Nguyen Huu Dien, deputy chief of District 5 Police. Dien added that the system would be upgraded to receive images from 1,000 cameras in 2017 and up to 3,000 cameras in 2018. The center will be on a pilot run for a year before further decisions are made on whether to open similar centers across other districts.... [read more]

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